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  20,000 Leagues under the Sea,    <-  Jules Verne <- Drama, BBC44.0400:47:48CBR128DVD2
  2000 Plus,    <-  Old Time Radio <- Drama, BBC75.6205:38:01CBR31DVD16
  2000 X,    <-  Old Time Radio <- Drama, BBC345.5917:08:56CBR46DVD16
  39 Steps,   The <-  John Buchan <- Drama52.0201:53:38CBR64DVD18
  A Caribbean Mystery,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC51.5302:08:40CBR55DVD1
  A Clash of Kings,    <-  A Song of Ice and Fire <- Martin, George468.7337:11:58VBR29DVD81
  A Clergymans Daughter,    <-  George Orwell <- Drama, BBC63.4501:09:18CBR128DVD50
  A Dance With Dragons,    <-  A Song of Ice and Fire <- Martin, George611.4448:53:50VBR29DVD81
  A Dance to the Music of Time - First Movement,    <-  A Dance to the Music of Time <- Powell, Anthony569.9420:45:03CBR64DVD133
  A Dance to the Music of Time - Fourth Movement,    <-  A Dance to the Music of Time <- Powell, Anthony445.4222:58:23VBR45DVD133
  A Dance to the Music of Time - Second Movement,    <-  A Dance to the Music of Time <- Powell, Anthony556.5420:15:46CBR64DVD133
  A Dance to the Music of Time - Third Movement,    <-  A Dance to the Music of Time <- Powell, Anthony374.8719:29:29VBR44DVD133
  A Descent Into The Maelstrom,    <-  Edgar Poe <- Stories, Short3.1800:13:53CBR32DVD1
  A Doll's House,    <-  Henrik Ibsen <- Drama, BBC89.8502:10:52CBR95DVD87
  A Fall Of Moondust,    <-  Arthur C Clarke <- Drama, BBC120.5101:27:46CBR191DVD79
  A Feast For Crows,    <-  A Song of Ice and Fire <- Martin, George354.3428:58:14VBR28DVD81
  A Game of Thrones,    <-  A Song of Ice and Fire <- Martin, George439.7133:49:26VBR30DVD81
  A History of Britain p1 3000BC to 1603AD,    <-  A History of Britain <- Schama, Simon432.7315:42:57CBR64DVD47
  A History of Britain p2 1603 - 1776 The British Wars,    <-  A History of Britain <- Schama, Simon568.0320:37:43CBR64DVD47
  A History of Britain p3 1776 - 2003 The Fate of an Empire,    <-  A History of Britain <- Schama, Simon567.8420:37:36CBR64DVD47
  A Midsommer Night's Dream,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC49.1202:23:09CBR47DVD3
  A Midsummer Nights Dream,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama63.4602:18:40CBR63DVD33
  A Murder Of Quality,    <-  John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC147.7802:09:05CBR160DVD26
  A Murder is Announced,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC22.2702:09:46CBR23DVD8
  A Murder of Quality,    <-  John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC119.5001:27:00CBR192DVD38
  A Pair of Blue Eyes,    <-  Thomas Hardy <- Drama, BBC75.1502:44:08CBR64DVD26
  A Perfect Spy,    <-  John LeCarre <- Drama, BBC156.1303:47:24CBR95DVD2
  A Severed Head,    <-  Iris Murdoch <- Drama, BBC53.1901:15:10M4A159DVD113
  A Small Town In Germany,    <-  John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC82.3202:59:46CBR64DVD26
  A Sound of Thunder Beachhead The Prize of Peril,    <-  Robert Sheckley et al <- SF, American194.9102:22:00CBR191DVD35
  A Stone Woman - Gothic Tale,    <-  A S Byatt <- Readings, BBC78.6001:25:50CBR128DVD28
  A Storm of Swords,    <-  A Song of Ice and Fire <- Martin, George609.0147:32:55VBR29DVD81
  A Way with Words,    <-  Michel Drout <- Lectures1444.3032:16:20ABR104DVD57
  A Wizard of Earthsea,    <-  Ursula le Guin <- Drama, BBC107.1201:56:17CBR128DVD1
  A Woman of No Importance,    <-  Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC97.7001:25:22CBR160DVD41
  ABC Murders,   The <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC19.8001:26:30CBR31DVD9
  AC1 The Lion of Comarre and Other Stories 1937-1949,    <-  Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke <- Clarke, Arthur C391.5309:29:34CBR96DVD79
  AC2 Earthlight and Other Stories 1950-1951,    <-  Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke <- Clarke, Arthur C408.2409:54:10CBR96DVD79
  AC3 The Nine Billion Names of God and Other Stories 1951-1956,    <-  Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke <- Clarke, Arthur C409.8609:56:01CBR96DVD79
  AC4 The Songs of Distant Earth and Other Stories 1956-1961,    <-  Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke <- Clarke, Arthur C190.6410:10:54CBR43DVD79
  AC5 The Shining Ones and Other Stories 1961-1999,    <-  Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke <- Clarke, Arthur C176.3810:33:06CBR38DVD79
  Adrian Mole at Christmas,    <-  Sue Townsend <- Readings, BBC19.9600:43:37CBR63DVD23
  Adventure of the Three Gables,   The <-  Arthur Conan Doyle <- Stories, Short6.0100:35:02CBR24DVD1
  Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,   The <-  Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC178.5408:40:03CBR47DVD7
  Aesop's Astronauts,    <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC40.7001:28:54CBR64DVD5
  Age of Innocence,   The <-  Edith Wharton <- Drama, BBC103.7901:53:22CBR127DVD54
  Alls Well,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama35.8802:36:48CBR31DVD33
  Ambassadors,   The <-  Henry James <- Drama, BBC104.2501:53:53CBR127DVD72
  Amber Spyglass,   The <-  His Dark Materials <- Pullman, Philip404.6814:44:02CBR63DVD11
  American Legal Experience,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures394.9007:11:19CBR128DVD102
  An Enemy of the People,    <-  Henrik Ibsen <- Drama, BBC95.6302:19:16CBR96DVD87
  An Inspector Calls,    <-  J B Priestley <- Drama, BBC79.9101:27:17CBR127DVD59
  Andersens Fairy Tales,    <-  Hans Christian Andersen <- Librivox160.7805:51:17CBR63DVD21
  Androcles and the Lion,    <-  George Bernard Shaw <- Drama, BBC48.7600:53:15CBR128DVD37
  Anglo-Saxon World,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures538.8407:50:33CBR160DVD102
  Animal Farm,    <-  George Orwell <- Readings, BBC31.6101:09:01CBR64DVD28
  Anna Karenin,    <-  Leo Tolstoy <- Drama, BBC45.4303:18:32CBR31DVD4
  Anna of the Five Towns,    <-  Arnold Bennett <- Drama, BBC103.7801:53:21CBR128DVD61
  Antony and Cleopatra,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama92.7803:22:41CBR64DVD33
  Appointment with death Poirot ,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC39.9101:27:11CBR63DVD9
  Around the World in Eighty Days,    <-  Jules Verne <- Drama, BBC50.9201:55:10ABR61DVD31
  Arsenic and Old Lace,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC19.5101:25:15CBR32DVD12
  As You Like It,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama67.6902:27:52CBR64DVD33
  As You Like It,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC57.7802:06:14CBR63DVD12
  Ashenden Gentleman Spy,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Readings, BBC62.1302:15:45CBR63DVD23
  Astronomy - Earth, Sky and Planets,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures217.7607:55:11CBR64DVD102
  Babylon Run,   The <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC24.9001:48:40CBR32DVD5
  Bad Medicine,    <-  Robert Sheckley <- Librivox81.5800:35:38CBR320DVD20
  Ball of Fat,    <-  Guy deMaupassant <- Librivox50.9401:51:15CBR64DVD36
  Bard of the Middle Ages - The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer - Michael Drout,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures333.5208:05:46CBR95DVD102
  Basics of Genetics,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures219.1007:58:32CBR64DVD102
  Before Eden,    <-  Arthur C Clarke <- Readings, BBC27.1800:29:41CBR128DVD63
  Before the Party,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Readings, BBC28.8701:03:03CBR64DVD24
  Bell,   The <-  Iris Murdoch <- Drama, BBC155.6502:49:26CBR128DVD50
  Beyond the Fringe,    <-  John Cleese Peter Cook Dudley Moore <- Drama, BBC60.1802:30:07CBR56DVD12
  Birds,   The <-  Daphne DuMaurier <- Readings, BBC42.1101:05:39ABR89DVD25
  Birdsong,    <-  Sebastian Faulks <- Drama, BBC156.5902:51:02CBR128DVD80
  Bishops Apron,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC79.7901:27:09CBR128DVD127
  Black Adder,    <-  BBC Programs <- Drama, BBC153.1311:09:03CBR31DVD9
  Black Book,   The <-  Ian Rankin <- Drama, BBC104.7801:54:23VBR128DVD66
  Black Monk,   The <-  Anton Checkhov <- Drama, BBC15.1700:44:10CBR48DVD12
  Blandings Castle,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC51.4603:05:06CBR38DVD3
  Bleak House,    <-  Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC48.8204:44:26CBR23DVD3
  Blood Wedding,    <-  Federico Garcia Lorca <- Drama, BBC73.1401:19:53CBR128DVD60
  Blue Lenses,   The <-  Daphne du Maurier <- Drama, BBC51.8300:56:35CBR128DVD28
  Body in the Library,   The <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC20.0801:27:46CBR31DVD12
  Boogeyman,   The <-  Stephen King <- Stories, Short14.1600:30:55CBR64DVD1
  Brave New World - cbs radio workshop 1956,    <-  Aldous Huxley <- Lectures54.4000:59:25CBR128DVD57
  Brave New World,    <-  Aldous Huxley <- Drama, BBC27.5602:00:20CBR32DVD14
  Brideshead Revisited,    <-  Evelyn Waugh <- Drama, BBC104.0003:47:13CBR63DVD12
  Bright Day,    <-  J B Priestley <- Drama, BBC104.3901:54:01CBR128DVD59
  CAA1 - Re - Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta,    <-  Canopus in Argos Archives <- Lessing, Doris346.4614:25:11ABR55DVD64
  CAA2 - The Marriages between zones three, four and five,    <-  Canopus in Argos Archives <- Lessing, Doris276.6811:30:49CBR55DVD64
  CAA3 - The Sirian Experiments,    <-  Canopus in Argos Archives <- Lessing, Doris335.8713:58:33CBR55DVD64
  CAA4 - The making of the Representative for Planet 8,    <-  Canopus in Argos Archives <- Lessing, Doris175.2807:17:39CBR55DVD64
  CAA5 - Documents relating to the sentimental Agents in the Volyen Empire,    <-  Canopus in Argos Archives <- Lessing, Doris178.8907:26:41ABR55DVD64
  CC Part 01 - A World Of Civilizations,    <-  The Clash of Civilizations <- Huntington, Samuel P42.0703:03:45CBR32DVD136
  CC Part 02 - The Shifting Balance Of Civilizations,    <-  The Clash of Civilizations <- Huntington, Samuel P29.6102:09:21CBR32DVD136
  CC Part 03 - The Emerging Order Of Civilizations,    <-  The Clash of Civilizations <- Huntington, Samuel P42.7103:06:35CBR32DVD136
  CC Part 04 - Clashes Of Civilizations,    <-  The Clash of Civilizations <- Huntington, Samuel P90.4906:35:20CBR32DVD136
  CC Part 05 - The Future Of Civilizations,    <-  The Clash of Civilizations <- Huntington, Samuel P17.0201:14:21CBR32DVD136
  COA01 Nine Princes in Amber,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger158.0005:32:00M4B64DVD129
  COA02 The Guns of Avalon,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger185.0006:29:00M4B64DVD129
  COA03 Sign of the Unicorn,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger160.0005:35:00M4B64DVD129
  COA04 The Hand of Oberon,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger153.0005:20:00M4B64DVD129
  COA05 The Courts Of Chaos,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger136.0004:45:00M4B64DVD129
  COA06 Trumps of Doom,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger158.0005:31:00M4B64DVD129
  COA07 Blood of Amber,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger188.0006:34:00M4B64DVD129
  COA08 Sign of Chaos,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger168.0005:53:00M4B64DVD129
  COA09 Knight of Shadows,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger171.0005:59:00M4B64DVD129
  COA10 Prince Of Chaos,    <-  The Cronicles of Amber <- Zelazny, Roger170.0005:57:00M4B64DVD129
  Caesar and Cleopatra,    <-  George Bernard Shaw <- Drama, BBC128.6301:52:21CBR160DVD47
  Call for the dead,    <-  John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC123.8802:15:16CBR128DVD28
  Call of the Wild,   The <-  Jack London <- Drama, BBC52.2200:56:59CBR128DVD126
  Candide,    <-  Voltaire <- Librivox109.3403:58:54CBR63DVD22
  Cards On The Table Piorot ,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC49.8601:27:08CBR80DVD9
  Case Book of Sherlock Holmes,    <-  Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC118.6805:45:40CBR48DVD7
  Case Of The Late Pig,   The <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC19.3801:24:41CBR32DVD11
  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,    <-  Tennessee Williams <- Drama, BBC108.7001:58:44CBR127DVD37
  Cheap Flat,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Stories, Short4.8700:28:22CBR23DVD1
  Childhood's End,    <-  Arthur C Clarke <- Drama, BBC157.9601:55:02CBR191DVD79
  Christmas Holiday,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC78.9101:26:12CBR127DVD66
  Chronicles of Narnia - Book 1,    <-  C S Lewis <- Drama25.8501:52:54CBR32DVD15
  Chronicles of Narnia - Book 2,    <-  C S Lewis <- Drama25.7001:52:16CBR32DVD15
  Chronicles of Narnia - Book 3,    <-  C S Lewis <- Drama29.2502:07:48CBR32DVD15
  Chronicles of Narnia - Book 4,    <-  C S Lewis <- Drama28.9502:06:28CBR32DVD15
  Chrysalids,   The <-  John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC20.1101:27:49CBR32DVD14
  Circle,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC81.2201:28:43CBR128DVD127
  Citadel,   The <-  A J Cronin <- Drama, BBC376.4306:49:25CBR128DVD107
  Code Of The Woosters,   The <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC166.5802:01:18CBR191DVD1
  Cold War - On the Brink of Apocalypse,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures320.0107:45:58CBR96DVD102
  Comedy of Errors,   The <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama20.0101:27:26CBR31DVD33
  Comedy of Errors,   The <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC20.0301:27:26CBR32DVD9
  Comedy,    <-  Monty Python <- Drama, BBC15.2200:21:58CBR96DVD2
  Comic History of England,    <-  Bill Nye <- LibriVox79.9602:54:35CBR64DVD24
  Contes Paysans,    <-  Guy de Maupassant <- Francaise55.6101:00:44CBR128DVD7
  Contes du Temps Passe,    <-  Charles Perrault <- Francaise69.9602:32:51CBR63DVD20
  Coriolanus,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama86.3603:08:42CBR63DVD33
  Cosmic Computer,    <-  H Beam Piper <- Librivox205.0407:27:56CBR63DVD21
  Count of Monte Cristo,    <-  Alexandre Dumas <- Drama, BBC134.2306:31:01CBR47DVD8
  Cymbeline,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama91.1603:19:09CBR63DVD33
  Daisy Miller,    <-  Henry James <- Librivox62.1902:15:52CBR63DVD22
  Dan Dare Pilot of the Future,    <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC26.8201:57:11CBR31DVD5
  Dance Of Death,    <-  August Strindberg <- Drama, BBC85.8204:09:58CBR48DVD50
  Dangerous Corner,    <-  J B Priestley <- Drama, BBC76.0501:23:04CBR128DVD59
  Daniel Deronda,    <-  George Eliot <- Drama, BBC155.0902:49:22CBR128DVD31
  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft v1,    <-  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft <- Lovecraft, H P170.8803:30:20VBR113DVD56
  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft v2,    <-  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft <- Lovecraft, H P162.1803:08:04VBR120DVD56
  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft v3,    <-  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft <- Lovecraft, H P151.5403:12:02VBR110DVD56
  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft v4,    <-  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft <- Lovecraft, H P113.1202:41:12ABR98DVD56
  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft v5,    <-  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft <- Lovecraft, H P82.1703:25:08CBR56DVD56
  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft v6,    <-  Dark Worlds of Lovecraft <- Lovecraft, H P143.0007:12:00CBR56DVD56
  David Copperfield,    <-  Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC520.9109:28:59CBR127DVD5
  Day Of The Triffids,   The <-  John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC91.2701:39:32CBR128DVD69
  Day of the Triffids,   The <-  John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC41.7003:02:13CBR31DVD16
  Dead Man's Ransom,    <-  Ellis Peters <- Drama, BBC60.2002:11:32CBR63DVD12
  Death on the Nile,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC46.3402:14:59CBR47DVD1
  Destruction Factor,   The <-  James Follett <- Drama, BBC153.7802:47:57CBR128DVD8
  Devil's Disciple,   The <-  George Bernard Shaw <- Drama, BBC39.8001:26:56CBR64DVD29
  Different Doctors,    <-  BBC Short Trips <- Drama, BBC76.5302:47:10CBR64DVD7
  Dimension X,    <-  Old Time Radio <- Drama1317.5823:59:09CBR128DVD96
  Dirty Jokes and Beer,    <-  Drew Carey <- Shows, BBC Radio21.6900:47:22CBR64DVD2
  Discovering the Philosopher in You - The Big Questions in Philosophy,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures219.6607:59:46CBR64DVD102
  Discworld 01 - The Colour of Magic,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry95.1006:55:27CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 02 - The Light Fantastic,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry90.1006:33:39CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 03 - Equal Rites,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry105.8807:42:32CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 04 - Mort,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry95.2706:56:11CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 05 - Sourcery,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry107.9607:51:38CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 06 - Wyrd Sisters,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry111.1308:05:28CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 07 - Pyramids,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry126.9909:14:45CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 08 - Guards Guards,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry110.3908:02:14CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 09 - Eric,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry40.8802:58:34CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 10 - Moving Pictures,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry143.7910:28:11CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 11 - Reaper Man,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry71.8305:13:49CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 12 - Witches Abroad,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry103.5707:32:26CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 13 - Small Gods,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry139.0010:07:15CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 14 - Lords And Ladies,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry128.2109:20:06CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 15 - Men At Arms,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry151.8411:03:21CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 16 - Soul Music,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry146.1310:38:24CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 17 - Interesting Times,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry141.3610:17:32CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 18 - Maskerade,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry119.8408:43:32CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 19 - Feet of Clay,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry93.4106:48:05CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 20 - Hogfather,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry102.6507:28:25CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 21 - Jingo,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry112.7508:12:32CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 22 - The Last Continent,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry129.2809:24:45CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 23 - Carpe Jugulum,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry101.5007:23:25CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 24 - The Fifth Elephant,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry147.8110:45:44CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 25 - The Truth,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry110.8108:04:06CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 26 - Thief of Time,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry112.8308:12:55CBR32DVD19
  Discworld 27 - Night Watch,    <-  Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry108.7807:55:14CBR32DVD19
  Doctor Faustus,    <-  Christopher Marlowe <- Drama, BBC89.5001:37:45CBR128DVD28
  Dr No,    <-  Ian Fleming <- Drama, BBC79.8401:27:12CBR128DVD26
  Dracula,    <-  Bram Stoker <- Drama, BBC58.9603:26:06CBR39DVD2
  Dream Master,   The <-  Theresa Breslin <- Readings, BBC30.8900:54:15VBR79DVD43
  Dream Story,    <-  Arthur Schnitzler <- Readings, BBC205.0003:43:50CBR128DVD25
  EK 1 - India and Empire,    <-  The Essential Kipling <- Kipling, Rudyard35.2301:16:50CBR64DVD129
  EK 2 - Animal Stories,    <-  The Essential Kipling <- Kipling, Rudyard30.5601:06:47CBR63DVD129
  EK 3 - Children and Family,    <-  The Essential Kipling <- Kipling, Rudyard35.5301:17:27CBR64DVD129
  EK 4 - War and Other,    <-  The Essential Kipling <- Kipling, Rudyard32.9701:12:02CBR63DVD129
  ES1-Ender's Game,    <-  Enderverse-1 Ender Series <- Card, Orson Scott196.7111:11:14CBR40DVD109
  ES2-Speaker for the Dead,    <-  Enderverse-1 Ender Series <- Card, Orson Scott338.8714:05:42CBR56DVD109
  ES3-Xenocide,    <-  Enderverse-1 Ender Series <- Card, Orson Scott526.8520:10:54VBR60DVD109
  ES4-Childeren of the Mind,    <-  Enderverse-1 Ender Series <- Card, Orson Scott381.1713:31:09VBR65DVD109
  ES5-Ender in Exile,    <-  Enderverse-1 Ender Series <- Card, Orson Scott744.9613:43:00CBR0DVD109
  Earthsearch,    <-  James Follett <- Drama, BBC648.5911:48:24CBR128DVD67
  Eden 01 West of Eden,    <-  Eden <- Harrison, Harry641.9715:32:10CBR96DVD46
  Eden 02 Winter In Eden,    <-  Eden <- Harrison, Harry559.6813:33:24CBR96DVD46
  Eden 03 Return To Eden,    <-  Eden <- Harrison, Harry501.2112:09:03CBR96DVD46
  Eleven Day Empire,   The <-  Faction Paradox <- Drama, BBC81.7300:59:31CBR191DVD7
  Elizabeth Gaskell Collection,   The <-  Elizabeth Gaskell <- Drama, BBC1285.1323:20:46CBR128DVD104
  Embankment at Night before the War,    <-  D H Lawrence <- Librivox24.2800:26:31CBR128DVD20
  Emerging Mind,   The <-  Reith Lectures 2003 <- Lectures227.5410:28:44CBR50DVD14
  Emma,    <-  Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC104.3301:53:57CBR128DVD95
  Empty World,    <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC27.2200:59:28CBR63DVD5
  Ender's Game,    <-  Orson Scott Card <- Drama, BBC256.6107:24:13M4A69DVD109
  Endymion,    <-  Hyperion Cantos <- Simmons, Dan643.7423:16:34CBR64DVD134
  Eng,    <-  Salome <- Wilde, Oscar132.1701:36:11ABR192DVD28
  Esperanto,    <-  L L Zamenhof <- Librivox62.8802:17:24CBR63DVD23
  Evil Under The Sun,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC23.0502:14:16CBR24DVD9
  Evolutionary Psychology I The Science Of Human Nature,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures206.5007:31:02CBR64DVD102
  Expanse 0.2 The Churn,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James68.6902:29:36CBR64DVD82
  Expanse 01 Leviathan Wakes,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James533.2819:09:08CBR64DVD82
  Expanse 02 Caliban's War,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James1099.1919:51:00CBR129DVD82
  Expanse 02.5 Gods of Risk,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James70.9402:34:50CBR64DVD82
  Expanse 03 Abaddon's gate,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James1026.3718:26:32CBR129DVD82
  Expanse 04 Cibola Burn,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James590.8921:23:52CBR64DVD82
  Expanse 05 Nemesis Games,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James463.2416:44:59CBR64DVD82
  Expanse 05.5 The Vital Abyss,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James67.2602:26:15CBR64DVD82
  Expanse 06 Babylons Ashes,   The <-  The Expanse <- Corey, James551.3719:58:55CBR64DVD82
  F 1 - Foundation,    <-  Foundation <- Asimov, Isaac168.8306:08:45CBR64DVD34
  F 2 - Foundation and Empire,    <-  Foundation <- Asimov, Isaac215.0807:49:45CBR64DVD34
  F 3 - Second Foundation,    <-  Foundation <- Asimov, Isaac203.9707:25:30CBR64DVD34
  F 4 - Foundation's Edge,    <-  Foundation <- Asimov, Isaac334.5112:10:37CBR64DVD34
  F 5 - Foundation and Earth,    <-  Foundation <- Asimov, Isaac513.9718:42:35CBR64DVD34
  F 6 - Prelude to Foundation,    <-  Foundation <- Asimov, Isaac456.2716:36:33CBR64DVD34
  F 7 - Forward the Foundation,    <-  Foundation <- Asimov, Isaac442.9416:07:28CBR64DVD34
  FP01 - Flashman,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald236.5408:32:45CBR64DVD130
  FP02 - Royal Flash,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald275.8210:01:21CBR64DVD130
  FP03 - Flash for Freedom,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald138.2905:45:17CBR55DVD130
  FP04- Flashman at the Charge,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald301.8210:57:26CBR64DVD130
  FP05 - Flashman in the Great Game,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald332.1812:03:11CBR64DVD130
  FP06 - Flashman's Lady,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald181.3313:12:04CBR32DVD130
  FP07 - Flashman and the Redskins,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald350.2016:59:58CBR48DVD130
  FP08 - Flashman and the Dragon,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald172.4012:32:57CBR32DVD130
  FP09 - Flashman and the Mountain of Light,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald185.4413:30:02CBR32DVD130
  FP10 - Flashman and the Angel of the Lord,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald478.5613:50:24CBR80DVD130
  FP11 - Flashman and the Tiger,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald338.2012:17:35CBR64DVD130
  FP12 - Flashman On The March,    <-  The Flashman Papers <- Fraser, George MacDonald299.9010:43:07CBR65DVD130
  Fables 2,    <-  Jean de La Fontaine <- Francaise20.6300:45:04CBR63DVD21
  Fables,    <-  Jean de La Fontaine <- Francaise10.2200:08:56CBR159DVD7
  Fables,    <-  Jean de La Fontaine <- Francaise20.1000:43:54CBR64DVD20
  Fall of Hyperion,   The <-  Hyperion Cantos <- Simmons, Dan600.1921:45:16CBR64DVD134
  Far from the Madding Crowd,    <-  Thomas Hardy <- Drama, BBC95.3505:33:14CBR40DVD54
  Feminism and the Future of Women,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures423.0007:42:02CBR127DVD102
  First Men in the Moon,    <-  H G Wells <- Drama, BBC66.2501:55:48CBR79DVD14
  Firstborn,    <-  A Time Odyssey <- Baxter, Stephen322.9611:45:37CBR63DVD55
  Five Sci-Fi Short Srories,    <-  H Beam Piper <- Librivox144.6405:15:59CBR63DVD20
  Forsytes The Complete BBC Series,   The <-  John Galsworthy <- Drama, BBC415.3815:00:41CBR64DVD104
  Foundation Trilogy,   The <-  Isaac Asimov <- Drama, BBC216.1007:49:54CBR64DVD14
  Four Plays by Samuel Beckett with Billie Whitelaw,    <-  Samuel Beckett <- Drama, BBC126.1201:31:50CBR192DVD37
  Fourth of Forever,   The <-  Zero Hour <- Drama29.6602:09:32CBR32DVD18
  Frankenstein,    <-  Mary Shelley <- Drama, BBC51.9301:25:00ABR85DVD25
  French Lieutenant's Woman,    <-  John Fowles <- Drama, BBC78.2502:50:56CBR64DVD2
  Frenchman's Creek,    <-  Daphne DuMaurier <- Drama, BBC77.6002:49:29CBR64DVD25
  Fridays Child,    <-  Georgette Hayer <- Drama, BBC81.6101:29:08CBR128DVD26
  Frost by Frost,    <-  Robert Frost <- Poems6.6600:11:31ABR80DVD62
  Frost by others,    <-  Robert Frost <- Poems28.2900:29:45ABR132DVD62
  Frozen Words,    <-  Elizabeth Buchan <- Readings, BBC6.6000:14:24CBR64DVD25
  Fueling the Planet,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures205.1007:27:57CBR64DVD102
  Fundamental Cases - The Twentieth Century Courtroom Battles That Changed Our Nation,    <-  The Modern Scholar TMS <- Lectures452.8908:14:25CBR128DVD102
  Galahad At Blandings,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC25.1701:50:00CBR31DVD8
  Garden of Rama,   The <-  Complete Rama Series <- Clarke, Arthur C423.1815:24:25CBR64DVD79
  Ghost Galaxies,   The <-  Piers Anthony <- Readings, BBC27.7101:00:33CBR63DVD23
  Gimmicks Three and Light Verse,    <-  Isaac Asimov <- Readings, BBC12.5000:27:18CBR64DVD24
  Golden Apples of the Sun,   The <-  Ray Bradbury <- Drama, BBC132.9601:56:09CBR160DVD59
  Golden Compass,   The <-  His Dark Materials <- Pullman, Philip290.0410:33:36CBR64DVD11
  Golden Notebook,   The <-  Doris Lessing <- Drama, BBC125.2102:16:42CBR128DVD32
  Grapes of Wrath,   The <-  John Steinbeck <- Drama, BBC39.3202:51:47CBR31DVD10
  Green Odyssey,   The <-  Philip Jose Farmer <- Librivox167.8006:06:33CBR64DVD21
  Hamlet,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama93.9803:25:20CBR63DVD33
  Hamlet,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC211.6703:51:12CBR127DVD1
  Happy Prince,   The <-  Oscar Wilde <- Librivox15.1100:28:22VBR74DVD20
  Have His Carcase,    <-  D Sayers <- Drama, BBC39.2902:51:37CBR32DVD3
  Heart of the Matter,   The <-  Graham Greene <- Drama, BBC19.5701:53:59CBR23DVD5
  Heavy Weather,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC33.7201:57:49CBR40DVD3
  Hedda Gabler,    <-  Henrik Ibsen <- Drama, BBC83.1802:01:08CBR96DVD87
  Henry IV Part 1,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama76.1602:46:21CBR64DVD33
  Henry IV Part 2,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama83.9103:03:09CBR64DVD33
  Henry V,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama86.2403:08:26CBR63DVD33
  Henry VI Part 1,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama72.9202:39:20CBR63DVD33
  Henry VI Part 2,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama83.0003:01:21CBR63DVD33
  Henry VI Part 3,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama80.2802:55:20CBR64DVD33
  Henry VIII,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama77.2902:48:50CBR64DVD33
  Hercule Poirot - Death in the clouds,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC79.6901:27:02CBR128DVD9
  Hercule Poirot's Christmas,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC18.3601:20:14CBR31DVD9
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 01,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- Librivox313.1805:42:03CBR128DVD21
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 02,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- Librivox132.7204:49:54CBR64DVD21
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 03,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- Librivox145.2405:17:19CBR63DVD21
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 04,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- Librivox87.6603:11:31CBR63DVD21
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 05,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- Librivox129.4304:42:45CBR63DVD21
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 06,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- LibriVox151.0605:29:53CBR64DVD24
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 07,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- LibriVox99.5903:37:29CBR64DVD24
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 08,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- LibriVox112.9304:06:37CBR64DVD24
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 09,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- LibriVox146.3905:19:40CBR64DVD24
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 10,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- LibriVox109.4403:59:01CBR64DVD24
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 11,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- LibriVox116.6804:14:49CBR64DVD24
  History of England from the Accession of James II - Volume 1 Chapter 12,    <-  Thomas Babington Macaulay <- LibriVox112.1004:04:49CBR64DVD24
  History of the Devil,   The <-  Clive Barker <- Drama43.2103:08:47CBR31DVD12
  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,   The <-  Douglas Adams <- Drama, BBC160.3705:50:19CBR64DVD11
  Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy,    <-  Douglas Adams <- Drama, BBC206.8905:47:25CBR83DVD1
  Host Planet Earth,    <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC42.4303:02:19CBR32DVD5
  House On The Strand,   The <-  Daphne DuMaurier <- Readings, BBC308.8905:37:17CBR128DVD26
  Hunter's Moon,    <-  BBC Programs <- Drama, BBC24.1703:29:59CBR16DVD9
  Hyperion,    <-  Hyperion Cantos <- Simmons, Dan571.7620:44:46CBR64DVD134
  I Can Jump Puddles,    <-  Alan Marshall <- Drama, BBC74.2702:40:18CBR64DVD107
  I Capture the Castle,    <-  Dodie Smith <- Drama, BBC275.1001:54:00M4A64DVD93
  I Have Been Here Before,    <-  J B Priestley <- Drama, BBC83.1801:30:38CBR128DVD59
  Idiot,   The <-  Fyodor Dostoevsky <- Drama, BBC52.1603:47:54CBR31DVD4
  Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow,    <-  Fry and Laurie read Daudet and Jerome <- Readings, BBC71.3101:09:33VBR143DVD60
  Immanuel Kant,    <-  Giants of Philosophy <- Lectures26.7302:35:40CBR24DVD4
  Importance of Being Earnest,   The <-  Oscar Wilde <- Drama104.7101:54:22CBR128DVD55
  Importance of Being Earnest drama,   The <-  Oscar Wilde <- Librivox63.1902:18:03CBR63DVD20
  Importance of Being Earnest,   The <-  Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC57.5801:40:39CBR79DVD11
  Importance of Being Ernest,   The <-  Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC134.5701:57:35CBR160DVD41
  In a Glass Darkly,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC26.3400:28:46CBR128DVD9
  International Episode,    <-  Henry James <- Librivox82.8503:01:00CBR63DVD21
  Into The Abyss,    <-  Jack London <- Readings, BBC41.4700:45:18CBR127DVD124
  Isaac Newton's Physics,    <-  Science and discovery <- Lectures67.6102:38:15CBR59DVD2
  JRR Tolkien Short Stories,    <-  JRR Tolkien <- Drama, BBC160.0402:54:46CBR128DVD34
  Jamaica Inn,    <-  Daphne du Maurier <- Drama, BBC208.1903:47:23CBR128DVD28
  Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC147.7302:41:19CBR128DVD49
  Joy in the Morning,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC87.5803:38:33ABR56DVD28
  Jude the Obscure,    <-  Thomas Hardy <- Drama, BBC144.7305:16:08CBR64DVD25
  Julius Caesar,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama67.0902:26:37CBR63DVD33
  Jungle Book,   The <-  Rudyard Kipling <- Drama, BBC160.2002:19:57CBR160DVD64
  Just William Five Short Stories,    <-  Richmal Crompton <- Readings, BBC28.5001:07:24VBR59DVD33
  Kangaroo,    <-  D H Lawrence <- Drama, BBC120.1602:11:03CBR128DVD50
  Kidnapped,    <-  Robert Louis Stevenson <- Drama, BBC191.1503:28:46CBR128DVD65
  King John,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama67.7902:27:57CBR64DVD33
  King Lear,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama85.2803:06:19CBR63DVD33
  King Lear,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC62.0503:00:44CBR48DVD14
  Kraken Wakes,   The <-  John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC58.0001:00:00CBR64DVD31
  L'etranger,    <-  A Camus <- Francaise172.7403:35:38CBR111DVD7
  Lady Chatterley's Lover,    <-  D H Lawrence <- Drama, BBC104.3401:53:57CBR128DVD29
  Lady Susan,    <-  Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC121.1402:12:19CBR128DVD95
  Lady Windermere's Fan,    <-  Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC44.8701:38:01CBR64DVD59
  Le Chateau de ma Mere,    <-  Marcel Pagnol <- Francaise234.2104:15:54CBR127DVD27
  Le Petit Prince,    <-  Antoine de Saint-Exupery <- Francaise45.8700:33:24CBR192DVD27
  Le Rouge et le Noir,    <-  Stendhal <- Francaise351.6006:23:46CBR128DVD35
  Le comte de Monte Cristo,    <-  Alexandre Dumas <- Francaise123.7702:15:09CBR128DVD7
  Le neveu de Rameau,    <-  Diderot <- Francaise164.4902:59:35CBR128DVD27
  Les Fleurs du Mal,    <-  Charles Baudelaire <- Francaise49.8400:36:15CBR192DVD7
  Les Liaisons Dangereuses var1,    <-  Pierre Choderlos deLaclos <- Drama, BBC62.2002:09:09M4B64DVD129
  Les Liaisons Dangereuses,    <-  Pierre Choderlos deLaclos <- Drama, BBC105.5201:55:15CBR128DVD129
  Les Parents Terribles,    <-  Jean Cocteau <- Drama, BBC92.7101:41:16CBR128DVD59
  Letters from My Windmill,    <-  Fry and Laurie read Daudet and Jerome <- Readings, BBC71.8401:12:54VBR137DVD60
  Liaisons Dangereuses-in French,    <-  Pierre Choderlos deLaclos <- LibriVox398.9514:31:23CBR64DVD24
  Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman,   The <-  Laurence Sterne <- Drama193.3902:20:48CBR192DVD56
  Little Dorrit,    <-  Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC121.6804:43:11VBR60DVD31
  Liza of Lambeth,    <-  Three Early Novels <- Maugham, W Somerset129.2904:39:13CBR64DVD127
  London Interview 1961,    <-  Aldous Huxley <- Lectures110.5202:53:44ABR88DVD57
  Lord of the Rings,   The <-  JRR Tolkien <- Drama, BBC494.9812:00:54CBR95DVD2
  Lost World,    <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC32.0002:19:50CBR31DVD5
  Love Among the Chickens,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Librivox163.2605:56:40CBR63DVD20
  Love's Labor's Lost,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama66.8702:26:04CBR64DVD33
  Love, etc,    <-  Julian Barnes <- Drama, BBC52.6500:57:27VBR128DVD134
  Macbeth,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama63.5702:18:54CBR63DVD33
  Macbeth,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC50.1802:26:09CBR47DVD14
  Magician,   The <-  Three Early Novels <- Maugham, W Somerset225.9408:02:13CBR65DVD127
  Man Who Was Thursday,   The <-  G K Chesterton <- Readings, BBC428.5007:48:00CBR128DVD35
  Man in Black,   The <-  Mark Gatiss <- Drama, BBC517.6809:25:24CBR128DVD121
  Manager of the Kremlin,   The <-  Evelyn Waugh <- Readings, BBC6.2500:13:40CBR63DVD23
  Mansfield Park,    <-  Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC160.3002:55:05CBR128DVD95
  Marriage Union,   The <-  50's Sex Education Records <- Drama, BBC4.2900:09:22CBR64DVD2
  Mary Stewart - Merlin 1 - The Crystal Cave 1970 ,    <-  The Arthurian Saga <- Stewart, Mary622.8515:07:05CBR96DVD51
  Mary Stewart - Merlin 2 - The Hollow Hills 1973 ,    <-  The Arthurian Saga <- Stewart, Mary612.7014:52:20CBR95DVD51
  Mary Stewart - Merlin 3 - The Last Enchantment 1979 ,    <-  The Arthurian Saga <- Stewart, Mary639.8215:31:47CBR96DVD51
  Mary Stewart - Merlin 4 - The Wicked Day 1983 ,    <-  The Arthurian Saga <- Stewart, Mary571.8713:52:50CBR96DVD51
  Mary Stewart - The Prince and the Pilgrim unabr ,    <-  The Arthurian Saga <- Stewart, Mary289.8207:02:04CBR96DVD51
  Master and Margarita,   The <-  Mikhail Bulgakov <- Drama, BBC204.3903:43:15CBR128DVD37
  Master of Ballantrae,   The <-  R L Stevenson <- Drama, BBC104.9801:54:39CBR128DVD28
  Mating Season,   The <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC26.5603:52:03CBR16DVD3
  Maugham the Storyteller - The Treasure,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC40.8900:44:40CBR127DVD127
  Maugham's Eye View,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC83.8902:41:01ABR72DVD40
  Mayor of Casterbridge,   The <-  Thomas Hardy <- Drama, BBC52.4603:49:12CBR31DVD54
  Measure for Measure,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama68.1302:28:50CBR64DVD33
  Memoires d Hadrien,    <-  Marguerite Yourcenar <- Francaise677.0209:50:59CBR160DVD27
  Merchant of Venice,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama31.2702:16:38CBR32DVD33
  Merchant of Venice,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC53.0802:34:38CBR47DVD14
  Merry Wives of Windsor,   The <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama61.6502:14:43CBR63DVD33
  Metamorphosis,    <-  Franz Kafka <- Drama, BBC107.0201:41:53ABR146DVD28
  Midas Plague,   The <-  Frederik Pohl <- Drama, BBC40.3200:44:02CBR128DVD67
  Midwich Cuckoos,   The <-  John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC107.5501:57:26CBR128DVD69
  Ministry Of Fear,   The <-  Grahame Greene <- Drama, BBC104.1401:53:45CBR128DVD67
  Miss Marple - 4.50 From Paddington,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC20.3901:29:05CBR32DVD9
  Miss Marple - A Pocket Full Of Rye,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC20.2801:28:37CBR31DVD9
  Mist,   The <-  Stephen King <- Drama98.7801:11:55CBR192DVD15
  Mixed Radio,    <-  Old Time Radio <- Drama, BBC29.6002:09:18CBR32DVD16
  Modern Man in Search of a Soul,    <-  Carl Gustav Jung <- Lectures497.3109:00:55CBR128DVD68
  Modern Physics,    <-  Richard Wolfson <- Lectures169.8212:22:00CBR31DVD12
  Mole 1 - Secret Diary,    <-  Adrian Mole Collection <- Townsend, Sue22.1701:35:22CBR32DVD64
  Mole 2 - Growing Pains,    <-  Adrian Mole Collection <- Townsend, Sue30.7102:13:23CBR32DVD64
  Mole 3 - The True Confessions of Adrian Albert Mole,    <-  Adrian Mole Collection <- Townsend, Sue115.7104:08:53CBR64DVD64
  Mole 4 - Wilderness Years,    <-  Adrian Mole Collection <- Townsend, Sue26.0701:52:45CBR32DVD64
  Mole 5 - Capuccino Years,    <-  Adrian Mole Collection <- Townsend, Sue15.9501:08:43CBR32DVD64
  Mole 6 - The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole,    <-  Adrian Mole Collection <- Townsend, Sue10.0500:43:53CBR32DVD64
  Mole 7 - Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction,    <-  Adrian Mole Collection <- Townsend, Sue3.3400:14:35CBR32DVD64
  Monkey's Paw,   The <-  H Booraem <- Drama13.1500:28:44CBR64DVD12
  Moonstone,   The <-  Wilkie Collins <- Drama, BBC294.5005:21:42CBR127DVD60
  Mother Lode,   The <-  Herschal & Moley <- Drama28.1000:30:41CBR128DVD12
  Moving Finger,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC19.8301:26:38CBR31DVD12
  Mrs Craddock,    <-  Three Early Novels <- Maugham, W Somerset298.0210:41:24CBR64DVD127
  Much Ado About Nothing,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama58.8802:08:37CBR64DVD33
  Much Ado about Nothing,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC54.0801:58:09CBR63DVD2
  Murder Of Roger Ackroid,   The <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC38.9001:24:59CBR63DVD9
  Murder On The Links,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC19.6401:25:50CBR31DVD9
  Murder at the Vicarage,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC31.3102:16:49CBR31DVD12
  Murder on the Orient Express,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC63.3802:18:28CBR63DVD12
  My Cousin Rachel,    <-  Daphne Du Maurier <- Drama, BBC104.7901:54:26CBR128DVD29
  Mysteries of Udolpho,   The <-  Ann Radcliffe <- Drama, BBC106.6001:56:26CBR128DVD60
  Narnia 01 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,    <-  Chronicles of Narnia <- Lewis, C S150.4604:22:52CBR80DVD122
  Narnia 02 Prince Caspian,    <-  Chronicles of Narnia <- Lewis, C S160.6804:40:46CBR80DVD122
  Narnia 03 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,    <-  Chronicles of Narnia <- Lewis, C S201.3705:51:52CBR80DVD122
  Narnia 04 The Silver Chair,    <-  Chronicles of Narnia <- Lewis, C S187.0405:26:47CBR80DVD122
  Narnia 05 The Horse And His Boy,    <-  Chronicles of Narnia <- Lewis, C S161.1904:41:40CBR80DVD122
  Narnia 06 The Magicians Nephew,    <-  Chronicles of Narnia <- Lewis, C S135.7003:57:09CBR80DVD122
  Narnia 07 The Last Battle,    <-  Chronicles of Narnia <- Lewis, C S168.3004:54:09CBR79DVD122
  Narrow Corner,   The <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC59.7801:27:03CBR96DVD127
  Nicholas Nickleby,    <-  Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC377.3206:49:22VBR128DVD31
  Nietzsche,    <-  Giants of Philosophy <- Lectures74.4602:41:58VBR64DVD4
  Night and Day,    <-  Virginia Woolf <- Librivox436.5115:53:38CBR63DVD20
  Nightingale and the Rose,   The <-  Oscar Wilde <- Readings, BBC6.4500:14:05CBR64DVD23
  Nightmare Town,    <-  Dashiel Hammett <- Drama, BBC51.9100:56:42CBR128DVD61
  Nine Tailors,    <-  D Sayers <- Drama, BBC31.3401:31:17CBR48DVD3
  No Future in Eternity,    <-  Timandra Harkness and Linda Cotterill <- Drama, BBC40.6300:44:23CBR127DVD12
  Northanger Abbey,    <-  Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC156.5302:50:58CBR128DVD95
  Numbers,    <-  BBC Radio 5 Documentary <- Programs, BBC16.1401:10:30CBR32DVD5
  Old Curiosity Shop,   The <-  Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC35.3102:34:17CBR31DVD3
  Oldest Member,   The <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC249.2308:36:31ABR67DVD60
  Omnilingual,    <-  H Beam Piper <- Librivox53.5001:56:52CBR63DVD21
  On Guard,    <-  Evelin Waugh <- Readings, BBC11.8200:18:03ABR91DVD30
  On Language - mit lecture 1961,    <-  Aldous Huxley <- Lectures41.1200:59:53CBR96DVD57
  On the Beach,    <-  Nevil Shute <- Drama, BBC52.0901:53:32CBR64DVD94
  One Girl Two Decks Three Degrees of Love,    <-  Jonny Zucker <- Readings, BBC44.5601:19:48VBR78DVD43
  Oomphel in the Sky,    <-  H Beam Piper <- Librivox53.9201:57:47CBR64DVD21
  Orbiter X,    <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC99.0505:46:12CBR39DVD5
  Orlando,    <-  Virginia Woolf <- Drama, BBC84.4201:13:37CBR160DVD50
  Othello,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama83.0003:01:20CBR63DVD33
  Othello,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC155.0402:49:18CBR128DVD5
  Our Betters,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC41.2601:30:08CBR64DVD127
  Our Man in Havana,    <-  Graham Greene <- Drama, BBC26.7302:35:43CBR23DVD5
  Over an absinthe bottle,    <-  W C Morrow <- Readings, BBC12.3600:27:00CBR64DVD25
  Pale Fire,    <-  Vladimir Nabokov <- Drama, BBC96.0601:44:55CBR128DVD34
  Paul Temple and the Margo Mystery,    <-  Francis Durbridge <- Drama, BBC222.3403:35:53ABR143DVD54
  Pelican,   The <-  August Strindberg <- Drama, BBC81.7100:44:38CBR255DVD50
  Pericles,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama62.5902:16:46CBR63DVD33
  Persuasion,    <-  Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC145.1502:38:32CBR128DVD95
  Pet Cemetery,    <-  Stephen King <- Drama, BBC78.2502:50:57CBR63DVD5
  Philosophy of Mind,    <-  John Searle <- Lectures191.0206:57:17CBR64DVD14
  Pickwick Papers,    <-  Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC159.2510:41:19CBR34DVD3
  Picture Of Dorian Gray,    <-  Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC104.1801:53:47CBR128DVD4
  Picture of Dorian Gray,   The <-  Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC130.2701:53:49CBR160DVD41
  Pigs Have Wings,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC30.9301:48:06CBR39DVD3
  Plague Ship,    <-  Andre Norton <- Librivox194.5507:05:02CBR63DVD21
  Planet B BBC Radio 7 Shorts - Planet B,    <-  Planet B <- Drama, BBC5.0500:05:30CBR128DVD37
  Plato,    <-  Giants of Philosophy <- Lectures23.8702:19:02CBR24DVD4
  Playing with Fire,    <-  August Strindberg <- Drama, BBC82.2400:44:55CBR255DVD50
  Poirot - Murder Is A Private Affair,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC6.0200:26:18CBR31DVD9
  Poirot - Pale Horse,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC20.1401:27:59CBR32DVD5
  Poirot Thirteen at Dinner,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC30.8702:14:52CBR32DVD9
  Portrait of a Lady,    <-  Henry James <- Readings, BBC246.4204:29:09CBR128DVD35
  Pride and Prejudice,    <-  Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC383.8102:47:41CBR320DVD95
  Pride and Prejudice,    <-  Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC90.5905:16:36CBR40DVD12
  Pride and Prejudice,    <-  Jane Austen <- Librivox361.7913:10:19CBR64DVD20
  Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie,    <-  Muriel Spark <- Drama, BBC26.0401:53:48CBR31DVD3
  Purloined Ruby,    <-  Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC6.8400:29:54CBR31DVD1
  Pygmalion,    <-  George Bernard Shaw <- Drama, BBC79.7201:27:04CBR128DVD25
  Quest for Karla p1 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,    <-  John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC86.3503:08:35CBR64DVD25
  Quest for Karla p2 The honourable schoolboy,    <-  John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC158.6102:53:14CBR128DVD25
  Quest for Karla p3 Smileys people,    <-  John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC185.0803:22:06CBR128DVD25
  Quiet American,   The <-  Graham Greene <- Drama, BBC38.4802:48:08CBR31DVD5
  R.U.R,    <-  Karel Capek <- Drama, BBC144.3101:44:51CBR192DVD43
  Rama II,    <-  Complete Rama Series <- Clarke, Arthur C415.3315:07:17CBR64DVD79
  Rama Revealed,    <-  Complete Rama Series <- Clarke, Arthur C531.4719:20:57CBR64DVD79
  Razor's Edge,   The <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC107.7003:50:38CBR65DVD113
  Rebecca,    <-  Daphne Du Maurier <- Drama, BBC19.8501:26:43CBR31DVD3
  Recognition,   The <-  J G Ballard <- Readings, BBC13.2800:29:01CBR64DVD25
  Relativity,    <-  Albert Einstein <- Librivox100.4703:39:30CBR63DVD21
  Remember Me,    <-  Nicci French <- Readings, BBC30.8501:07:24CBR64DVD23
  Rendezvous With Rama,    <-  Complete Rama Series <- Clarke, Arthur C498.2209:02:01CBR128DVD79
  Return of Sherlock Holmes V2,    <-  Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC59.4202:53:04CBR47DVD7
  Return of Sherlock Holmes V3,    <-  Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC59.0602:52:02CBR47DVD7
  Richard II,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama78.8802:52:21CBR63DVD33
  Richard III,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama97.9103:33:53CBR64DVD33
  Right Ho, Jeeves,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC121.6903:32:36CBR80DVD49
  Ring O Roses,    <-  Anonymous <- Librivox3.8500:08:25CBR63DVD21
  Rings Swords and Monsters - Exploring Fantasy Literature,    <-  Michel Drout <- Lectures221.4208:07:01ABR63DVD57
  Rise of Endymion,   The <-  Hyperion Cantos <- Simmons, Dan822.3029:47:19CBR64DVD134
  Robinson Crusoe,    <-  Daniel Defoe <- Drama, BBC104.8401:54:31CBR127DVD95
  Roman Empire,    <-  History Book <- Drama197.0803:35:14CBR128DVD15
  Romeo & Juliet,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama83.7103:02:52CBR63DVD33
  Romeo and Juliet,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC156.5602:50:50CBR128DVD8
  Romeo and Juliet,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC77.4103:12:19CBR56DVD2
  Rus,    <-  Salome <- Wilde, Oscar119.6401:26:57CBR192DVD28
  Russia house,   The <-  John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC235.0503:25:20CBR160DVD25
  SC 01 - Our Oriental Heritage,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will755.0836:39:24CBR47DVD6
  SC 02 - The Life of Greece,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will587.9027:40:58CBR49DVD6
  SC 03 - Caeser and Christ,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will612.0629:42:45CBR48DVD6
  SC 04 - The Age of Faith,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will1090.6952:49:06CBR48DVD6
  SC 05 - The Renaissance,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will682.8533:09:03CBR47DVD6
  SC 06 - The Reformation 1-47,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will695.5933:45:49CBR48DVD6
  SC 06 - The Reformation 48-64,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will247.5512:00:59CBR48DVD7
  SC 07 - The Age of Reason Begins,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will636.0630:52:32CBR48DVD27
  SC 08 - The Age of Louis XIV,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will686.3833:19:00CBR48DVD27
  SC 09 - The Age of Voltaire,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will789.8238:20:20CBR48DVD27
  SC 10 - Rousseau and Revolution,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will1155.7156:05:59CBR48DVD27
  SC 11 - Age of Napoleon,    <-  The Story of Civilization <- Durant, Will936.6445:27:50CBR48DVD7
  SW1 The Strawberry Window,    <-  The Strawberry Window and Other Stories <- Bradbury, Ray41.7800:30:21CBR192DVD43
  SW2 Referent,    <-  The Strawberry Window and Other Stories <- Bradbury, Ray38.1100:27:40CBR192DVD43
  SW3 Perchance to Dream,    <-  The Strawberry Window and Other Stories <- Bradbury, Ray68.6800:49:53CBR192DVD43
  SW4 The Smile,    <-  The Strawberry Window and Other Stories <- Bradbury, Ray22.9800:16:41CBR192DVD43
  SW5 The Dragon,    <-  The Strawberry Window and Other Stories <- Bradbury, Ray14.0200:10:11CBR192DVD43
  SW6 The Headpiece,    <-  The Strawberry Window and Other Stories <- Bradbury, Ray35.0600:25:26CBR192DVD43
  SW7 The Wonderful Ice-Cream Suit,    <-  The Strawberry Window and Other Stories <- Bradbury, Ray103.3601:15:02CBR192DVD43
  Sacred Flame,   The <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC83.3001:30:59CBR128DVD127
  Sad Cypress,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC65.9402:24:00CBR64DVD24
  Salem's Lot,    <-  Stephen King <- Drama, BBC23.4403:24:48CBR15DVD2
  Salt is Leaving,    <-  J B Priestley <- Drama, BBC39.9601:27:17CBR64DVD59
  Samuel Beckett,    <-  Mightier than the Sword <- Programs, BBC6.6400:14:30CBR64DVD25
  Sandman,   The <-  Neil Gaiman <- Drama, BBC623.4010:54:00M4B64DVD93
  Sea Wolf,   The <-  Jack London <- Drama, BBC312.0703:47:15CBR191DVD124
  Sea, the Sea,   The <-  Iris Murdoch <- Drama, BBC105.0701:54:46CBR127DVD113
  Secret Life of Words - English Words and Their Origins,   The <-  TTC <- Lectures757.0718:22:29CBR96DVD67
  Secret Pilgrim,   The <-  John le Carre <- Drama, BBC157.6702:51:24CBR128DVD50
  Sense and Sensibility,    <-  Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC208.5003:47:43CBR128DVD95
  September Tide,    <-  Daphne Du Maurier <- Drama, BBC50.5400:55:12CBR128DVD76
  Seven Plays by Samuel Beckett,    <-  Samuel Beckett <- Drama, BBC238.9804:21:02CBR127DVD37
  She Fell Among Thieves,    <-  Dornford Yates <- Drama, BBC52.1000:56:54CBR128DVD66
  She,    <-  H Rider Haggard <- Drama, BBC77.5201:52:53CBR96DVD41
  Short Poetry V01,    <-  Short Poetry <- Librivox36.4901:19:43CBR63DVD20
  Short Stories V10,    <-  Short Stories <- Librivox119.4304:20:54CBR63DVD21
  Short Stories V11,    <-  Short Stories <- Librivox91.4003:19:39CBR64DVD21
  Short Stories V12,    <-  Short Stories <- Librivox120.9504:24:13CBR63DVD23
  Short Stories V13,    <-  Short Stories <- Librivox84.5103:04:37CBR64DVD23
  Short Stories V14,    <-  Short Stories <- Librivox85.7803:07:23CBR63DVD23
  Short Stories V15,    <-  Short Stories <- Librivox113.4404:07:49CBR63DVD23
  Short Stories V16,    <-  Short Stories <- LibriVox145.3505:17:28CBR64DVD24
  Short Stories V17,    <-  Short Stories <- LibriVox145.7305:18:17CBR64DVD24
  Short Stories V18,    <-  Short Stories <- LibriVox60.0402:11:04CBR64DVD24
  Short Stories V19,    <-  Short Stories <- LibriVox82.0602:59:13CBR64DVD24
  Short Stories V20,    <-  Short Stories <- LibriVox99.0003:36:13CBR64DVD24
  Short Stories V21,    <-  Short Stories <- LibriVox135.1604:55:12CBR64DVD24
  Short Stories V22,    <-  Short Stories <- LibriVox81.2902:57:31CBR64DVD24
  Sign Of 4,   The <-  Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC33.4602:26:13CBR31DVD7
  Sketches By Boz,    <-  Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC186.5204:40:48ABR92DVD59
  Slan,    <-  A E Van Vogt <- Drama59.6502:10:18CBR64DVD12
  Slaughterhouse Five,    <-  Kurt Vonnegut <- Drama, BBC105.3001:57:00CBR125DVD72
  Sleeping Murder,    <-  Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC19.9201:27:03CBR31DVD9
  Somerset Maugham Short Stories,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC38.4802:48:04CBR32DVD127
  Song of the Silencer,    <-  Brian Aldiss <- Readings, BBC13.1000:28:37CBR64DVD24
  Spamalot,    <-  Monty Python <- Drama, BBC76.7700:52:16VBR205DVD12
  Spy Who Came in from the Cold,   The <-  John LeCarre <- Drama, BBC147.7002:41:20CBR127DVD2
  Star Born,    <-  Andre Norton <- Librivox184.5906:43:07CBR64DVD36
  Star Hunter,    <-  Andre Norton <- Librivox102.2203:43:14CBR64DVD36
  Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC147.0502:40:34CBR128DVD49
  Stories,    <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC202.4809:18:21CBR50DVD5
  Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,   The <-  R L Stevenson <- Librivox86.2703:08:27CBR64DVD20
  Strangers and Brothers,    <-  C P Snow <- Drama, BBC520.3909:28:23CBR128DVD63
  Strong Poison,    <-  D Sayers <- Drama, BBC38.5302:48:19CBR32DVD3
  Subtle Knife,   The <-  His Dark Materials <- Pullman, Philip243.4708:51:46CBR64DVD11
  Summer Lightning,    <-  P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC42.7502:29:24CBR40DVD3
  Sunstorm,    <-  A Time Odyssey <- Baxter, Stephen179.8110:28:27CBR40DVD55
  Survival,    <-  John Wyndham <- Readings, BBC56.2601:01:26CBR128DVD31
  Sword of Honour 1 Men at Arms,    <-  Sword of Honour <- Waugh, Evelyn170.2908:15:16CBR48DVD69
  Sword of Honour 2 Officers and Gentlemen,    <-  Sword of Honour <- Waugh, Evelyn185.4408:59:13CBR48DVD69
  Sword of Honour 3 Unconditional Surrender,    <-  Sword of Honour <- Waugh, Evelyn171.5008:18:44CBR48DVD69
  Sword of Honour,    <-  Evelyn Waugh <- Drama, BBC545.7009:55:57CBR128DVD32
  T1 - Lost Souls,    <-  Torchwood <- Drama, BBC172.4801:15:03CBR321DVD41
  T2 - Asylum,    <-  Torchwood <- Drama, BBC100.9700:43:59CBR320DVD41
  T3 - Golden Age,    <-  Torchwood <- Drama, BBC99.9100:43:31CBR320DVD41
  T4 - The Dead Line,    <-  Torchwood <- Drama, BBC100.3900:43:44CBR320DVD41
  Talking It Over p1 Talking It Over,    <-  Talking It Over <- Barnes, Julian163.3107:55:38CBR48DVD132
  Talking It Over p2 Love, Etc,    <-  Talking It Over <- Barnes, Julian138.3806:43:00CBR48DVD132
  Talking It Over,    <-  Julian Barnes <- Drama, BBC52.5200:57:18CBR128DVD134
  Taming of the Shrew,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama62.7902:17:12CBR63DVD33
  Technicolour Time Machine,   The <-  Harry Harrison <- Drama, BBC81.6201:29:04CBR128DVD67
  Tempest,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama30.0602:11:20CBR31DVD33
  Tenth Man,    <-  W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC78.4601:25:42CBR128DVD127
  Terre des hommes,    <-  Antoine de Saint-Exupery <- Francaise54.6000:59:40CBR127DVD27
  Tess of the dUrbervilles,    <-  Thomas Hardy <- Drama, BBC129.9903:47:11CBR79DVD54
  Thanasphere,    <-  Kurt Vonnegut <- Readings, BBC30.8400:33:41CBR128DVD37
  Third Man,   The <-  Graham Greene <- Drama, BBC15.0201:27:30CBR23DVD5
  This Sceptred Isle - 55BC-1901,    <-  This Sceptred Isle <- Lee, Christopher767.0229:14:32CBR61DVD97
  This Sceptred Isle - Dynasties CD ,    <-  This Sceptred Isle <- Lee, Christopher469.6811:43:02CBR93DVD97
  This Sceptred Isle - Dynasties,    <-  This Sceptred Isle <- Lee, Christopher123.5502:14:56CBR128DVD97
  This Sceptred Isle - Empire,    <-  This Sceptred Isle <- Lee, Christopher1112.8220:15:07CBR128DVD97
  This Sceptred Isle - The Twentieth Century,    <-  This Sceptred Isle <- Lee, Christopher233.6913:30:37CBR40DVD97
  Times Eye,    <-  A Time Odyssey <- Baxter, Stephen199.6411:37:48CBR39DVD55
  Timon of Athens,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama63.3302:18:23CBR63DVD33
  Titus Andronicus,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama74.3402:42:25CBR63DVD33
  To the Newcomer,    <-  Jess L <- Shows, BBC Radio32.3101:10:29CBR64DVD10
  Tour du monde en 80 jours,    <-  Jules Verne <- Francaise222.2908:05:38CBR63DVD21
  Travels with my Aunt,    <-  Graham Greene <- Drama, BBC25.3402:05:04CBR28DVD5
  Treasure Island,    <-  R L Stevenson <- Drama, BBC60.6701:28:21CBR96DVD3
  Treasure Island,    <-  Robert Louis Stevenson <- Readings, BBC31.0601:07:52CBR63DVD23
  Trials of Oscar Wilde,   The <-  Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC169.3702:27:58CBR160DVD41
  Troilus and Cressida,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama84.6803:05:00CBR63DVD33
  Trouble with Lichen,    <-  John Wyndham <- Readings, BBC56.7102:18:28VBR57DVD31
  Tunnel Under The World,    <-  BBC SF <- Drama, BBC60.4200:44:00CBR191DVD5
  Turn of the Screw,   The <-  Henry James <- Drama, BBC49.8901:27:11CBR80DVD26
  Turn of the Screw,   The <-  Henry James <- Librivox157.2505:43:32CBR63DVD21
  Twelfth Night,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama59.9802:11:04CBR63DVD33
  Twilight Series audiobook 1 - Twilight,    <-  Twilight Saga <- Meyer, Stephenie530.4412:52:29CBR96DVD50
  Twilight Series audiobook 2 - New Moon,    <-  Twilight Saga <- Meyer, Stephenie612.2814:51:41CBR96DVD50
  Twilight Series audiobook 3 - Eclipse,    <-  Twilight Saga <- Meyer, Stephenie677.0616:26:02CBR96DVD50
  Twilight Series audiobook 4 - Breaking Dawn,    <-  Twilight Saga <- Meyer, Stephenie427.9320:28:46ABR48DVD50
  Two Gentlemen of Verona,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama54.5901:59:13CBR64DVD33
  Two Noble Kinsman,   The <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama80.6602:56:12CBR64DVD33
  Ultimate Revolution - lecture at berkeley 1962,    <-  Aldous Huxley <- Lectures113.1701:22:25CBR191DVD57
  Understanding the Universe,    <-  Alex Filippenko <- Lectures317.1530:47:16CBR24DVD55
  Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes,    <-  Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC37.6502:44:24CBR32DVD14
  Uplift 01 Sundiver,    <-  Uplift <- Brin, David172.8812:35:01CBR32DVD91
  Uplift 02 Startide Rising,    <-  Uplift <- Brin, David239.8217:27:28CBR32DVD91
  Uplift 03 The Uplift War,    <-  Uplift <- Brin, David382.8627:52:14CBR32DVD91
  Uplift 04 Brightness Reef,    <-  Uplift <- Brin, David288.5521:00:28CBR32DVD91
  Uplift 05 Infinity's Shore,    <-  Uplift <- Brin, David303.2422:04:35CBR32DVD91
  Uplift 06 Heaven's Reach,    <-  Uplift <- Brin, David263.1219:09:24CBR32DVD91
  Vanity Fair,    <-  William Makepeace Thackeray <- Drama, BBC250.3704:33:25CBR128DVD34
  Visionary Experience - mit lecture 1961,    <-  Aldous Huxley <- Lectures41.1200:59:53CBR95DVD57
  Volume 1,    <-  Feynman Lectures on Physics <- Feynman, Richard1198.8643:35:47ABR64DVD39
  Volume 2,    <-  Feynman Lectures on Physics <- Feynman, Richard921.9834:04:59ABR63DVD39
  Volume 3,    <-  Feynman Lectures on Physics <- Feynman, Richard436.6717:42:55ABR57DVD39
  Voodoo Planet,    <-  Andre Norton <- Librivox76.1302:46:19CBR63DVD21
  Vostok,    <-  Bill Murphy <- Drama, BBC24.7400:27:01CBR128DVD26
  WE 1 - A Wizard of Earthsea,    <-  A Wizard of Earthsea <- LeGuin, Ursula K128.2906:13:21CBR48DVD32
  WE 2 - The Tombs of Atuan,    <-  A Wizard of Earthsea <- LeGuin, Ursula K121.8805:54:43CBR48DVD32
  WE 3 - The Farthest Shore,    <-  A Wizard of Earthsea <- LeGuin, Ursula K169.3308:12:42CBR48DVD32
  WE 4 - Tehanu,    <-  A Wizard of Earthsea <- LeGuin, Ursula K145.9107:04:50CBR48DVD32
  WE 5 - Tales from Earthsea,    <-  A Wizard of Earthsea <- LeGuin, Ursula K199.3409:40:32CBR48DVD32
  WE 6 - The Other Wind,    <-  A Wizard of Earthsea <- LeGuin, Ursula K161.4907:50:19CBR48DVD32
  Waiting for Godot,    <-  Samuel Beckett <- Drama, BBC101.5501:50:55CBR128DVD31
  Walk the Blue Fields,    <-  Claire Keegan <- Drama, BBC31.7601:09:23CBR64DVD22
  War and Peace,    <-  Leo Tolstoy <- Drama, BBC324.8909:27:49CBR79DVD4
  War of the Worlds,    <-  H G Wells <- Drama, BBC24.0701:00:05CBR55DVD2
  War of the Worlds,    <-  H G Wells <- Drama, BBC57.4402:47:21CBR47DVD7
  Waste Land,   The <-  T S Eliot <- Drama, BBC40.4400:44:09CBR128DVD64
  Waugh on Five Fronts,    <-  Evelin Waugh <- Readings, BBC33.0700:41:20ABR111DVD30
  Waugh on Five More Fronts,    <-  Evelin Waugh <- Readings, BBC19.7000:47:48ABR57DVD30
  Waves,   The <-  Virginia Woolf <- Drama, BBC103.7701:53:20CBR128DVD25
  We,    <-  Yevgeny Zamyatin <- Drama, BBC104.9901:54:41CBR127DVD59
  Wife of the Red-Headed Man,    <-  Zero Hour <- Drama31.9702:19:39CBR32DVD18
  Wind In The Willows,   The <-  Kenneth Grahame <- Drama, BBC16.2602:22:09CBR15DVD5
  Winnie The Pooh pieces ,    <-  A A Milne <- Drama, BBC16.1400:11:45CBR191DVD5
  Winter's Tale,    <-  William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC39.5602:52:46CBR32DVD9
  Winters Tale,    <-  The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare <- Drama39.5402:52:46CBR31DVD33
  Women in Love,    <-  D H Lawrence <- Drama, BBC208.9503:48:12CBR128DVD29
  World Philosophy Lecture,    <-  Kathleen Higgins <- Lectures333.8712:09:15CBR64DVD4
  Wrong Box,   The <-  Robert Louis Stevenson <- Drama, BBC53.1700:57:49CBR128DVD65
  Wuthering Heights,    <-  Emily Bronte <- Drama, BBC260.2204:44:12CBR128DVD31
  X Minus One,    <-  Old Time Radio <- Drama, BBC1302.0052:14:40CBR58DVD16
  Years Between,   The <-  Daphne du Maurier <- Drama, BBC81.6701:29:12CBR128DVD28
  Zero to infinity A history of numbers,    <-  TTC <- Lectures494.7211:59:50CBR96DVD67
 007 01 Casino Royale <- Fleming, Ian129.5204:42:54CBR64DVD29
 007 02 Live and Let Die <- Fleming, Ian183.4906:40:46CBR64DVD29
 007 03 Moonraker <- Fleming, Ian118.7306:54:56CBR40DVD29
 007 04 Diamonds Are Forever <- Fleming, Ian180.1006:33:20CBR64DVD29
 007 05 From Russia With Love <- Fleming, Ian136.7407:57:54CBR40DVD29
 007 06 Dr No <- Fleming, Ian201.0407:19:06CBR64DVD29
 007 07 Goldfinger <- Fleming, Ian146.4108:31:40CBR40DVD29
 007 08 For Your Eyes Only <- Fleming, Ian97.7805:41:44CBR40DVD29
 007 09 Thunderball <- Fleming, Ian130.5507:36:17CBR40DVD29
 007 10 The Spy Who Loved Me <- Fleming, Ian118.7404:19:21CBR64DVD29
 007 11 On Her Majestys Secret Service <- Fleming, Ian131.6307:40:03CBR40DVD29
 007 12 You Only Live Twice <- Fleming, Ian185.4306:45:02CBR64DVD29
 007 13 The Man With The Golden Gun <- Fleming, Ian77.6404:31:20CBR40DVD29
 007 14 Octopussy <- Fleming, Ian45.4302:38:47CBR40DVD29
 007 15 Colonel Sun <- Fleming, Ian123.1107:10:17CBR40DVD29
 100 Words to Make You Sound Smart <- The American Heritage Dictionary70.7906:12:32VBR26DVD47
 101 Ways To Promote Yourself <- Pinskey, Raleigh35.2803:25:28CBR24DVD17
 1975 - The Best of Frederik Pohl <- Pohl, Frederik494.1311:49:01CBR97DVD103
 1976 - Man Plus <- Pohl, Frederik366.7808:45:46CBR97DVD103
 1984 <- Orwell, George224.0809:34:29VBR54DVD1
 1984 <- Orwell, George391.0911:23:23CBR80DVD63
 1Q84 <- Murakami, Haruki1300.2346:47:41CBR64DVD66
 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea <- Verne, Jules160.2011:20:03CBR32DVD89
 2001 A Space Odyssey <- Clarke, Arthur C387.2107:02:56CBR128DVD103
 2001 A Space Odyssey <- Clarke, Arthur223.3503:52:26ABR134DVD15
 2005 - Platinum Pohl <- Pohl, Frederik802.5728:59:03CBR64DVD103
 2025 <- Drama, BBC104.9201:54:36CBR127DVD37
 22 Great Classic Stories-Unabridged <- Readings, BBC425.9807:44:25CBR128DVD43
 2BRO2B <- Vonnegut, Kurt22.1000:35:06VBR88DVD55
 3001 The Final Odyssey <- Clarke, Arthur C82.4704:00:13CBR47DVD7
 40 Year Twitch,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.5800:44:17CBR128DVD85
 43 Letters <- Drama, Bbc40.9800:44:44CBR128DVD85
 5 Christopher Lee Fireside Tales <- Stories, Short103.4901:15:22CBR191DVD65
 50 Philosophy Classics <- Butler-Bowdon, Tom349.7912:33:44CBR64DVD90
 50's Sex Education Records <- Drama, BBC4.2900:09:22CBR64DVD2
 8 <- Drama, LAT58.2302:07:03CBR64DVD78
 A A Milne <- Drama, BBC16.1400:11:45CBR191DVD5
 A Beautiful Mind <- Nasar, Sylvia248.3918:05:21CBR31DVD12
 A Bend in the River <- Naipaul, V S223.6510:49:17CBR48DVD132
 A Bobby'S Job <- Drama, Bbc40.5100:44:13CBR128DVD86
 A Brief History Of Time <- Hawking, Stephen38.5702:08:26VBR41DVD18
 A Camus <- Francaise172.7403:35:38CBR111DVD7
 A Canary for One <- Hemingway, Ernest22.2000:16:10CBR191DVD22
 A Change In The Willows <- Drama, Bbc52.3100:57:03CBR128DVD88
 A Christmas Carol <- Dickens, Charles97.8901:46:55CBR128DVD2
 A City Killing <- Drama, Bbc41.2700:45:02CBR128DVD85
 A Clockwork Orange <- Burgess, Anthony79.2905:46:24CBR32DVD15
 A Clockwork Orange cut <- Burgess, Anthony28.2101:01:37CBR64DVD15
 A Confirmed Bachelor <- Drama, BBC51.7100:56:27CBR128DVD60
 A Damsel in Distress <- Wodehouse, P G197.1607:10:40CBR64DVD49
 A Dance to the Music of Time <- Drama, BBC153.0105:15:37ABR67DVD25
 A Dance to the Music of Time <- Powell, Anthony1946.7683:28:41CBR54DVD133
 A Daughter of the Snows <- London, Jack232.1308:24:56CBR64DVD124
 A E Van Vogt <- Drama59.6502:10:18CBR64DVD12
 A Fairly Honourable Defeat <- Murdoch, Iris400.9914:17:39CBR65DVD135
 A Few Quick Ones <- Wodehouse, P G209.3506:02:49VBR80DVD50
 A Field of Hay <- Drama, BBC20.0100:43:42CBR64DVD23
 A Fire Upon the Deep <- Vinge, Vernor366.0223:45:10CBR35DVD89
 A Graveyard for Lunatics <- Bradbury, Ray234.1209:44:31CBR55DVD55
 A Handful of Dust <- Waugh, Evelyn368.0506:41:46CBR128DVD112
 A Happy Death <- Camus, Albert63.7302:39:02CBR56DVD103
 A Heritage of Stars <- Simak, Clifford208.5807:33:09CBR64DVD131
 A History of Britain <- Schama, Simon1568.6056:58:16ABR64DVD47
 A History of Britain-Abridged <- Schama, Simon81.9207:57:10CBR24DVD4
 A History of Western Philosophy <- Russell, Bertrand555.2934:09:08ABR37DVD44
 A J Cronin <- Drama, BBC376.4306:49:25CBR128DVD107
 A Killing <- Drama, Bbc41.2800:45:02CBR128DVD85
 A King'S Speech <- Drama, Bbc40.4500:44:09CBR128DVD85
 A Letter for Daphne <- Programs, BBC25.6800:28:03CBR127DVD77
 A Life on Our Planet <- Attenborough, David174.4106:20:59CBR64DVD93
 A Long Way Down <- Hornby, Nick490.4708:55:19CBR128DVD66
 A Man Without A Country <- Vonnegut, Kurt33.4602:25:57CBR32DVD55
 A Many Splendoured Thing <- Drama, BBC50.8900:55:35CBR127DVD65
 A Monstrous Vitality <- Drama, Bbc40.8400:44:34CBR128DVD85
 A Most Dangerous Animal <- Drama, BBC9.9200:43:21CBR32DVD1
 A Most Elegant Equation <- Stipp, David138.9305:02:46CBR64DVD97
 A Moveable Feast <- Hemingway, Ernest431.8405:14:29CBR191DVD35
 A Murder Is Announced <- Christie, Agatha214.5607:48:09CBR64DVD65
 A Nursery Tale <- Drama, Bbc40.5700:44:17CBR128DVD85
 A Perfect Spy <- Carre, John Le237.9205:46:32CBR95DVD53
 A Pin to See the Peep Show <- Drama, BBC31.2301:08:14CBR63DVD23
 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man <- Joyce, James25.9903:47:09CBR15DVD5
 A Prayer for Owen Meany <- Irving, John1478.5926:55:01CBR128DVD114
 A Problem With Noise <- Programs, BBC30.4200:27:50VBR152DVD40
 A Question Of Royalty <- Drama, Bbc40.4200:44:06CBR128DVD86
 A Rogue's Life <- Collins, Wilkie218.4505:18:05CBR96DVD61
 A S Byatt <- Readings, BBC78.6001:25:50ABR128DVD28
 A Scattering <- Drama, Bbc40.3600:44:04CBR128DVD85
 A Severed Head <- Murdoch, Iris150.9607:19:20CBR48DVD71
 A Shoebox Of Snow <- Drama, Bbc40.5200:44:14CBR128DVD88
 A Short History of Ireland <- Programs, BBC650.5619:53:47ABR76DVD39
 A Short History of Longing <- Drama, BBC31.5701:08:58CBR63DVD22
 A Sleepwalk On The Severn <- Drama, Bbc40.3300:44:01CBR128DVD85
 A Son of the Sun <- London, Jack151.9905:31:59CBR64DVD124
 A Song of Ice and Fire <- Martin, George2483.23196:26:23CBR29DVD81
 A Spell for Chameleon <- Anthony, Piers132.5112:51:48CBR24DVD8
 A Spy Among Friends Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal <- Macintyre, Ben303.0811:00:56CBR64DVD78
 A Study in Scarlet <- Doyle, Arthur Conan37.1303:36:17CBR23DVD3
 A Terrible Beauty <- Drama, Bbc40.5700:44:16CBR128DVD86
 A Time Odyssey <- Baxter, Stephen702.4133:51:52ABR48DVD55
 A Time To Die <- Moore, Robert276.5410:03:28CBR64DVD88
 A Town Like Alice <- Shute, Nevil171.1212:25:27CBR32DVD69
 A Vital Flaw <- Drama, BBC83.1201:29:20VBR130DVD40
 A Walk in the Woods <- Bryson, Bill535.0809:44:23CBR128DVD42
 A Walk to Remember <- Sparks, Nicholas68.3504:36:41CBR34DVD12
 A Whistling Woman <- Byatt, A S577.2220:59:28CBR64DVD116
 A Wizard of Earthsea <- LeGuin, Ursula K178.5506:30:04CBR63DVD18
 A Wizard of Earthsea <- LeGuin, Ursula K926.2544:56:27ABR48DVD32
 A Word Child <- Murdoch, Iris441.8316:00:06CBR64DVD135
 A9 <- Drama, Bbc40.4600:44:09CBR128DVD86
 ABC of Relativity <- Russell, Bertrand34.6103:20:35CBR24DVD97
 ACD 1 A Study in Scarlet <- Doyle, Arthur Conan44.2204:17:33CBR24DVD19
 ACD 2 The Sign of Four <- Doyle, Arthur Conan43.3504:12:27CBR24DVD19
 ACD 3 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes <- Doyle, Arthur Conan105.3210:13:22CBR24DVD19
 ACD 4 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes <- Doyle, Arthur Conan81.9907:57:30CBR24DVD19
 ACD 5 The Return of Sherlock Holmes <- Doyle, Arthur Conan107.3110:24:58CBR24DVD19
 ACD 6 The Hound of the Baskervilles <- Doyle, Arthur Conan56.5905:29:36CBR24DVD19
 ACD 7 The Valley of Fear <- Doyle, Arthur Conan56.4205:28:35CBR24DVD19
 ACD 8 His Last Bow <- Doyle, Arthur Conan66.2806:25:58CBR24DVD19
 ACD 9 The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes <- Doyle, Arthur Conan81.1607:52:39CBR24DVD19
 Abduction <- Cook, Robin112.2110:53:36CBR24DVD12
 About A Boy <- Hornby, Nick63.4902:34:34ABR57DVD38
 Absalom Absalom <- Faulkner, William173.0412:35:35CBR32DVD54
 Absolute Friends <- Carre, John Le380.6113:51:22CBR64DVD52
 Acting Strangely <- Jarvis, Martin426.9407:46:19CBR128DVD121
 Acting With An Accent-Standard British <- Courses, English28.8901:03:06CBR64DVD5
 Acting with an Accent <- Stern, Alan139.3105:04:17CBR64DVD14
 Ada's Algorithm <- Essinger, James185.6806:42:25CBR64DVD136
 Ada, or ardor <- Nabokov, Vladimir1144.1020:48:36CBR128DVD75
 Adam Bede <- Eliot, George568.3520:40:45CBR64DVD105
 Admirable Chrichton,  The <- Drama, Bbc52.7000:57:30CBR128DVD86
 Adrian Mole Collection <- Townsend, Sue108.2907:48:41ABR32DVD64
 Adv Stories <- Courses, English149.2402:43:01CBR127DVD9
 Advanced English <- Courses, English54.6802:16:32CBR55DVD1
 Adventure <- London, Jack264.3007:38:20CBR80DVD124
 Adventure of English The Biography of a Language,  The <- Bragg, Melvyn660.0112:00:03CBR128DVD29
 Adventure of the Western Star,  The <- Christie, Agatha7.7300:45:03CBR23DVD5
 Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn <- Twain, Mark121.1111:45:36CBR23DVD4
 Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn,  The <- Twain, Mark322.7511:45:04CBR64DVD17
 Adventures in Science <- Programs, BBC62.5302:01:18ABR72DVD25
 Adventures of Time Traveler,  The <- Zing, EarWorm71.1001:17:40CBR127DVD17
 Adventures of Tom Sawyer <- Twain, Mark62.3802:16:16CBR64DVD4
 Affinity <- Waters, Sarah415.0015:05:53CBR64DVD119
 Afghan And The Penguin,  The <- Drama, Bbc80.8501:28:14CBR128DVD85
 Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC154.1208:54:56CBR40DVD12
 Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC19.3801:24:41CBR32DVD11
 Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC20.1401:27:59CBR32DVD5
 Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC22.2702:09:46CBR23DVD8
 Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC476.4222:06:19CBR50DVD9
 Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC65.9402:24:00ABR64DVD24
 Agatha Christie <- Drama, BBC97.8704:23:39CBR51DVD1
 Agatha Christie <- Stories, Short4.8700:28:22CBR23DVD1
 Age of Turbulence,  The <- Greenspan, Alan412.1120:00:31CBR47DVD33
 Ah King <- Maugham, W Somerset383.4909:18:31CBR95DVD127
 Airframe <- Crichton, Michael76.4111:07:44CBR15DVD2
 Alan Howard Reads <- Drama, BBC31.3101:08:24CBR64DVD22
 Alan Marshall <- Drama, BBC74.2702:40:18CBR64DVD107
 Albert Einstein <- Librivox100.4703:39:30CBR63DVD21
 Alchemist,  The <- Coelho, Paulo70.4202:55:48CBR56DVD18
 Aldous Huxley <- Drama, BBC27.5602:00:20CBR32DVD14
 Aldous Huxley <- Lectures360.3307:15:20ABR115DVD57
 Alex Filippenko <- Lectures317.1530:47:16ABR24DVD55
 Alex Rider 01 - Stormbreaker <- Horowitz, Anthony67.4604:54:45CBR32DVD128
 Alex Rider 02 - Point Blanc <- Horowitz, Anthony78.9105:44:45CBR31DVD128
 Alexander <- Drama, BBC155.3905:39:25CBR64DVD30
 Alexander Pushkin <- Shakir, Jamel4.8500:05:14CBR129DVD15
 Alexandre Dumas <- Drama, BBC134.2306:31:01CBR47DVD8
 Alexandre Dumas <- Francaise123.7702:15:09CBR128DVD7
 Algebraist,  The <- Banks, Iain M720.9624:10:17ABR69DVD51
 Alias Grace <- Atwood, Margaret327.9713:38:49CBR55DVD87
 Alice In Wonderland <- Carroll, Lewis72.0402:37:20CBR64DVD3
 Alice in Wonderland <- Carroll, Lewis22.5902:11:38CBR23DVD9
 Aliens From Cyberspace <- Drama, BBC25.9200:56:37CBR63DVD22
 All About Jeeves <- Wodehouse, P G21.2002:03:29CBR23DVD1
 All Flesh Is Grass <- Simak, Clifford244.6608:52:51CBR64DVD131
 All Gold Canyon Love of Life <- London, Jack17.7101:43:13CBR23DVD2
 All Passion Spent <- Sackville-West, Vita145.4106:29:16CBR52DVD95
 All Quiet on the Western Front <- Remarque, Erich Maria192.0206:59:27CBR64DVD7
 All The Time In The World <- Clarke, Arthur C25.5100:27:52CBR127DVD79
 All the King's Men <- Warren, Robert864.8820:58:29CBR96DVD80
 Altered Carbon <- Morgan, Richard237.8717:12:57CBR32DVD89
 Always Coming Home <- LeGuin, Ursula K55.1400:40:09CBR192DVD61
 Am I Normal <- Programs, BBC12.3900:27:04CBR63DVD22
 Amadeus <- Drama, BBC125.0802:16:37CBR128DVD28
 Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay,  The <- Chabon, Michael714.0025:59:48CBR63DVD135
 American Ghosts & Old World Wonders <- Carter, Angela144.1304:09:47VBR80DVD117
 American Gods <- Gaiman, Neil401.1719:28:30CBR47DVD8
 American Mosaic <- Radio Voice of America271.3514:48:40CBR42DVD11
 American Schools Celebrate International Education Week <- Courses, English1.8100:03:57CBR63DVD16
 Amsterdam <- McEwan, Ian129.8404:42:54CBR64DVD45
 An Artist of the Floating World <- Ishiguro, Kazuo175.4006:23:09CBR64DVD111
 An Experiment in Love <- Mantel, Hilary205.3407:28:34CBR64DVD120
 An Official Position <- Maugham, W Somerset24.7301:01:44CBR56DVD43
 An Old Captivity <- Shute, Nevil276.0110:00:03CBR64DVD94
 An Utterly Impartial History of Britain <- Readings, BBC30.7901:07:16CBR63DVD23
 Anansi Boys <- Drama, BBC26.3100:57:28CBR64DVD23
 Anarchistic Colossus,  The <- VanVogt, A E133.0306:22:00CBR48DVD97
 Ancient Technology <- Bell, Art47.1001:42:53CBR64DVD8
 Andre Norton <- Librivox270.6909:51:21CBR63DVD21
 Andre Norton <- Librivox286.8210:26:21ABR64DVD36
 Angel Catbird <- Atwood, Margaret77.2502:48:44CBR64DVD87
 Angela Carter BBC Radio Drama Collection,  The <- Drama, BBC545.7709:40:16M4B90DVD117
 Angels & Insects <- Byatt, A S193.1211:12:23CBR40DVD116
 Angliisky za rulem <- Courses, English122.0504:26:39CBR63DVD16
 Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging <- Rennison, Louise138.1905:01:33CBR64DVD126
 Animal Farm <- Orwell, George78.9603:07:56ABR58DVD29
 Animal Farm <- Orwell, George86.0303:07:56CBR64DVD2
 Ann Radcliffe <- Drama, BBC106.6001:56:26ABR128DVD60
 Annals of the Western Shore Book 1 - Gifts <- LeGuin, Ursula K167.7906:06:18CBR64DVD73
 Annapurna <- Drama, BBC19.7600:43:10CBR63DVD23
 Anne of Green Gables <- Montgomery, Lucy31.6603:04:26CBR23DVD3
 Anonymous <- Librivox3.8500:08:25CBR63DVD21
 Anonymous Rex <- Garcia, Eric61.3905:57:32CBR24DVD17
 Another Fine Myth <- Asprin, Robert154.8105:38:08CBR64DVD13
 Anti-Death League,  The <- Amis, Kingsley286.0810:24:12CBR64DVD115
 Antoine de Saint-Exupery <- Francaise100.6001:32:40CBR127DVD27
 Anton Checkhov <- Drama, BBC15.1700:44:10CBR48DVD12
 Antonin Artaud <- Francaise5.5000:04:00CBR192DVD7
 Apple Tree,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.6300:44:21CBR128DVD85
 Arabian Afternoons <- Drama, Bbc120.9002:11:57CBR128DVD86
 Arnold Bennett <- Drama, BBC103.7801:53:21ABR128DVD61
 Aromatherapy <- Drama, Bbc40.0600:43:44CBR128DVD86
 Around the World in 80 Days <- Palin, Michael155.8307:33:53CBR48DVD14
 Around the World in 80 days <- Verne, Jules174.3408:27:49CBR47DVD11
 Arsonist,  The <- Miller, Sue319.1911:37:11CBR64DVD75
 Art of Being,  The <- Fromm, Erich70.0004:43:00CBR32DVD40
 Art of Loving,  The <- Fromm, Erich40.7902:58:11CBR32DVD103
 Art of War,  The <- Tzu, Sun42.0902:27:06CBR40DVD12
 Arthur <- Drama, BBC112.7800:43:50CBR359DVD29
 Arthur C Clarke <- Drama, BBC278.5203:22:13CBR191DVD79
 Arthur C Clarke <- Programs, BBC12.7300:27:49CBR63DVD22
 Arthur C Clarke <- Readings, BBC27.1800:29:41ABR128DVD63
 Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC37.6502:44:24CBR32DVD14
 Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC449.1622:37:02CBR46DVD7
 Arthur Conan Doyle <- Drama, BBC6.8400:29:54CBR31DVD1
 Arthur Conan Doyle <- Stories, Short41.9200:45:47CBR128DVD35
 Arthur Conan Doyle <- Stories, Short6.0100:35:02CBR24DVD1
 Arthur Schnitzler <- Readings, BBC205.0003:43:50ABR128DVD25
 Arthur and George <- Barnes, Julian234.9217:06:23CBR31DVD132
 Arthurian Saga,  The <- Stewart, Mary2737.0766:26:06ABR96DVD51
 Ashenden or the British Agent <- Maugham, W Somerset382.8109:17:28CBR96DVD68
 Asian Saga Book 1 Shogun,  The <- Clavell, James1330.3248:26:09CBR63DVD126
 Aspern Papers <- James, Henry103.7303:46:34CBR64DVD105
 Assorted Stories <- Francis, Dick44.4901:51:04CBR56DVD3
 At the Mountains of Madness abrd <- Lovecraft, H P164.8003:00:00CBR128DVD69
 Athabasca <- Maclean, Alistair141.9306:53:23CBR48DVD8
 Atlantis The Lost Continent <- International, Radio Canada50.1703:39:12CBR31DVD7
 Atlas Shrugged <- Rand, Ayn2287.5755:31:30CBR96DVD59
 Atonement <- McEwan, Ian320.9005:50:52VBR127DVD25
 Atonement <- McEwan, Ian343.2912:28:54CBR64DVD69
 August Strindberg <- Drama, BBC249.7705:39:31ABR102DVD50
 Aunts Aren't Gentlemen <- Wodehouse, P G108.8102:38:26CBR96DVD49
 BBC Chillers <- Drama, BBC33.5701:23:50CBR55DVD7
 BBC Classics Ultimate Story Collection 90 Unmissable Tales <- Stories, Short722.8226:05:27CBR64DVD104
 BBC Ghost <- Drama, BBC147.9508:23:04CBR41DVD7
 BBC Ghost Stories <- Drama, BBC89.3104:20:10CBR47DVD4
 BBC Programs <- Drama, BBC177.2914:39:02CBR28DVD9
 BBC Radio 5 Documentary <- Programs, BBC16.1401:10:30CBR32DVD5
 BBC SF <- Drama, BBC582.3328:22:24CBR47DVD5
 BBC Short Trips <- Drama, BBC76.5302:47:10CBR64DVD7
 BBC Spine Chillers <- Drama, BBC60.3102:11:45CBR63DVD5
 BBC WWII Records <- Radio, BBC40.1802:54:44CBR32DVD14
 BBC lessons <- Courses, English380.5906:49:50CBR128DVD16
 BFG,  The <- Dahl, Roald76.9603:44:06CBR48DVD14
 Bad English <- Shea, Ammon201.6107:15:59CBR64DVD78
 Bad Faith S2e1 Unoriginal Sin <- Drama, Bbc40.7000:44:26CBR128DVD88
 Bad Memories <- Drama, Bbc51.6200:56:21CBR128DVD86
 Bad Men <- Connolly, John174.7112:43:19CBR31DVD10
 Bad Place Alt Vers,  The <- Koontz, Dean837.2815:14:32CBR128DVD110
 Bad Place,  The <- Koontz, Dean417.4915:10:18CBR64DVD110
 Bail-Out,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.7200:44:26CBR128DVD85
 Bataard <- London, Jack5.7900:33:46CBR23DVD3
 Battle of Britain Five Months That Changed History,  The <- Holland, James732.6826:40:26CBR64DVD84
 Battlefield Ukraine <- Rosone, James153.2010:31:07M4B64DVD94
 Beach,  The <- Garland, Alex154.5911:15:18CBR32DVD64
 Bearing an Hourglass <- Anthony, Piers187.3813:38:42CBR31DVD10
 Beast at Bay <- Drama, BBC26.3400:57:33CBR64DVD23
 Beastly Bones <- Ritter, William97.4404:03:09CBR56DVD95
 Beatles Story,  The <- Special, BBC Radio589.3810:43:32CBR128DVD56
 Beautiful and Damned,  The <- Fitzgerald, F Scott359.1913:03:12CBR64DVD73
 Beauty and Sadness <- Kawabata, Yasunari143.6305:13:00CBR64DVD90
 Because We Say So <- Chomsky, Noam148.5405:24:27CBR64DVD93
 Beginning Of Infinity,  The <- Deutsch, David549.6020:00:28CBR64DVD109
 Beginning Place,  The <- LeGuin, Ursula K96.9907:03:46CBR31DVD18
 Being Dead <- Crace, Jim184.0006:46:46M4B65DVD120
 Beirut Days <- Drama, Bbc40.9800:44:43CBR128DVD85
 Believe Me <- Drama, Bbc41.2500:45:02CBR128DVD85
 Bell,  The <- Murdoch, Iris339.8112:22:06CBR64DVD29
 Belle Amie <- Drama, Bbc52.2700:57:03CBR128DVD86
 Belongings <- Drama, BBC19.9900:43:41CBR63DVD22
 Beowulf <- Beowulf30.5002:13:16CBR31DVD3
 Best Destiny <- Trek, Star78.1902:52:55VBR63DVD8
 Best Interests <- Drama, Bbc40.4900:44:11CBR128DVD86
 Best SF Stories Of Brian Aldiss <- Aldiss, Brian629.0007:50:00CBR96DVD121
 Better Half,  The <- Drama, Bbc25.9500:28:19CBR128DVD85
 Between Planets <- Heinlein, Robert143.8306:59:01CBR47DVD126
 Beyond Armageddon <- Stories, SF433.9215:34:33CBR64DVD118
 Beyond Coincidence <- Programs, BBC16.0901:10:16CBR32DVD10
 Beyond Good and Evil <- Nietzsche, Friedrich171.3808:18:47CBR48DVD73
 Beyond Our Ken <- Drama, BBC27.2100:59:26CBR64DVD25
 Beyond the Black Stump <- Shute, Nevil257.3409:22:07CBR64DVD95
 Big Broadcast,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.6700:44:23CBR128DVD85
 Big Chill,  The <- Readings, BBC31.6601:09:10CBR64DVD23
 Big Front Yard And Other Stories,  The <- Simak, Clifford592.0410:46:41CBR127DVD131
 Big Short,  The <- Lewis, Michael200.6909:28:10VBR49DVD64
 Bill Murphy <- Drama, BBC24.7400:27:01ABR128DVD26
 Bill Nye <- LibriVox79.9602:54:35ABR64DVD24
 Biology <- Littell, McDougal660.7938:29:20CBR40DVD44
 Birds,  The <- Drama, BBC25.5600:55:50CBR64DVD22
 Birdsong <- Faulks, Sebastian425.3115:16:49CBR64DVD80
 Bitcoin Standard,  The <- Ammous, Saifedean309.8811:16:54CBR64DVD115
 Black Arrow,  The <- Stevenson, Robert Louis217.5707:55:13CBR64DVD118
 Black Butterfly <- Readings, BBC159.7702:19:29CBR160DVD63
 Black Cat <- Poe, Edgar Allan2.4600:21:29CBR16DVD2
 Black Cat <- Poe, Edgar Allen3.5700:20:48CBR23DVD11
 Black Dogs <- McEwan, Ian173.7805:02:55CBR80DVD30
 Black Hole War,  The <- Susskind, Leonard455.3012:49:13VBR82DVD65
 Black Holes <- Hawking, Stephen33.7300:36:50CBR128DVD19
 Black Mischief <- Waugh, Evelyn236.6506:47:19CBR81DVD112
 Black Out <- Drama, BBC20.0200:43:44CBR64DVD23
 Black Prince,  The <- Murdoch, Iris496.6818:02:06CBR64DVD135
 Black Roses - Killing Of Sophie Lancaster <- Drama, Bbc40.3300:44:01CBR128DVD86
 Black Venus <- Carter, Angela110.7504:01:13CBR64DVD117
 Blair Mole Project <- Townsend, Sue10.0500:43:53CBR32DVD64
 Blake's 7 <- Drama, BBC79.5402:14:22ABR82DVD24
 Blind Assassin,  The <- Atwood, Margaret472.9517:11:38CBR64DVD45
 Blindsight <- Watts, Peter321.0011:47:46M4B62DVD120
 Blithe Spirit <- Drama, BBC119.4001:26:54CBR192DVD35
 Blithe Spirit <- Drama, LAT48.0501:44:52CBR64DVD78
 Bloody Chamber,  The <- Carter, Angela193.8507:02:17CBR64DVD101
 Blue Room,  The <- Drama, BBC19.6200:42:52CBR63DVD23
 Blue Sky Thinking <- Drama, Bbc41.2500:45:01CBR128DVD85
 Bluebeard <- Vonnegut, Kurt194.2907:04:23CBR64DVD38
 Blueprint How DNA Makes Us Who We Are <- Plomin, Robert230.7308:22:37CBR64DVD128
 Boarding House,  The <- Joyce, James112.9100:22:23CBR705DVD45
 Body Snatcher <- Stevenson, Robert Louis6.8400:59:45CBR15DVD22
 Body on the Beach,  The <- Brett, Simon123.5502:14:56CBR128DVD67
 Bohemia Scandal <- Doyle, Arthur Conan5.2100:45:34CBR15DVD9
 Bookshop,  The <- Fitzgerald, Penelope106.9703:53:40CBR64DVD92
 Borderlands of Science,  The <- Shermer, Michael182.4113:16:42CBR32DVD102
 Boscobel <- Drama, BBC78.2900:56:58CBR192DVD35
 Bottle Factory Outing,  The <- Drama, Bbc52.5300:57:20CBR128DVD88
 Bourne Identity,  The <- Ludlum, Robert514.8318:44:42CBR63DVD8
 Box Of Delights <- Drama, BBC120.0602:54:50CBR96DVD3
 Brain of Britain <- Programs, BBC11.8600:25:55CBR63DVD22
 Brain that changes itself <- Doidge, Norman951.2311:32:28CBR192DVD44
 Bram Stoker <- Drama, BBC58.9603:26:06CBR39DVD2
 Brazil <- Palin, Michael1117.4210:07:41CBR257DVD99
 Brazilian Cat,  The <- Doyle, Arthur Conan20.6601:00:11CBR47DVD11
 Breakfast at Tiffany's <- Capote, Truman58.8604:16:56CBR32DVD35
 Breakheart Pass <- MacLean, Alistair156.7205:42:24CBR63DVD53
 Breaking Wave,  The <- Shute, Nevil245.3408:55:59CBR63DVD123
 Brian Aldiss <- Readings, BBC13.1000:28:37ABR64DVD24
 Brideshead Revisited <- Waugh, Evelyn276.1711:29:37CBR55DVD57
 Bridget Jones's - The Edge Of Reason <- Fielding, Helen89.0303:14:29CBR64DVD12
 Bridget Jones's Diary <- Fielding, Helen67.1503:15:36CBR47DVD12
 Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Beyond <- Yeager, Ashley Jean237.1908:03:10M4B159DVD115
 Bright Young Things <- Readings, BBC47.3800:41:19CBR160DVD63
 Bring Up the Bodies <- Mantel, Hilary380.9914:36:08VBR60DVD111
 Broken Harbor <- French, Tana272.8519:52:01CBR32DVD74
 Brothers Grimm Fairy Stories,  The <- Grimm, The brothers177.8806:28:20CBR64DVD42
 Brothers Karamazov <- Dostoevsky, Fyodor827.8560:15:45CBR32DVD37
 Brown Hand <- Doyle, Arthur Conan13.9100:40:32CBR47DVD11
 Browning Version,  The <- Drama, Bbc79.9501:27:18CBR128DVD86
 Buffering <- Hart, Hannah162.8306:46:31CBR56DVD80
 Bullitt <- Drama, Bbc52.3300:57:08CBR128DVD86
 Burned To Nothing <- Drama, Bbc40.1200:43:48CBR128DVD85
 Burning Bright <- Readings, BBC62.8002:17:12CBR63DVD23
 Burning Daylight <- London, Jack355.1412:54:27CBR64DVD124
 Burning Times,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.6800:44:24CBR128DVD85
 Burning Your Boats <- Carter, Angela885.8021:16:58CBR96DVD117
 But If You Try Sometimes <- Drama, Bbc40.6600:44:23CBR128DVD85
 C P Snow <- Drama, BBC520.3909:28:23ABR128DVD63
 C S Lewis <- Drama109.7607:59:26ABR32DVD15
 CBS Radio Mystery Theatre <- Drama, BBC21.5101:33:58CBR32DVD7
 CBSRMT 820226-TheBloodRedInk <- Drama, BBC9.7300:42:30CBR32DVD7
 COVID-19 <- MacKenzie, Debora263.9309:36:30CBR64DVD94
 Cabbages and Kings <- Henry, O444.2908:05:16CBR128DVD56
 Caesar <- Drama, BBC155.7504:13:32ABR85DVD30
 Cakes and Ale <- Maugham, W Somerset366.8306:38:05CBR128DVD127
 Cakes and Ale <- Maugham, W Somerset89.6606:31:40CBR32DVD65
 Call for the Dead <- Carre, John Le214.4505:12:16CBR96DVD52
 Call of the Wild,  The <- London, Jack20.0902:55:34CBR15DVD2
 Cambridge Lectures <- Hawking, Stephen66.2402:24:41CBR64DVD21
 Can You Feel Anything When I Do This <- Sheckley, Robert126.0805:14:47CBR55DVD73
 Can You Hear Me <- Drama, Bbc40.5500:44:15CBR128DVD86
 Cannery Row <- Steinbeck, John161.9905:53:49CBR64DVD47
 Canopus in Argos Archives <- Lessing, Doris1313.1854:38:53ABR55DVD64
 Canterbury Tales,  The <- Chaucer, Geoffrey92.2503:21:18CBR64DVD28
 Canterville Ghost,  The <- Wilde, Oscar276.4703:21:19CBR192DVD17
 Captain Blood <- Sabatini, Rafael446.1710:49:44CBR96DVD35
 Captain Corelli's Mandolin <- Drama, BBC80.3302:55:29CBR64DVD22
 Captain Scott <- Fiennes, Ranulph131.2706:22:19CBR48DVD31
 Care <- Drama, Bbc40.5300:44:15CBR128DVD85
 Carl Gustav Jung <- Lectures497.3109:00:55CBR128DVD68
 Carrie <- King, Stephen205.0107:27:05CBR64DVD42
 Cartesian Sonata and Other Novellas <- Gass, William H406.4709:51:26CBR96DVD129
 Case Histories <- Atkinson, Kate588.0010:42:15CBR128DVD111
 Cask Of Amontillado <- Poe, Edgar Allen6.4900:18:55CBR47DVD11
 Cassandra Compact,  The <- Ludlum, Robert257.1209:21:37CBR64DVD43
 Castle,  The <- Kafka, Franz294.5010:43:24CBR63DVD54
 Casuarina Tree,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset315.3707:38:35CBR96DVD127
 Cat in the Rain <- Hemingway, Ernest15.2400:11:06CBR191DVD22
 Cat's Cradle <- Vonnegut, Kurt209.6803:32:24ABR138DVD38
 Cat,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.7800:44:31CBR128DVD86
 Catalina <- Maugham, W Somerset472.9508:32:33CBR129DVD90
 Catch-22 <- Heller, Joseph374.3316:51:35VBR51DVD40
 Catcher in the Rye <- Salinger, J D95.1506:55:42CBR32DVD18
 Catriona <- Stevenson, R L299.1810:53:31CBR64DVD105
 Cause Celebre <- Drama, Bbc107.2701:57:09CBR128DVD86
 Cavity <- Drama, Bbc41.0100:44:46CBR128DVD85
 Cell <- King, Stephen339.1812:20:59CBR63DVD53
 Cement Garden,  The <- McEwan, Ian133.3704:51:21CBR64DVD113
 Charity <- Drama, Bbc40.6500:44:22CBR128DVD85
 Charity Girl <- Heyer, Georgette124.2509:02:45CBR32DVD34
 Charles Baudelaire <- Francaise49.8400:36:15CBR192DVD7
 Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC186.5204:40:48ABR92DVD59
 Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC243.3918:00:02CBR31DVD3
 Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC498.9911:32:33ABR100DVD31
 Charles Dickens <- Drama, BBC520.9109:28:59CBR127DVD5
 Charles Dickens BBC Radio Drama Collection The Later Years,  The <- Drama, BBC1100.9236:40:21M4B32DVD104
 Charles Perrault <- Francaise69.9602:32:51CBR63DVD20
 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory <- Dahl, Roald91.1403:18:52CBR64DVD33
 Charlotte Gray <- Faulks, Sebastian345.9016:41:37CBR48DVD80
 Chase <- Koontz, Dean56.9305:31:38CBR24DVD3
 Cheltenham Festival Stories <- Drama, BBC30.9601:07:39CBR63DVD22
 Cheri <- Drama, BBC31.3200:58:07ABR75DVD24
 Chess Girls,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.5400:44:15CBR128DVD85
 Child in Time,  The <- McEwan, Ian300.5616:09:38VBR43DVD30
 Childe Harold's Pilgrimage <- Byron, Geogre Gordon137.0004:55:00M4B64DVD136
 Childhood's End <- Clarke, Arthur210.9107:40:42CBR64DVD55
 Children Act,  The <- McEwan, Ian170.8706:13:14CBR64DVD113
 Children of the Frost,  The <- London, Jack209.1106:04:56CBR80DVD124
 Children's Book,  The <- Byatt, A S831.9830:17:21CBR64DVD116
 Chips With Everything <- Programs, BBC31.9000:27:52CBR160DVD39
 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang <- Fleming, Ian31.9102:19:26CBR32DVD38
 Chocky <- Drama, BBC40.2001:27:49CBR64DVD25
 Chocky <- Wyndham, John97.7804:16:35VBR53DVD120
 Chocky var1 <- Wyndham, John265.0004:52:46M4B65DVD120
 Chocolat <- Harris, Joanne93.9203:24:49CBR64DVD38
 Choke <- Palahniuk, Chuck123.9807:12:16CBR40DVD36
 Christmas Ghost Stories <- Dickens, Charles207.0210:03:02CBR47DVD18
 Christopher Marlowe <- Drama, BBC89.5001:37:45ABR128DVD28
 Christopher Marlowe Mysteries,  The <- Drama, BBC105.3901:55:05CBR128DVD41
 Chronicles of Narnia <- Lewis, C S1164.7533:55:15CBR80DVD122
 Chrysalids,  The <- Wyndham, John390.4906:58:09M4B65DVD107
 Ciao Bella <- Drama, Bbc42.1600:46:01CBR128DVD85
 Cider House Rules,  The <- Irving, John756.3324:07:26VBR73DVD76
 Cipher,  The <- Drama, BBC278.0905:03:44CBR128DVD93
 Citizen of the Galaxy <- Heinlein, Robert246.3108:57:44CBR64DVD43
 City <- Simak, Clifford234.5309:45:37CBR55DVD131
 City and the Stars and The Sands of Mars,  The <- Clarke, Arthur475.2917:18:14CBR64DVD55
 Civil War Vol. I <- Miles, Nelson A58.7405:42:08CBR24DVD17
 Civil War-Firsthand Look <- Miles, Nelson A9.5600:55:40CBR24DVD17
 Civil War-Voices from the Front <- Miles, Nelson A23.6302:17:37CBR24DVD17
 Claire Keegan <- Drama, BBC31.7601:09:23CBR64DVD22
 Clash of Civilizations,  The <- Huntington, Samuel P221.8916:09:22CBR32DVD136
 Classic Ghost Stories <- Stories, Ghost13.6700:29:51CBR64DVD5
 Classic Novels Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature <- Lectures, TTC762.4818:30:09CBR96DVD28
 Classic spy stories of espionage <- Readings, BBC31.9000:56:45ABR78DVD28
 Classical Music 101 <- Plotkin, Fred567.0019:28:00M4B64DVD136
 Classical Mythology <- Lectures344.4812:32:34CBR63DVD10
 Classics of British Literature <- Lectures, TTC735.5224:17:51VBR70DVD28
 Clicking of Cuthbert,  The <- Wodehouse, P G350.0706:22:19CBR128DVD49
 Clive Barker <- Drama43.2103:08:47CBR31DVD12
 Closed Door,  The <- Readings, BBC31.5401:08:53CBR64DVD23
 Closed Planet <- Drama, BBC23.0500:57:32CBR56DVD67
 Cloud Atlas <- Mitchell, David602.8007:19:01CBR191DVD67
 Cnet <- Podcasts12.9000:28:10CBR64DVD22
 Cockroach,  The <- McEwan, Ian61.3202:13:50CBR64DVD113
 Cocktail Time <- Wodehouse, P G338.5406:08:51CBR128DVD49
 Code To Zero <- Follett, Ken170.9708:16:15CBR48DVD5
 Cold Fire <- Koontz, Dean349.9814:33:27CBR56DVD110
 Collapse <- Diamond, Jared523.7709:31:48VBR128DVD61
 Collected Short Stories V1 <- Maugham, W Somerset239.3609:33:19ABR58DVD25
 Collected Stories <- Bellow, Saul660.0024:00:00M4B56DVD99
 Collected Stories <- Faulkner, William670.9631:14:01ABR50DVD54
 Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke <- Clarke, Arthur C1576.6550:03:45CBR73DVD79
 Collection <- Poe, Edgar Allen79.0601:26:21CBR128DVD3
 Collector,  The <- Fowles, John245.0708:55:13CBR64DVD47
 Colonel Sun <- Amis, Kingsley123.2907:10:18CBR40DVD115
 Colours of Steam <- Drama, BBC50.1800:43:49CBR160DVD60
 Comedy Album Heroes <- Drama, BBC64.7501:53:07CBR80DVD1
 Comfort of Strangers,  The <- McEwan, Ian114.3304:09:35CBR64DVD113
 Coming Home <- Pilcher, Rosamunde467.3433:58:41CBR32DVD101
 Committed Writings <- Camus, Albert204.0407:25:41CBR64DVD103
 Complete Arkangel Shakespeare,  The <- Drama2637.72101:44:51CBR60DVD33
 Complete Patrick Melrose Novels,  The <- Aubyn, Edward St742.0227:00:46CBR64DVD120
 Complete Rama Series <- Clarke, Arthur C1868.2058:54:40CBR73DVD79
 Complete Ripley,  The <- Drama, BBC195.0004:43:57CBR96DVD43
 Complete Robot,  The <- Asimov, Isaac987.1523:57:02CBR96DVD26
 Complete Short Stories <- Greene, Graham553.9320:09:59CBR64DVD26
 Complete Short Stories vol 1 by D H Lawrence,  The <- Lawrence, D H464.1011:15:17CBR96DVD71
 Complete Short Stories vol 3 by D H Lawrence,  The <- Lawrence, D H443.3310:44:15CBR96DVD71
 Complete Stories of Evelyn Waugh,  The <- Waugh, Evelyn510.8418:34:07CBR64DVD73
 Complexity and Chaos <- Discovery, Science and27.8002:41:56CBR24DVD3
 Conclave <- Drama, Bbc52.2600:57:02CBR128DVD86
 Confidential Agent,  The <- Greene, Graham334.7508:07:29CBR96DVD65
 Congo <- Crichton, Michael40.1302:55:19CBR31DVD2
 Consciousness and Its Implications <- Lectures, TTC252.2006:07:18CBR95DVD35
 Constant Gardener,  The <- Carre, John le471.0617:08:57CBR64DVD44
 Constant Wife,  The <- Drama, BBC55.3302:00:38CBR64DVD87
 Contact <- Sagan, Carl153.4704:37:09VBR77DVD9
 Continuity Man,  The <- Drama, Bbc39.9400:43:35CBR128DVD85
 Conversational Klingon <- Trek, Star21.8300:47:42CBR63DVD8
 Copenhagen <- Drama, LAT56.9102:04:08CBR64DVD78
 Coraline <- Gaiman, Neil99.4803:37:19CBR63DVD3
 Corrinne Come Back And Gone <- Drama, Bbc40.6600:44:22CBR128DVD85
 Cosmopolitans <- Maugham, W Somerset278.4606:45:34CBR95DVD68
 Cosmos <- Sagan, Carl714.6313:00:32CBR128DVD8
 Counterlife,  The <- Roth, Phillip552.1012:28:07VBR103DVD72
 Countrysides <- Drama, Bbc40.5100:44:13CBR128DVD85
 Coupling <- Drama, BBC137.7702:54:03VBR110DVD1
 Cover Her Face <- Drama, BBC26.7401:56:51CBR31DVD5
 Cracksman amateur cracksman <- Hornung, E W51.6805:00:57CBR24DVD19
 Cracksman further adventures <- Hornung, E W60.0105:49:29CBR24DVD19
 Cracksman thief in the night <- Hornung, E W67.4606:32:52CBR24DVD19
 Crank Calls <- Winters, Jonathan8.2100:47:50CBR24DVD12
 Creators,  The <- Boorstin, Daniel J83.6206:05:12CBR32DVD15
 Creatures of Circumstance <- Maugham, W Somerset483.3311:43:56CBR95DVD127
 Creatures of a Day, and Other Tales of Psychotherapy <- Yalom, Irvin D183.4806:40:33CBR64DVD78
 Crime And Punishement <- Dostoevsky, Fyodor699.8425:34:10CBR63DVD4
 Crimea <- Figes, Orlando567.5423:35:04CBR56DVD112
 Crimes Of Mancunia <- Drama, Bbc39.9600:43:37CBR128DVD86
 Crimes of the Heart <- Drama, LAT53.4401:56:28CBR64DVD78
 Crome Yellow <- Huxley, Aldous174.2606:20:35CBR64DVD14
 Crompton Divided <- Sheckley, Robert150.4805:28:43CBR64DVD73
 Cronicles of Amber,  The <- Zelazny, Roger1600.0055:00:00CBR64DVD129
 Crow Road,  The <- Banks, Iain80.4702:20:36CBR80DVD18
 Crowded Street,  The <- Drama, BBC62.5701:21:47ABR106DVD25
 Crown Of Swords <- Jordan, Robert67.4306:32:46CBR24DVD17
 Cruel Sea,  The <- Monsarrat, Nicholas489.7517:48:13CBR64DVD126
 Cry Babies <- Drama, Bbc40.4800:44:11CBR128DVD86
 Cryptonomicon <- Stephenson, Neal1027.4842:45:10CBR56DVD68
 Culture 01 - Consider Phlebas <- Banks, Iain570.7616:26:15CBR80DVD106
 Culture 02 - The Player of Games <- Banks, Iain330.0011:25:44M4A73DVD106
 Culture 03 - Use of Weapons <- Banks, Iain389.0013:30:44M4A73DVD106
 Culture 03.5 - The State Of The Art <- Banks, Iain182.0006:21:44M4A73DVD106
 Culture 04 - Excession <- Banks, Iain876.0115:55:44CBR128DVD106
 Culture 05 - Inversions <- Banks, Iain328.0011:26:44M4A73DVD106
 Culture 06 - Look to Windward <- Banks, Iain349.0012:12:44M4A73DVD106
 Culture 07 - Matter <- Banks, Iain988.2817:58:33CBR128DVD106
 Culture 08 - Surface Detail <- Banks, Iain594.0020:23:44M4A73DVD106
 Culture 09 - The Hydrogen Sonata <- Banks, Iain497.0017:14:44M4A73DVD106
 Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Stories,  The <- Fitzgerald, F Scott80.4802:55:48CBR64DVD45
 Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,  The <- Drama, BBC164.6805:59:41CBR64DVD111
 Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,  The <- Haddon, Mark333.3306:03:36CBR128DVD112
 Curse of the Burdens,  The <- Wyndham, John198.0003:38:46M4B125DVD120
 Curtain <- Christie, Agatha12.7300:27:48CBR64DVD10
 Cut-glass Bowl,  The <- Fitzgerald, F Scott76.6200:55:46CBR192DVD21
 D H Lawrence <- Drama, BBC120.1602:11:03ABR128DVD50
 D H Lawrence <- Drama, BBC313.2905:42:09ABR128DVD29
 D H Lawrence <- Librivox24.2800:26:31CBR128DVD20
 D Sayers <- Drama, BBC109.1707:11:13CBR35DVD3
 Da Vinci Code,  The <- Brown, Dan322.1616:03:11CBR46DVD9
 Daddy <- Steel, Danielle20.1402:55:56CBR16DVD9
 Dairy <- Palahniuk, Chuck213.9107:47:17CBR63DVD36
 Damage <- Drama, BBC30.7801:07:14CBR64DVD22
 Dangerous Liaisons <- deLaclos, Pierre Choderlos427.9515:34:49CBR64DVD129
 Daniel Defoe <- Drama, BBC104.8401:54:31CBR127DVD95
 Daniel Defoe BBC Radio Drama Collection,  The <- Drama, BBC162.1005:52:52CBR64DVD104
 Daniel Deronda <- Eliot, George876.2166:39:53CBR30DVD100
 Daniel Martin <- Fowles, John1554.2028:17:27CBR128DVD48
 Daphne Du Maurier <- Drama, BBC104.7901:54:26ABR128DVD29
 Daphne Du Maurier <- Drama, BBC19.8501:26:43CBR31DVD3
 Daphne Du Maurier <- Drama, BBC50.5400:55:12CBR128DVD76
 Daphne DuMaurier <- Drama, BBC77.6002:49:29ABR64DVD25
 Daphne DuMaurier <- Readings, BBC308.8905:37:17ABR128DVD26
 Daphne DuMaurier <- Readings, BBC42.1101:05:39ABR89DVD25
 Daphne du Maurier <- Drama, BBC341.6906:13:10ABR128DVD28
 Daphnis and Chloe <- Longus115.2702:47:53CBR95DVD87
 Dark Forest,  The <- Cixin, Liu635.7223:04:18CBR64DVD122
 Dark Matter <- Crouch, Blake279.1111:36:03CBR56DVD81
 Dark Matter Dark Energy The Dark Side of the Universe <- Lectures508.8112:21:00CBR96DVD37
 Dark Tower Book I - The Gunslinger,  The <- King, Stephen132.6406:10:18CBR50DVD8
 Dark Web,  The <- White, Geoff130.5604:20:04CBR70DVD90
 Dark Worlds of Lovecraft <- Lovecraft, H P679.9015:56:46ABR99DVD56
 Darkness at Noon <- Koestler, Arthur263.3708:17:06VBR74DVD83
 Dashiel Hammett <- Drama, BBC51.9100:56:42ABR128DVD61
 Daughters of the Vicar <- Lawrence, D H55.4800:57:32M4A154DVD90
 David Attenborough Life On Air <- Shows, BBC Radio23.9501:09:45CBR47DVD1
 David Attenborough's Life Stories <- Programs, BBC173.2503:09:14CBR127DVD57
 David Copperfield <- Dickens, Charles1497.4836:20:49CBR96DVD123
 Day of the Jackal,  The <- Forsyth, Frederick367.9713:22:39CBR64DVD101
 Day of the Triffids,  The <- Wyndham, John226.5308:14:44CBR64DVD69
 Dayworld <- Farmer, Philip Jose225.7409:17:42CBR56DVD77
 Dazzle <- Gould, Judith31.6503:04:21CBR24DVD12
 Dead Air <- Banks, Iain162.9711:51:57CBR32DVD38
 Dead Fishes <- Drama, Bbc52.5000:57:19CBR128DVD86
 Dead Hand,  The <- Readings, BBC6.9700:24:23CBR39DVD83
 Dead Hour,  The <- Drama, BBC153.4502:14:00CBR160DVD43
 Dead Mountaineer's Inn,  The <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris204.1307:21:35CBR64DVD96
 Deadeye Dick <- Vonnegut, Kurt165.9806:02:33CBR64DVD38
 Dear Life, Stories <- Munro, Alice277.1710:05:30CBR63DVD120
 Dear Writer <- Drama, Bbc40.8300:44:33CBR128DVD86
 Death Of Tom Inglis,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.7500:44:29CBR128DVD85
 Death is a Lonely Business <- Bradbury, Ray202.6008:25:51CBR55DVD55
 Death of Arthur,  The <- Malory, Sir Thomas111.1703:58:13CBR65DVD84
 Death of a Salesman <- Miller, Arthur364.8704:25:39CBR192DVD51
 Deception <- Roth, Philip165.5704:01:01CBR96DVD134
 Decline and Fall <- Waugh, Evelyn154.4505:31:18ABR65DVD25
 Deep Down And Dirty Rock'N'Roll <- Drama, Bbc52.8600:57:42CBR128DVD88
 Deja Vu <- Drama, Bbc40.7000:44:27CBR128DVD85
 Delorean <- Drama, Bbc40.5600:44:16CBR128DVD86
 Democrats <- MCDonough, John20.3501:58:28CBR24DVD15
 Demon Cobbler of Greek Street,  The <- Programs, BBC13.6500:29:49CBR64DVD30
 Demon Haunted World,  The <- Sagan, Carl591.0214:19:46CBR96DVD55
 Demon Haunted World,  The <- Sagan, Carl75.9802:45:56VBR64DVD9
 Desolation Road <- McDonald, Ian429.5415:38:09CBR64DVD91
 Despair <- Nabokov, Vladimir406.3307:23:19CBR128DVD84
 Development <- Drama, Bbc40.5000:44:13CBR128DVD88
 Devil May Care <- Faulks, Sebastian445.8308:06:54CBR128DVD42
 Devils Christmas,  The <- Stories, Short82.3900:59:59CBR192DVD65
 Dewey Eyed <- Drama, Bbc40.4800:44:11CBR128DVD86
 Dialect Monologues <- Stern, Alan11.1900:24:04CBR64DVD20
 Diaries Of Adam And Eve,  The <- Twain, Mark57.5302:05:42CBR63DVD11
 Diary Of A Young Girl,  The <- Frank, Anne62.1305:47:07CBR25DVD2
 Diary of a Young Girl,  The <- Frank, Anne205.3910:08:57VBR47DVD121
 Diary of a Young Girl,  The <- Frank, Anne487.7408:52:30CBR128DVD50
 Diderot <- Francaise164.4902:59:35CBR128DVD27
 Digital Fortress <- Brown, Dan164.6211:59:14CBR31DVD9
 Dimension Of Miracles <- Sheckley, Robert221.1805:22:06CBR96DVD73
 Dire King,  The <- Ritter, William110.2504:35:08CBR56DVD95
 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency <- Adams, Douglas182.8906:39:33CBR63DVD3
 Dirty Money <- Herlihy, James140.8313:40:03CBR24DVD15
 Disappearance Of Jenny Pope,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.4900:44:12CBR128DVD85
 Discoverers,  The <- Boorstin, Daniel J999.5136:23:28CBR63DVD130
 Discworld <- Pratchett, Terry3049.09222:00:15ABR32DVD19
 Disintegration Machine <- Doyle, Arthur Conan12.7000:36:59CBR48DVD12
 Diva In Me,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.6100:44:20CBR128DVD85
 Diving Belles <- Wood, Lucy64.7501:10:42CBR128DVD67
 Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye,  The <- Byatt, A S262.3306:21:57CBR96DVD116
 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep <- Dick, Philip K255.4909:12:20CBR64DVD89
 Do You Like Bananas Comrades <- Drama, Bbc40.4400:44:08CBR128DVD86
 Doctor Dolittle <- Lofting, Hugh18.1102:38:09CBR16DVD9
 Doctor Zhivago <- Pasternak, Boris27.2401:58:56CBR32DVD12
 Doctor Zhivago <- Pasternak, Boris761.1618:28:00CBR96DVD56
 Dodie Smith <- Drama, BBC275.1001:54:00CBR64DVD93
 Dolly <- Drama, Bbc39.5400:43:10CBR128DVD86
 Dombey and Son <- Dickens, Charles1704.1041:23:31VBR95DVD93
 Dombey and Son <- Drama, BBC127.5204:38:36CBR63DVD23
 Don Fernando <- Maugham, W Somerset209.8107:28:01CBR65DVD127
 Don Juan <- Byron, George Gordon426.3115:28:49CBR64DVD70
 Don Quixote <- Cervantes, Miguel De44.5303:14:33CBR32DVD7
 Don't Believe a Word <- Shariatmadari, David247.1508:59:51CBR64DVD128
 Donna Love Bite <- Drama, BBC25.4200:55:32CBR63DVD22
 Dont Buy A Winter Coat <- Drama, Bbc40.6100:44:19CBR128DVD85
 Doomed City 1,  The <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris516.2718:36:39CBR64DVD96
 Doomed City 2,  The <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris422.2315:19:36CBR64DVD96
 Doris Lessing <- Drama, BBC125.2102:16:42ABR128DVD32
 Dornford Yates <- Drama, BBC52.1000:56:54CBR128DVD66
 Double Jeopardy <- Drama, Bbc40.8800:44:36CBR128DVD85
 Double Tap <- Martini, Steve571.9713:49:35VBR96DVD41
 Douglas Adams <- Drama, BBC160.3705:50:19CBR64DVD11
 Douglas Adams <- Drama, BBC206.8905:47:25CBR83DVD1
 Down Among the Dead Men <- Hartland, Michael92.0308:55:53CBR24DVD19
 Down In The Darkness <- Koontz, Dean26.2701:05:34CBR56DVD15
 Down Under <- Bryson, Bill137.2302:29:51CBR128DVD42
 Down in Paris and London <- Orwell, George257.3206:31:48VBR91DVD35
 Downing Of TWA Flight 800 <- Sanders, James25.4302:28:04CBR24DVD15
 Dr Who - Shada <- Drama, BBC75.5302:12:01CBR79DVD67
 Dr Zhivago <- Drama, BBC154.8505:38:16CBR64DVD23
 Draculas Guest <- Stoker, Bram13.8500:40:20CBR48DVD11
 Dragon Reborn <- Jordan, Robert33.5403:15:22CBR24DVD17
 Dragonfly <- LeGuin, Ursula K69.4602:31:44CBR64DVD7
 Dragunkin <- Lessons, English87.6102:35:10VBR78DVD28
 Draw,  The <- Drama, BBC31.1401:08:03CBR63DVD22
 Dreamcatcher <- King, Stephen625.0622:37:07ABR64DVD13
 Dreaming in Code <- McCully, Emily Arnold88.0002:58:00M4B64DVD136
 Drew Carey <- Shows, BBC Radio21.6900:47:22CBR64DVD2
 Driver's Seat,  The <- Spark, Muriel53.9202:37:01CBR48DVD103
 Driving Snow <- Teall, Eric48.1000:52:32CBR128DVD17
 Drunkards Walk,  The <- Mlodinow, Leonard95.9409:18:49CBR24DVD45
 Dubliners <- Joyce, James31.1201:07:59CBR63DVD12
 Dubliners <- Joyce, James758.1106:51:20CBR257DVD99
 Dune <- Herbert, Frank722.5326:10:11CBR64DVD89
 Dune Roller,  The <- Drama, BBC6.7000:58:29CBR16DVD67
 Dweller In High Places,  The <- Clarke, Susanna12.0000:13:06CBR128DVD133
 E=MC2 - A Biography of the equation <- Bodanis, David225.9306:57:24VBR75DVD5
 Early Belt And The Present <- Drama, Bbc41.1900:44:57CBR128DVD85
 Earth Light <- Clarke, Arthur C140.3105:06:25CBR64DVD40
 East Of Eden <- Steinbeck, John351.8325:33:49CBR32DVD77
 Ebony Tower,  The <- Fowles, John274.4809:57:01CBR64DVD112
 Echoes From The Macabre <- Maurier, Daphne Du36.4702:39:21CBR32DVD4
 Echopraxia <- Watts, Peter348.3312:38:53CBR64DVD121
 Economist Book of Obituaries,  The <- Wroe, Ann561.9920:02:35CBR65DVD97
 Economist February 13th - February 19th 2010,  The <- Economist, The202.3609:48:49CBR48DVD43
 Eden <- Harrison, Harry1702.8641:14:37ABR96DVD46
 Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection <- Poe, Edgar Allan556.5505:19:45CBR243DVD68
 Edgar Poe <- Stories, Short3.1800:13:53CBR32DVD1
 Edith Wharton <- Drama, BBC103.7901:53:22ABR127DVD54
 Edward Burra Twentieth-Century Eye <- Readings, BBC31.1201:07:59CBR63DVD23
 Egyptologist,  The <- Phillips, Arthur446.8816:16:10CBR64DVD14
 Eight Frames a Second,  The <- Drama, BBC19.9100:43:30CBR63DVD23
 Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution <- Lectures169.7112:21:17CBR32DVD2
 Einsteins Greatest Mistake A Biography <- Bodanis, David231.0008:18:09M4B64DVD122
 Electric Universe <- Bodanis, David183.8206:40:34CBR64DVD122
 Elizabeth Buchan <- Readings, BBC6.6000:14:24ABR64DVD25
 Elizabeth Gaskell <- Drama, BBC1285.1323:20:46CBR128DVD104
 Elizabeth's Women <- Readings, BBC31.3301:08:25CBR64DVD41
 Ellis Peters <- Drama, BBC60.2002:11:32CBR63DVD12
 Elusive Pimpernel,  The <- Orczy, Baroness Emma213.8509:04:00CBR0DVD123
 Emerald City Of Oz,  The <- Baum, L Frank75.0805:27:59CBR32DVD15
 Emil And The Detectives <- Drama, Bbc52.5200:57:20CBR128DVD88
 Emily Bronte <- Drama, BBC260.2204:44:12ABR128DVD31
 Emma <- Austen, Jane64.1506:13:38CBR24DVD2
 Emma <- Austen, Jane694.9016:40:14CBR97DVD118
 Emotionally Weird <- Atkinson, Kate313.2411:24:15CBR64DVD72
 End of Eternity,  The <- Asimov, Isaac286.5808:12:38VBR81DVD69
 End of History and the Last Man,  The <- Fukuyama, Francis453.0015:52:09M4B64DVD136
 End of Mr Y,  The <- Thomas, Scarlett377.5413:44:48CBR63DVD120
 End of the Affair,  The <- Greene, Graham88.4906:26:34CBR32DVD54
 Ender's Game <- Card, Orson Scott205.1709:57:30CBR48DVD15
 Enderverse-1 Ender Series <- Card, Orson Scott2188.5658:58:59CBR86DVD109
 Endless Night <- Christie, Agatha101.7607:24:39CBR31DVD10
 Enduring Love <- McEwan, Ian246.7508:58:19CBR64DVD30
 Enemy of God <- Cornwell, Bernard121.4805:53:47CBR48DVD13
 England, England <- Barnes, Julian555.0009:56:00M4B64DVD132
 Engleby <- Faulks, Sebastian298.8810:49:07CBR64DVD80
 English American,  The <- Larkin, Alison278.2910:07:23CBR64DVD47
 English As She Is Spoke <- Dixon, Monat And9.9000:43:15CBR32DVD15
 English Delight - Series 1-4 <- Fry, Stephen498.5309:04:29CBR128DVD65
 English Delight <- Fry, Stephen95.5301:44:18CBR128DVD43
 English Delight Series 1 <- Fry, Stephen95.5301:44:18CBR128DVD57
 English Delight Series 2 <- Fry, Stephen76.7801:21:47CBR131DVD57
 English Delight Series 3 <- Fry, Stephen101.2601:50:33CBR128DVD57
 English Grammar in Use Intermediate <- Courses, English66.2901:12:24CBR128DVD9
 English Mystery Stories <- Readings, BBC264.9603:12:57CBR191DVD60
 English Novel,  The <- Lectures, TTC171.3412:28:27CBR32DVD30
 English Without Foreign Accent <- Courses, English118.9702:09:55CBR128DVD19
 English patient,  The <- Ondaatie, Michael232.6308:28:08CBR64DVD35
 English2 MGIMO <- Lessons, English22.2101:37:03CBR31DVD23
 Entanglement <- Aczel, Amir64.9206:16:10CBR24DVD55
 Erebus <- Palin, Michael310.0005:46:49M4B64DVD98
 Escape Attempt <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris363.4213:04:58CBR64DVD96
 Escape From Gaza <- Drama, Bbc40.3800:44:05CBR128DVD85
 Essential Edgar Allan Poe,  The <- Poe, Edgar Allan328.5807:30:29VBR101DVD68
 Essential Kipling,  The <- Kipling, Rudyard134.2904:53:06CBR64DVD129
 Etymologicon,  The <- Forsyth, Mark96.7703:30:47CBR64DVD78
 Evelin Waugh <- Readings, BBC64.5901:47:11ABR84DVD30
 Evelyn Waugh <- Drama, BBC104.0003:47:13CBR63DVD12
 Evelyn Waugh <- Drama, BBC545.7009:55:57ABR128DVD32
 Evelyn Waugh <- Readings, BBC6.2500:13:40CBR63DVD23
 Every Trace <- Main, Gregg46.8604:32:55CBR24DVD17
 Everythings Eventual <- King, Stephen55.8401:45:32ABR73DVD13
 Exhalation Stories <- Chiang, Ted313.0111:22:07CBR64DVD128
 Exile and the Kingdom <- Camus, Albert73.7603:04:04CBR56DVD103
 Existentialism <- Lectures305.4411:06:42CBR64DVD4
 Expanse,  The <- Corey, James4471.21123:05:07CBR84DVD82
 Explorations <- Radio Voice of America213.9410:23:00CBR48DVD14
 Extra Senses <- Programs, BBC30.7801:07:14CBR64DVD23
 Eye Of The Needle <- Follett, Ken302.9411:01:07CBR64DVD80
 Eye Of The Needle abrd <- Follett, Ken67.8002:49:15CBR56DVD5
 Eye Of The World <- Jordan, Robert34.4003:20:21CBR24DVD17
 Eye,  The <- Nabokov, Vladimir143.9002:37:04CBR128DVD66
 Fabric of Reality The Science of Parallel Universes, and Its Implications,  The <- Deutsch, David245.1514:26:21VBR39DVD104
 Fabric of the Cosmos Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality,  The <- Greene, Brian630.3522:36:02M4B47DVD103
 Face to Face with Evelyn Waugh <- Waugh, Evelyn31.3600:34:16CBR127DVD112
 Faction Paradox <- Drama, BBC81.7300:59:31CBR191DVD7
 Fahrenheit 451 <- Bradbury, Ray191.3704:38:40CBR96DVD5
 Faithful Place <- French, Tana899.5816:22:33CBR128DVD74
 Falcon And The Hawk,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.3900:44:05CBR128DVD88
 Fall,  The <- Camus, Albert93.0503:05:15VBR70DVD84
 Fame and Fortune <- Drama, BBC153.9805:36:23CBR63DVD23
 Family Tree <- Drama, Bbc40.2700:43:57CBR128DVD85
 Fanny Hill <- Cleland, John31.5003:03:31CBR23DVD3
 Fanny Hill's Daughter <- Cleland, John35.7503:28:21CBR23DVD3
 Far Country,  The <- Shute, Nevil230.6111:28:16VBR46DVD123
 Far Eastern Tales <- Maugham, W Somerset254.9409:13:53CBR64DVD127
 Far North <- Theroux, Marcel119.7708:39:35CBR32DVD104
 Farewell Summer <- Bradbury, Ray79.8203:19:17CBR56DVD63
 Farewell to Arms <- Hemingway, Ernest58.4408:30:34CBR16DVD10
 Father Brown The Secret Garden <- Drama, Bbc40.6800:44:23CBR128DVD85
 Favorite Science Fiction Stories <- SF4012.21101:01:22CBR92DVD70
 Fawlty Towers <- Drama, BBC446.9512:54:27CBR80DVD5
 Fear is the Key <- MacLean, Alistair266.8909:43:01CBR64DVD56
 Fearless Librarian Saves Day <- Drama, Bbc40.4300:44:07CBR128DVD86
 Federico Garcia Lorca <- Drama, BBC73.1401:19:53ABR128DVD60
 Felix Holt, the Radical <- Eliot, George503.0020:00:00M4B30DVD100
 Fellowship Of The Ring,  The <- Tolkien, JRR266.1819:22:46CBR32DVD1
 Femme Fatale A Biography of Mata Hari <- Readings, BBC64.4301:10:22CBR128DVD63
 Fermat's Last Theorem <- Singh, Simon20.3502:57:47CBR16DVD5
 Feynman Lectures on Physics <- Feynman, Richard2597.0396:06:50ABR62DVD39
 Fight Club <- Palahniuk, Chuck276.4805:01:35CBR128DVD8
 Film Program <- Programs, BBC12.7200:27:47CBR64DVD22
 Filth <- Welsh, Irvine167.6003:03:03CBR128DVD12
 Final Diagnosis <- Hailey, Arthur188.5313:43:44CBR31DVD10
 Fingersmith <- Waters, Sarah418.7024:23:28CBR39DVD119
 Finishing School,  The <- Spark, Muriel89.0703:14:24CBR64DVD76
 Fire in the Blood <- Drama, BBC31.3401:08:28CBR63DVD22
 Fires Of Heaven <- Jordan, Robert31.5603:03:50CBR24DVD17
 Firestarter <- King, Stephen193.8914:07:01CBR32DVD48
 Firm,  The <- Grisham, John197.0114:20:37CBR32DVD15
 First Love, Last Rites <- McEwan, Ian164.0005:52:09M4B64DVD136
 First Person Singular <- Maugham, W Somerset354.0108:35:34CBR95DVD127
 Fisherman and his Soul <- Wilde, Oscar30.2901:28:12CBR48DVD38
 Five Short Stories by D H Lawrence <- Lawrence, D H32.5401:11:04CBR64DVD71
 Flaming Forest,  The <- Curwood, James Oliver240.7908:44:21CBR64DVD133
 Flashman At The Charge <- Drama, BBC25.9501:53:22CBR31DVD3
 Flashman Papers,  The <- Fraser, George MacDonald3290.67140:26:07CBR54DVD130
 Flatshare,  The <- Drama, BBC124.2502:15:45CBR127DVD94
 Flaubert`s Parrot <- Barnes, Julian105.5007:07:04VBR34DVD132
 Flaw in the Motor Dust in the Blood <- Drama, BBC40.2600:43:54CBR128DVD35
 Floating <- Drama, Bbc40.2800:43:58CBR128DVD86
 Flowers for Algernon <- Keyes, Daniel246.7308:58:56CBR64DVD83
 Fog,  The <- Herbert, James252.9709:12:38CBR63DVD14
 Folks That Live on the Hill,  The <- Amis, Kingsley958.1508:43:08CBR256DVD115
 Fooled By Randomness <- Taleb, Nassim Nicholas690.6510:03:31CBR159DVD62
 For Whom the Bell Tolls <- Hemingway, Ernest434.2615:48:32CBR64DVD4
 Forever <- Gould, Judith27.6402:41:01CBR23DVD12
 Forever War,  The <- Haldeman, Joe156.3009:21:24VBR38DVD89
 Forgetting Curve,  The <- Drama, Bbc41.0600:44:49CBR128DVD85
 Forrest Gump <- Groom, Winston315.0209:10:19CBR80DVD68
 Forsyte Saga,  The <- Galsworthy, John1176.6742:49:43CBR64DVD40
 Forty-Three Fifty-Nine <- Drama, BBC20.0200:43:44CBR64DVD23
 Foucat's Pendulum <- Eco, Umberto588.3421:25:15CBR64DVD92
 Foundation <- Asimov, Isaac2335.5885:01:13ABR64DVD34
 Fountains of Paradise,  The <- Clarke, Arthur C581.8208:28:25CBR159DVD72
 Four Early Stories <- Maurier, Daphne Du58.1101:03:29CBR127DVD63
 Fourth Estate,  The <- Archer, Jeffrey62.9803:03:26CBR48DVD15
 Fourth Man,  The <- Christie, Agatha20.4200:44:31CBR64DVD10
 Foxes Come at Night <- Readings, BBC39.1000:42:34CBR128DVD63
 Fractals A Very Short Introduction <- Falconer, Kenneth54.5203:58:13CBR31DVD80
 Fragile Things <- Gaiman, Neil296.8410:47:59CBR64DVD45
 Francis Durbridge <- Drama, BBC222.3403:35:53ABR143DVD54
 Frankenstein <- Shelley, Mary111.2808:06:12CBR31DVD7
 Franz Kafka <- Drama, BBC107.0201:41:53ABR146DVD28
 Frederica Potter Book 1 The Virgin in the Garden <- Byatt, A S458.4021:02:01VBR50DVD116
 Frederica Potter Book 2 Still Life <- Byatt, A S357.4616:11:00VBR51DVD116
 Frederica Potter Book 3 Babel Tower <- Byatt, A S573.7421:13:12VBR63DVD116
 Frederik Pohl <- Drama, BBC40.3200:44:02ABR128DVD67
 French Lieutenant's Woman <- Fowles, John454.2217:07:24VBR61DVD26
 Frenchman's Creek <- Maurier, Daphne Du481.9908:45:41CBR128DVD76
 Fresh Air Fiend <- Programs, BBC31.4701:08:43CBR64DVD25
 Fresh Complaint <- Eugenides, Jeffrey241.3008:03:06M4B64DVD101
 Freud etc <- Lectures54.2902:03:42CBR61DVD16
 Freudian Slips <- Programs, BBC31.6601:09:11CBR63DVD22
 Friday <- Heinlein, Robert82.3711:59:43CBR16DVD22
 Friday When It Rains <- Drama, BBC40.4800:44:13CBR127DVD63
 Friend Of My Youth <- Munro, Alice277.3610:04:18CBR64DVD88
 From A Buick 8 <- King, Stephen367.1313:21:53CBR64DVD15
 Fry Chronicles,  The <- Fry, Stephen392.7112:29:07VBR73DVD61
 Fry and Laurie read Daudet and Jerome <- Readings, BBC143.1502:22:27ABR140DVD60
 Full Circle <- Palin, Michael124.3806:02:19CBR47DVD1
 Full Dark, No Stars <- King, Stephen203.7214:50:07CBR31DVD63
 Full Moon <- Wodehouse, P G242.5607:09:45VBR78DVD26
 Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Series Two,  The <- Drama, BBC99.0002:59:36ABR77DVD25
 Fyodor Dostoevsky <- Drama, BBC52.1603:47:54CBR31DVD4
 G K Chesterton <- Readings, BBC428.5007:48:00CBR128DVD35
 Galapagos <- Vonnegut, Kurt186.3907:45:19CBR56DVD32
 Game,  The <- Byatt, A S269.7009:49:11CBR63DVD116
 Games People Play <- Lectures336.2112:14:29CBR63DVD57
 Gaol,  The <- Readings, BBC30.8800:55:44ABR77DVD30
 Garbage Truck,  The <- Drama54.6100:59:39CBR127DVD17
 Gateway <- Pohl, Frederik117.2408:21:12CBR32DVD89
 Genius - Richard Feynman <- Gleick, James272.0919:48:13CBR32DVD28
 Gentleman in the Parlour,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset205.2707:12:41CBR66DVD127
 George Bernard Shaw <- Drama, BBC128.6301:52:21ABR160DVD47
 George Bernard Shaw <- Drama, BBC39.8001:26:56ABR64DVD29
 George Bernard Shaw <- Drama, BBC48.7600:53:15CBR128DVD37
 George Bernard Shaw <- Drama, BBC79.7201:27:04ABR128DVD25
 George Bernard Shaw Collection,  The <- Drama, LAT358.9513:04:04CBR64DVD78
 George Burns-100 Stories <- Burns, George11.0501:04:21CBR24DVD17
 George Byron - Selected Poems <- Byron, Geogre Gordon86.2002:57:00M4B64DVD136
 George Carlin Collection <- Carlin, George1586.1027:29:41ABR134DVD60
 George Chesterton <- Stories, Short17.4500:19:03CBR128DVD35
 George Eliot <- Drama, BBC155.0902:49:22ABR128DVD31
 George Eliot Drama Collection,  The <- Drama, BBC992.0014:04:52M4B68DVD100
 George Orwell <- Drama, BBC63.4501:09:18ABR128DVD50
 George Orwell <- Readings, BBC31.6101:09:01ABR64DVD28
 George Orwell Complete Collection,  The <- Orwell, George2000.0068:52:13M4B69DVD108
 George Orwell Non-Fiction Collection,  The <- Orwell, George669.4324:22:31CBR63DVD108
 Georgette Hayer <- Drama, BBC81.6101:29:08ABR128DVD26
 Gerald's Game <- King, Stephen370.9313:30:08CBR64DVD13
 Getting To Zero <- Drama, Bbc40.4500:44:10CBR128DVD86
 Ghost Train,  The <- Drama, BBC77.5101:24:40CBR127DVD63
 Ghost Zone <- Drama, BBC64.3601:55:44ABR77DVD24
 Ghost of Dorothy Dingley <- Defoe, Daniel3.0200:26:23CBR15DVD22
 Ghost,  The <- Readings, BBC62.5602:16:39CBR64DVD23
 Ghostly Echoes <- Ritter, William228.7408:16:28CBR64DVD95
 Ghosts From The Past <- Drama, BBC136.5802:56:52CBR107DVD66
 Giants of Philosophy <- Lectures125.0607:36:40CBR38DVD4
 Gilda And Her Daughters-Looking For Goldie <- Drama, Bbc40.2500:43:56CBR128DVD86
 Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon,  The <- King, Stephen173.3006:18:30CBR64DVD15
 Girl With a Pearl Earring <- Chevalier, Tracy154.3407:29:29CBR48DVD18
 Girl on the Boat,  The <- Wodehouse, P G269.1706:31:37CBR96DVD49
 Girl, Wash Your Face <- Hollis, Rachel194.3907:04:38CBR64DVD116
 Glory <- Nabokov, Vladimir370.8906:44:45CBR128DVD75
 Go Set a Watchman <- Lee, Harper191.5306:57:14CBR64DVD73
 Goblin Reservation,  The <- Simak, Clifford172.8506:15:24CBR64DVD131
 God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater <- Vonnegut, Kurt178.0010:26:19VBR39DVD32
 God of His Fathers,  The <- London, Jack177.9805:10:20CBR80DVD124
 God's Architect Pugin and the Building of Romantic Britain <- Readings, BBC31.5201:08:53CBR63DVD23
 Gods Equation <- Aczel, Amir82.6006:00:53CBR31DVD5
 Gods Of Mars <- Burroughs, Edgar Rice28.2802:44:43CBR24DVD17
 Gods Themselves,  The <- Asimov, Isaac53.9201:57:47CBR63DVD10
 Gods Witness <- Drama, Bbc52.3600:57:09CBR128DVD86
 Golden Notebook,  The <- Lessing, Doris710.8229:34:32CBR56DVD52
 Golden Ratio,  The <- Livio, Mario140.9905:07:59CBR64DVD78
 Goldfinch,  The <- Tartt, Donna448.0832:27:48CBR32DVD71
 Gondal <- Drama, BBC81.4501:28:58CBR127DVD30
 Gone With The Wind <- Mitchell, Margaret663.7348:19:28CBR32DVD32
 Good Apprentice,  The <- Murdoch, Iris567.2320:38:52CBR64DVD113
 Good Omens <- Drama, BBC476.3804:20:05CBR256DVD74
 Good Soldier,  The <- Ford, Ford Madox135.4512:09:17ABR25DVD38
 Good With People <- Drama, Bbc41.2400:45:00CBR128DVD85
 Goodbye Columbus <- Roth, Philip228.3508:18:00CBR64DVD105
 Goodbye Mr Chips <- Hilton, James26.0201:53:13CBR32DVD121
 Goodbye Mr Gherkin <- Drama, BBC20.0100:43:43CBR64DVD23
 Goodbye to Berlin <- Drama, BBC77.8001:53:18CBR95DVD60
 Goodnight Mister Tom <- Magorian, Michelle94.5203:26:29CBR63DVD119
 Google Story,  The <- Vise, David A282.9510:25:57VBR63DVD45
 Googled The End of the World As We Know It <- Auletta, Ken571.7413:52:41CBR95DVD63
 Graham Greene <- Drama, BBC125.1310:50:24CBR26DVD5
 Grahame Greene <- Drama, BBC104.1401:53:45ABR128DVD67
 Grammar Smart <- Courses, English13.6501:59:11CBR16DVD9
 Grand Design,  The <- Hawking, Stephen623.3504:32:21CBR319DVD59
 Grapes of Wrath <- Steinbeck, John579.4421:04:42CBR64DVD101
 Gravity's Rainbow <- Pynchon, Thomas1414.8034:19:09CBR96DVD126
 Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition <- Lectures, TTC803.0558:28:06CBR32DVD31
 Great Classic Science Fiction <- Readings, BBC319.5707:45:22CBR96DVD46
 Great Gatsby,  The <- Fitzgerald, F Scott126.6704:36:43CBR64DVD3
 Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble,  The <- Drama, Bbc41.2300:45:00CBR128DVD85
 Great Hunt <- Jordan, Robert30.1002:55:17CBR24DVD17
 Great Ideas of Philosophy,  The <- Lectures424.1106:51:47CBR143DVD4
 Great Tennessee Monkey Trial,  The <- Drama, Bbc53.0400:57:54CBR128DVD86
 Great expectations <- Dickens, Charles237.4002:52:54CBR191DVD22
 Greatest Science Fiction Stories of the 20th Century,  The <- SF222.3406:34:03VBR78DVD33
 Green Man,  The <- Amis, Kingsley152.7507:24:54CBR48DVD115
 Green Mile,  The <- King, Stephen382.0613:54:34CBR64DVD17
 Grimm's Fairy Tales <- Ross, Earl6.3300:27:40CBR31DVD17
 Gulliver's Travels abrd <- Swift, Jonathan228.2705:32:25CBR96DVD43
 Gullivers Travels <- Swift, Jonathan143.0910:25:14CBR31DVD3
 Gun Goes To Hollywood,  The <- Drama, Bbc41.0600:44:49CBR128DVD85
 Gun,  The <- Drama, Bbc53.9500:58:54CBR128DVD88
 Guns Of Avalon <- Zelazny, Roger82.4503:05:55CBR62DVD3
 Guns of Navarone <- Drama, BBC28.8702:06:07CBR32DVD38
 Guns of Navarone,  The <- MacLean, Alistair345.5912:34:50CBR64DVD46
 Gunsmith-Ghost Town <- Roberts, J R30.8002:59:22CBR24DVD15
 Gunsmith-Hands Of Strangler <- Roberts, J R29.5602:52:07CBR24DVD15
 Guts <- Palahniuk, Chuck11.9200:26:02CBR64DVD36
 Guy de Maupassant <- Francaise55.6101:00:44CBR128DVD7
 Guy deMaupassant <- Librivox50.9401:51:15ABR64DVD36
 Gwennie <- Drama, Bbc40.0400:43:43CBR128DVD88
 H Beam Piper <- Librivox144.6405:15:59CBR63DVD20
 H Beam Piper <- Librivox312.4611:22:35CBR64DVD21
 H Booraem <- Drama13.1500:28:44CBR64DVD12
 H G Wells <- Drama, BBC24.0701:00:05CBR55DVD2
 H G Wells <- Drama, BBC57.4402:47:21CBR47DVD7
 H G Wells <- Drama, BBC66.2501:55:48CBR79DVD14
 H Rider Haggard <- Drama, BBC77.5201:52:53ABR96DVD41
 HMS Surprise <- Drama, BBC120.0002:11:05CBR127DVD64
 HMS Ulysses <- MacLean, Alistair385.8014:02:40CBR64DVD45
 Hammer of God,  The <- Clarke, Arthur C150.1705:28:04CBR63DVD7
 Handmaid's Tale,  The <- Atwood, Margaret132.5902:24:49CBR128DVD59
 Hans Christian Andersen <- Librivox160.7805:51:17CBR63DVD21
 Hard Times <- Dickens, Charles326.2611:51:37CBR64DVD1
 Harry Harrison <- Drama, BBC81.6201:29:04ABR128DVD67
 Harry Potter - Chamber Of Secrets <- Rowling, J K202.1609:01:17CBR52DVD1
 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire <- Rowling, J K258.8120:36:11CBR29DVD17
 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix <- Rowling, J K633.6526:22:00CBR55DVD17
 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban <- Rowling, J K159.4111:42:45CBR31DVD17
 Harry Potter- -The Sorcerer's Stone <- Rowling, J K165.9708:03:27CBR47DVD1
 Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage <- Munro, Alice281.9110:01:52CBR65DVD88
 Haunted <- Drama, Bbc40.7100:44:27CBR128DVD85
 Haunted <- Palahniuk, Chuck477.2613:54:03CBR80DVD36
 Haunted Hospital <- Drama, BBC52.1000:56:54CBR128DVD63
 Hay Fever <- Drama, LAT41.6601:30:54CBR64DVD78
 Hearing Colours Eating Sounds <- Programs, BBC25.2700:55:11CBR64DVD30
 Hearing Voices <- Drama, Bbc40.3300:44:01CBR128DVD85
 Heart <- Drama, Bbc40.5500:44:16CBR128DVD85
 Heart Goes Last,  The <- Atwood, Margaret334.9812:11:47CBR64DVD87
 Heart Of Darkness <- Conrad, Joseph174.3604:07:57VBR98DVD20
 Heart of the Matter,  The <- Greene, Graham279.0710:08:03CBR64DVD42
 Hearts in Atlantis <- King, Stephen534.8219:27:49CBR64DVD13
 Hearts of Three <- London, Jack683.1713:13:05ABR120DVD61
 Helena <- Waugh, Evelyn192.3405:35:43CBR80DVD112
 Helliconia Spring <- Aldiss, Brian413.0017:31:00M4B64DVD121
 Helliconia Summer <- Aldiss, Brian430.0019:15:00M4B64DVD121
 Helliconia Winter <- Aldiss, Brian315.0013:33:00M4B64DVD121
 Hemingway Adventure <- Palin, Michael119.7905:48:55CBR48DVD2
 Hemingway's Chair <- Palin, Michael82.4903:00:11CBR64DVD2
 Henrik Ibsen <- Drama, BBC268.6706:31:16CBR96DVD87
 Henry James <- Drama, BBC104.2501:53:53CBR127DVD72
 Henry James <- Drama, BBC49.8901:27:11ABR80DVD26
 Henry James <- Librivox240.1108:44:32CBR63DVD21
 Henry James <- Librivox62.1902:15:52CBR63DVD22
 Henry James <- Readings, BBC246.4204:29:09CBR128DVD35
 Henry'S Demons <- Drama, Bbc40.2100:43:54CBR128DVD88
 Her Name is Barbra <- Riese, Randall30.7802:59:20CBR23DVD17
 Herb of Death,  The <- Christie, Agatha10.1400:29:33CBR47DVD10
 Here Doggie <- Drama, Bbc40.4500:44:09CBR128DVD86
 Hermit Lucas <- Drama, BBC19.9300:43:31CBR64DVD25
 Herschal & Moley <- Drama28.1000:30:41CBR128DVD12
 Herzog <- Bellow, Saul214.2408:52:30CBR56DVD99
 Higher <- Drama, Bbc121.4702:12:34CBR128DVD86
 Hills like White Elephants <- Hemingway, Ernest18.0100:13:07CBR191DVD22
 Himalaya <- Palin, Michael321.6405:51:20CBR127DVD10
 Hippopotamus,  The <- Fry, Stephen248.0509:01:53CBR63DVD56
 Hiraeth in Hughesovka <- Drama, BBC19.0600:41:38CBR64DVD23
 Hiroshima <- Hersey, John214.2105:25:58VBR91DVD41
 His Brother's Debt <- L`Amour, Louis4.6100:40:19CBR15DVD9
 His Dark Materials <- Pullman, Philip938.1934:09:24CBR64DVD11
 History Book <- Drama197.0803:35:14ABR128DVD15
 History of Hitler's Empire,  The <- Lectures82.0105:58:19CBR31DVD63
 History of World Literature <- Lectures, TTC1013.6024:35:49CBR96DVD30
 History of the English Language,  The <- Lectures, TTC761.2018:28:17CBR96DVD30
 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,  The <- Adams, Douglas321.0805:50:38CBR128DVD101
 Hitler and Stalin <- Rees, Laurence380.0018:17:37CBR48DVD121
 Hobbit <- Tolkien, JRR203.0003:41:43CBR128DVD7
 Hobbit,  The <- Tolkien, JRR152.3911:06:17CBR31DVD1
 Hocus Pocus <- Vonnegut, Kurt401.2809:44:23CBR96DVD60
 Hollow,  The <- Christie, Agatha178.0508:23:51VBR49DVD40
 Holy Sh t <- Mohr, Melissa295.3810:45:09CBR64DVD74
 Home Front <- Drama, BBC5182.92111:38:36CBR108DVD125
 Homesick <- Drama, BBC39.8900:43:34CBR128DVD37
 Homo Cameleopard <- Poe, Edgar Allen6.8400:19:55CBR48DVD11
 Honolulu <- Maugham, W Somerset24.2501:00:30CBR56DVD28
 Honorary Consul,  The <- Greene, Graham286.4510:24:56CBR64DVD42
 Honourable Schoolboy,  The <- Carre, John Le845.1620:30:44CBR96DVD52
 Hop Frog <- Poe, Edgar Allen9.7000:28:16CBR47DVD11
 Hordes Of The Things <- Drama, BBC108.0001:57:57CBR128DVD5
 Host,  The <- Meyer, Stephenie1273.3923:00:36CBR128DVD134
 Hot Flat and Crowded <- Friedman, Thomas476.3820:54:23VBR53DVD48
 Hotel New Hampshire,  The <- Irving, John548.1919:57:27CBR64DVD114
 Hothouse <- Aldiss, Brian247.7009:01:06CBR64DVD121
 Hound of Baskervilles abrd,  The <- Doyle, Arthur Conan44.2602:08:55CBR47DVD7
 Hound of Baskervilles,  The <- Doyle, Arthur Conan38.0805:32:47CBR15DVD9
 House Of Usher <- Poe, Edgar Allen18.0900:52:42CBR47DVD11
 House of Pride,  The <- London, Jack260.0009:26:03CBR64DVD124
 How I Live Now <- Drama, BBC31.1901:08:08CBR63DVD23
 How the Marquis Got His Coat Back <- Readings, BBC12.5200:43:46CBR39DVD83
 Human Compatible Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control <- Russell, Stuart639.7011:38:04CBR128DVD135
 Human Croquet <- Atkinson, Kate284.9210:22:27CBR63DVD72
 Human Factor,  The <- Greene, Graham257.8109:23:05CBR64DVD31
 Human Operators,  The <- VanVogt, A E11.5200:50:19CBR32DVD18
 Hunger Games,  The <- Collins, Suzanne621.8511:11:21CBR129DVD65
 Hunting of the Snark <- Carroll, Lewis11.7500:34:14CBR47DVD62
 HuntingFishing AtoZern <- Zern, Ed30.1902:55:51CBR24DVD17
 Hyperion Cantos <- Simmons, Dan2637.9895:33:55CBR64DVD134
 I Am Crying All Inside And Other Stories <- Simak, Clifford601.4510:56:57CBR127DVD131
 I Am Emma Humphreys <- Drama, Bbc52.6800:57:31CBR128DVD86
 I Am Legend <- Matheson, Richard229.8704:11:03CBR128DVD57
 I Before Bee <- Drama, Bbc41.2700:45:02CBR128DVD85
 I Capture the Castle <- Smith, Dodie337.9712:18:18CBR64DVD93
 I Know What You Need <- King, Stephen13.4200:58:39CBR31DVD13
 I Will Repay <- Orczy, Baroness Emma169.0507:17:28VBR54DVD123
 I'M The Boss <- Drama, Bbc52.2400:57:02CBR128DVD86
 I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again 1 <- Drama, BBC49.3201:47:41CBR64DVD24
 I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again <- Drama, BBC11.7200:25:36CBR63DVD23
 I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again <- Radio, BBC718.7544:58:19CBR37DVD129
 I'm a Stranger Here Myself <- Bryson, Bill324.9605:54:24CBR128DVD42
 I, Robot <- Asimov, Isaac143.9908:22:43CBR40DVD10
 IELTS <- Courses, English42.3106:09:44CBR15DVD9
 IWoz <- Wozniak, Steve272.8709:13:49ABR68DVD64
 Ian Fleming <- Drama, BBC79.8401:27:12ABR128DVD26
 Ian Rankin <- Drama, BBC104.7801:54:23CBR128DVD66
 Icarus Falling <- Drama, BBC59.9800:43:40CBR192DVD36
 Identity <- Kundera, Milan231.8104:13:12CBR128DVD56
 Idiots,  The <- Conrad, Joseph92.0101:06:58CBR192DVD22
 Ilona Davydova <- Courses, English79.6307:43:53CBR23DVD9
 Imajica <- Barker, Clive1035.2337:21:06CBR64DVD135
 Immortality Inc <- Sheckley, Robert239.3505:48:17CBR96DVD73
 Imp of Perverse <- Poe, Edgar Allen6.1500:17:56CBR47DVD11
 In A Free State <- Naipaul, V S498.9009:04:14CBR128DVD132
 In Case Of Emergency <- Drama, Bbc40.6200:44:20CBR128DVD86
 In Cold Blood <- Capote, Truman302.9414:40:56CBR48DVD28
 In One Person <- Irving, John450.8416:24:47CBR64DVD114
 In Other Worlds <- Atwood, Margaret232.7308:28:20CBR64DVD87
 In Praise Of Love <- Drama, Bbc79.9901:27:20CBR128DVD86
 In Pursuit Of The Green Lion <- Riley, Judith Merkle32.5003:09:20CBR24DVD12
 In The Woods <- French, Tana561.4020:26:15CBR64DVD69
 In a Dark, Dark Wood <- Ware, Ruth263.0409:34:33CBR64DVD111
 In another Country <- Hemingway, Ernest26.3600:19:12CBR191DVD22
 Incredibly Guilty Comic Moral <- Drama, Bbc40.5600:44:16CBR128DVD85
 Information,  The <- Amis, Martin953.5017:20:04CBR128DVD131
 Inheritors,  The <- Golding, William186.5907:45:54CBR55DVD80
 Inimitable Jeeves <- Wodehouse, P G172.7306:17:20CBR64DVD9
 Inn of Two Witches,  The <- Conrad, Joseph107.1001:17:58CBR192DVD22
 Innocent,  The <- McEwan, Ian435.9607:55:26CBR128DVD76
 Inourtime <- Podcasts, BBC84.2203:29:42CBR56DVD35
 Inside Apple <- Lashinsky, Adam375.5806:50:14CBR128DVD64
 Inside the World of Google <- Programs, BBC40.7300:44:28CBR128DVD28
 Insomnia <- King, Stephen343.2624:59:29CBR32DVD13
 Internet - The Last Battleground,  The <- Adams, Douglas7.5000:43:42CBR23DVD3
 Internet Wants A Chat,  The <- Drama, BBC25.9600:56:43CBR64DVD23
 Interview with the vampire <- Rice, Anne358.1314:54:10CBR55DVD1
 Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl,  The <- Jour, Belle de143.5605:13:39CBR63DVD56
 Invisible Man <- Ellison, Ralph517.1818:36:42CBR64DVD129
 Invisible Man,  The <- Wells, H G98.6404:47:20CBR47DVD2
 Iris <- Readings, BBC32.5401:03:09ABR72DVD24
 Iris Murdoch - Dream Girl <- Drama, BBC52.2300:57:03CBR128DVD113
 Iris Murdoch <- Drama, BBC155.6502:49:26ABR128DVD50
 Iris Murdoch <- Drama, BBC158.2601:54:56CBR128DVD113
 Irish Short Stories <- Stories, Irish Short92.0105:21:36CBR39DVD3
 Iron Heel,  The <- London, Jack301.6310:53:42CBR64DVD124
 Isaac Asimov <- Drama, BBC216.1007:49:54CBR64DVD14
 Isaac Asimov <- Readings, BBC12.5000:27:18ABR64DVD24
 Isabel's Bed <- Lipman, Elinor29.0302:49:07CBR23DVD17
 Isabella de' Medici <- Readings, BBC30.5800:52:45ABR81DVD25
 Island of Dr Moreau,  The <- Wells, H G35.7405:12:22CBR15DVD4
 Island of Fay <- Poe, Edgar Allen4.9700:14:28CBR48DVD11
 Island of the lost <- Drama, BBC12.0300:52:34CBR31DVD1
 Islands In The Stream <- Hemingway, Ernest524.7413:29:33VBR90DVD65
 Ivanhoe <- Scott, Walter469.8119:30:18CBR56DVD39
 Ivanov <- Drama, BBC98.6201:47:43CBR128DVD37
 J B Priestley <- Drama, BBC383.4907:42:17ABR115DVD59
 J G Ballard <- Readings, BBC13.2800:29:01ABR64DVD25
 JRR Tolkien <- Drama, BBC160.0402:54:46ABR128DVD34
 JRR Tolkien <- Drama, BBC494.9812:00:54CBR95DVD2
 Jack Benny <- Drama11.3800:57:14CBR27DVD12
 Jack London <- Drama, BBC312.0703:47:15CBR191DVD124
 Jack London <- Drama, BBC52.2200:56:59CBR128DVD126
 Jack London <- Readings, BBC41.4700:45:18CBR127DVD124
 Jackaby <- Ritter, William177.1907:21:57CBR56DVD95
 Jackdaws <- Follett, Ken374.3613:33:20CBR64DVD78
 Jailbird <- Vonnegut, Kurt203.5207:24:34CBR64DVD38
 Jamaica Inn <- Maurier, Daphne Du144.4010:28:50CBR32DVD76
 James Follett <- Drama, BBC153.7802:47:57CBR128DVD8
 James Follett <- Drama, BBC648.5911:48:24ABR128DVD67
 James Hilton Goodbye Mr Chips <- Shows, BBC Radio42.9701:15:00CBR80DVD1
 Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC1279.7819:06:15CBR156DVD95
 Jane Austen <- Drama, BBC90.5905:16:36CBR40DVD12
 Jane Austen <- Librivox361.7913:10:19CBR64DVD20
 Jane Eyre <- Bronte, Charlotte249.3706:03:12CBR95DVD2
 Janitor,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.3700:44:02CBR128DVD85
 Jean Cocteau <- Drama, BBC92.7101:41:16ABR128DVD59
 Jean de La Fontaine <- Francaise10.2200:08:56CBR159DVD7
 Jean de La Fontaine <- Francaise20.1000:43:54CBR64DVD20
 Jean de La Fontaine <- Francaise20.6300:45:04CBR63DVD21
 Jeeves Comes To America <- Wodehouse, P G11.7101:08:16CBR23DVD11
 Jeeves in the Offing <- Wodehouse, P G50.2602:05:28CBR56DVD3
 Jelly Babies <- Drama, Bbc40.1800:43:50CBR128DVD85
 Jericho <- Readings, BBC79.1802:23:34ABR77DVD24
 Jerusalems Lot <- King, Stephen31.6701:32:15CBR48DVD13
 Jess L <- Shows, BBC Radio32.3101:10:29CBR64DVD10
 Jesus The Devil And A Kid Called Death <- Drama, Bbc40.7200:44:25CBR128DVD85
 Jimmy's Letters <- Drama, BBC20.0000:43:41CBR64DVD22
 John Buchan <- Drama52.0201:53:38CBR64DVD18
 John Cheever Audio Collection <- Cheever, John288.9307:33:30ABR89DVD45
 John Cleese Peter Cook Dudley Moore <- Drama, BBC60.1802:30:07CBR56DVD12
 John Fowles <- Drama, BBC78.2502:50:56CBR64DVD2
 John Galsworthy <- Drama, BBC415.3815:00:41CBR64DVD104
 John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC119.5001:27:00ABR192DVD38
 John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC123.8802:15:16ABR128DVD28
 John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC230.0905:08:51ABR104DVD26
 John Le Carre <- Drama, BBC665.0912:49:15ABR120DVD25
 John LeCarre <- Drama, BBC303.8306:28:44CBR109DVD2
 John Searle <- Lectures191.0206:57:17CBR64DVD14
 John Steinbeck <- Drama, BBC39.3202:51:47CBR31DVD10
 John Thomas and Lady Jane <- Lawrence, D H370.3013:28:57CBR63DVD116
 John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC198.8203:36:58CBR128DVD69
 John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC20.1101:27:49CBR32DVD14
 John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC41.7003:02:13CBR31DVD16
 John Wyndham <- Drama, BBC58.0001:00:00CBR64DVD31
 John Wyndham <- Readings, BBC112.9803:19:54ABR79DVD31
 John le Carre <- Drama, BBC157.6702:51:24ABR128DVD50
 Johnathan Stange and Mr. Norrell <- Clarke, Susanna446.6432:31:28CBR31DVD133
 Jokester <- Readings, BBC12.8700:28:08CBR63DVD23
 Jonathan Livingston Seagull <- Bach, Richard44.1600:48:14CBR128DVD17
 Jonny Zucker <- Readings, BBC44.5601:19:48ABR78DVD43
 Joseph Conrad A BBC Radio Collection <- Drama, BBC260.7709:28:04CBR64DVD107
 Journey To The Centre Of The Earth <- Verne, Jules171.4008:19:16CBR47DVD11
 Jude the Obscure <- Hardy, Thomas401.8414:36:32CBR64DVD80
 Jules Verne <- Drama, BBC44.0400:47:48CBR128DVD2
 Jules Verne <- Drama, BBC50.9201:55:10ABR61DVD31
 Jules Verne <- Francaise222.2908:05:38CBR63DVD21
 Julian Barnes <- Drama, BBC105.1701:54:45CBR128DVD134
 Jupiter 5 <- Clarke, Arthur C35.4101:17:20CBR64DVD79
 Just William <- Crompton, Richmal378.3513:37:47CBR64DVD84
 Just a Minute <- Shows, BBC Radio12.3000:53:44CBR31DVD2
 Karel Capek <- Drama, BBC144.3101:44:51ABR192DVD43
 Katherine Swynford The Story of John of Gaunt and his Scandalous Duchess <- Readings, BBC30.6801:07:02CBR63DVD23
 Kathleen Higgins <- Lectures333.8712:09:15CBR64DVD4
 Kenneth Grahame <- Drama, BBC16.2602:22:09CBR15DVD5
 Key to Rebecca,  The <- Follett, Ken347.7412:30:49CBR64DVD78
 Kidnapped <- Stevenson, Robert Louis226.9808:15:46CBR64DVD118
 Killing of Sister George,  The <- Drama, BBC119.2101:26:48CBR192DVD38
 Killing the Butterfly <- Drama, BBC77.7900:56:38CBR192DVD38
 Kim <- Kipling, Rudyard655.4111:55:51CBR128DVD129
 Kindly Ones,  The <- Littell, Jonathan1080.2439:07:20CBR64DVD64
 King Pest <- Poe, Edgar Allen12.2600:35:44CBR47DVD11
 King Solomon's Mines <- Haggard, H Rider156.5807:36:03CBR48DVD3
 King of Torts,  The <- Grisham, John317.5514:39:53CBR50DVD15
 King, Queen, Knave <- Nabokov, Vladimir273.6709:40:50VBR65DVD84
 Kingsnorth Six,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.4300:44:07CBR128DVD85
 Kneebone Cadillac,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.6700:44:22CBR128DVD88
 Kraken Wakes,  The <- Wyndham, John215.4007:50:24CBR64DVD69
 Kurt Vonnegut <- Drama, BBC105.3001:57:00CBR125DVD72
 Kurt Vonnegut <- Readings, BBC30.8400:33:41CBR128DVD37
 Kurt Vonnegut in Conversation <- Radio, Alternative20.8800:52:08CBR55DVD10
 L L Zamenhof <- Librivox62.8802:17:24CBR63DVD23
 Labyrinths <- Borges, Jorge Luis60.6902:53:48CBR48DVD87
 Ladies Of Missalonghi,  The <- McCullough, Colleen68.1904:57:51CBR32DVD111
 Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories,  The <- Clarke, Susanna290.3207:01:44CBR96DVD133
 Lady Chatterley's Lover <- Lawrence, D H484.7815:33:24ABR72DVD54
 Lady Chatterly's Lover-Abridged <- Lawrence, D H31.5803:03:59CBR23DVD2
 Lady In The Van,  The <- Drama, Bbc54.8500:59:52CBR128DVD86
 Lady Oracle <- Atwood, Margaret617.0711:12:59CBR128DVD71
 Lady Susan <- Austen, Jane69.1202:30:43CBR64DVD118
 Lady in the Lake,  The <- Drama, BBC39.3201:25:53CBR64DVD23
 Lanark a life in four books <- Gray, Alasdair653.5227:11:34CBR56DVD134
 Land of Mist <- Doyle, Arthur Conan202.4409:49:43CBR47DVD12
 Landfall <- Drama, Bbc52.3400:57:08CBR128DVD88
 Langoliers,  The <- King, Stephen233.1508:29:13CBR64DVD13
 Language Instinct - How the Mind Creates Language abrd,  The <- Pinker, Steven44.6203:14:56CBR32DVD34
 Language Instinct How the Mind Creates Language,  The <- Pinker, Steven520.4818:55:51CBR64DVD119
 Last Chance To See <- Adams, Douglas88.8706:28:17CBR32DVD3
 Last Days of Shandakor,  The <- Readings, BBC25.7500:56:14CBR64DVD24
 Last Defender of Camelot,  The <- Zelazny, Roger25.3900:55:27CBR64DVD3
 Last Goodnight,  The <- Blum, Howard403.2914:30:02CBR64DVD78
 Last Night Another Soldier <- Drama, Bbc52.6900:57:32CBR128DVD86
 Last Night in Twisted River <- Irving, John1009.6024:30:20CBR96DVD114
 Last Project,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.2500:43:55CBR128DVD86
 Last Rung on the Ladder,  The <- King, Stephen6.7900:29:39CBR32DVD13
 Last Theorem,  The <- Clarke, Arthur C302.7912:35:58CBR55DVD79
 Lathe of Heaven,  The <- LeGuin, Ursula K229.0306:40:10CBR80DVD61
 Laughing Gas <- Wodehouse, P G198.2508:14:58CBR55DVD3
 Laughter In The Dark <- Drama, BBC90.9101:39:17CBR128DVD35
 Laurence Sterne <- Drama193.3902:20:48ABR192DVD56
 Lawn Wars <- Drama, BBC60.1300:43:47CBR192DVD36
 Lawrence of Arabia <- Drama, BBC60.1901:45:11CBR80DVD25
 Lectures <- Chomsky, Noam71.7102:36:39CBR64DVD19
 Lees of Happiness,  The <- Fitzgerald, F Scott79.1800:57:39CBR192DVD21
 Left Hand of Darkness,  The <- LeGuin, Ursula K188.1309:07:43CBR48DVD5
 Legend Of Sleepy Hollow <- Irving, Washington51.9301:25:07VBR85DVD41
 Legend of Sleepy Hollow,  The <- Irving, Washington121.8201:28:42CBR192DVD22
 Legends <- Walston, Elbert Dee5.1500:30:01CBR23DVD17
 Legends of the Fall <- Harrison, Jim230.4008:23:16CBR64DVD90
 Leo Tolstoy <- Drama, BBC370.3212:46:21CBR67DVD4
 Les Miserables <- Drama, BBC313.4705:40:06CBR128DVD35
 Les Miserables <- Hugo, Victor2499.6460:38:00CBR96DVD83
 Lessons <- McEwan, Ian399.9717:35:01VBR53DVD113
 Lessons in Mastery <- Robbins, Tony61.3605:57:23CBR24DVD11
 Leverage <- Drama, Bbc52.0600:56:48CBR128DVD88
 Lexicon <- Barry, Max173.9712:37:25CBR32DVD73
 Liar,  The <- Fry, Stephen232.8408:28:36CBR64DVD43
 Library Policeman,  The <- King, Stephen240.3508:57:55ABR62DVD48
 Librivox <- Podcasts25.6300:28:00CBR127DVD22
 Life 3.0 Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence <- Tegmark, Max371.5113:29:55CBR64DVD135
 Life After Life <- Atkinson, Kate425.0215:28:30CBR63DVD111
 Life And Fate <- Drama, Bbc208.8307:35:53CBR64DVD88
 Life Begins At Crawley <- Drama, Bbc40.4100:44:06CBR128DVD86
 Life Of Pi <- Martel, Yann281.0411:35:12VBR56DVD35
 Life Scientific,  The <- Podcasts, BBC1227.4243:11:38CBR66DVD72
 Life The Universe and Everything <- Adams, Douglas111.6505:25:03CBR48DVD3
 Life as a Teenager <- Programs, BBC50.7701:43:23ABR68DVD30
 Life as an Adult <- Programs, BBC50.4901:36:35ABR73DVD30
 Ligeia <- Poe, Edgar Allen19.4200:56:33CBR48DVD11
 Light of Other Days <- Baxter, Stephen477.8511:35:50CBR96DVD55
 Light that Failed,  The <- Kipling, Rudyard236.1308:35:00CBR64DVD129
 Lighthouse,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.4000:44:06CBR128DVD86
 Lightning <- Koontz, Dean713.1012:58:54CBR128DVD110
 Like An Angel Passing Through My Room <- Drama, Bbc40.3100:43:59CBR128DVD85
 Like Minded People <- Drama, Bbc53.0500:57:54CBR128DVD86
 Likeness,  The <- French, Tana618.1122:30:19CBR63DVD74
 Lilo <- Drama, Bbc40.4400:44:08CBR128DVD85
 Linguist A Personal Guide to Language Learning,  The <- Kaufmann, Steve117.1104:14:30CBR64DVD63
 Linguistics and Philosophy <- Chomsky, Noam40.8701:29:17CBR63DVD9
 Lion of Comarre and Other Stories,  The <- Clarke, Arthur261.0909:30:22CBR63DVD59
 Little Britain <- Drama, BBC87.1804:10:35CBR48DVD8
 Little Drummer Girl,  The <- Carre, John Le494.1517:59:18CBR64DVD53
 Little Friend,  The <- Tartt, Donna1006.0024:21:00CBR96DVD90
 Little John <- Owen, Howard31.6503:04:21CBR24DVD12
 Little Man From Archangel,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.5500:44:15CBR128DVD86
 Little Platoons <- Drama, Bbc80.1101:27:28CBR128DVD86
 Little Sister,  The <- Drama, BBC44.0001:36:07CBR64DVD23
 Little Stranger,  The <- Waters, Sarah435.7715:51:10CBR64DVD119
 Little Women <- Alcott, Louisa May446.0908:07:11CBR128DVD45
 Lives and Work of Somerset Maugham,  The <- Programs, BBC160.3202:55:07CBR127DVD127
 Lives of the Artists,  The <- Vasari, Giorgio1300.0032:45:09M4B64DVD136
 Living History <- Clinton, Hillary148.4007:01:25CBR49DVD17
 Living Language - Fluent English <- Courses, English19.4502:30:57CBR18DVD35
 Liza of Lambeth <- Maugham, W Somerset192.3203:30:05CBR127DVD71
 Lodger Shakespeare on Silver Street,  The <- Readings, BBC31.4501:08:42CBR63DVD23
 Loitering with Intent <- Spark, Muriel136.8304:58:29CBR64DVD76
 Lolita <- Nabokov, Vladimir271.3111:17:26CBR55DVD12
 London Bridges <- Patterson, James112.2008:10:13CBR32DVD10
 London Fields <- Amis, Martin623.0122:40:45CBR64DVD131
 Lonely Road <- Shute, Nevil245.0008:48:00M4A64DVD123
 Long After Midnight <- Bradbury, Ray230.1608:22:48CBR63DVD37
 Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul,  The <- Adams, Douglas164.7805:59:58CBR64DVD4
 Looking At Love <- Maupassant, Guy de27.6302:40:59CBR23DVD3
 Looking Glass War,  The <- Carre, John Le370.7608:59:54CBR96DVD53
 Lord Arthur Saviles Crime <- Wilde, Oscar37.3501:21:41VBR41DVD22
 Lord Jim <- Conrad, Joseph193.0914:03:40CBR31DVD12
 Lord Of Chaos <- Jordan, Robert29.1102:49:34CBR24DVD17
 Lord of the Flies <- Golding, William160.7506:45:01VBR55DVD5
 Lord of the Flies <- Golding, William168.4107:00:27CBR55DVD129
 Lost Continent,  The <- Bryson, Bill209.3710:09:47CBR48DVD42
 Lost Face <- London, Jack104.4303:45:25CBR64DVD124
 Lost Horizon <- Hilton, James232.3208:26:51CBR64DVD95
 Lost Property <- Drama, Bbc122.5302:13:43CBR128DVD85
 Lost Stories <- Alcott, Louisa May28.4502:45:47CBR23DVD3
 Lottery Ticket,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.4800:44:10CBR128DVD85
 Lotus Eater,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset60.2700:43:46CBR192DVD32
 Love Contract <- Drama, BBC20.0100:43:42CBR64DVD23
 Love of Life, and Other Stories <- London, Jack143.5005:12:08CBR64DVD124
 Love-makers <- Gould, Judith29.0802:49:27CBR23DVD12
 Loved One,  The <- Waugh, Evelyn117.0103:24:09CBR80DVD112
 Lovely Lady,  The <- Lawrence, D H75.9400:55:16CBR192DVD37
 Luck of the Bodkins,  The <- Wodehouse, P G452.0809:06:51VBR115DVD49
 Luckenbooth <- Fagan, Jenni299.0010:47:00M4B65DVD120
 Lucky Jim <- Amis, Kingsley327.3607:56:40CBR96DVD47
 Luke Slaughter <- Drama, BBC366.4506:40:13CBR128DVD8
 Luminaries,  The <- Catton, Eleanor808.0629:24:26CBR64DVD72
 Luna New Moon <- McDonald, Ian684.8916:36:38ABR96DVD92
 Luzhin Defense,  The <- Nabokov, Vladimir238.9408:38:13CBR64DVD80
 MS in The Bottle <- Poe, Edgar Allen9.9600:29:00CBR48DVD11
 Machines Like Me <- McEwan, Ian299.6510:54:08CBR64DVD113
 Macmillan'S Marvellous Motion Machine <- Drama, Bbc41.1000:44:51CBR128DVD85
 Madame Bovary <- Drama, BBC48.2414:03:07CBR7DVD87
 MaddAddam <- Atwood, Margaret552.3013:24:20CBR96DVD81
 Made in America <- Bryson, Bill63.8802:19:34CBR63DVD62
 Magic Toyshop,  The <- Carter, Angela148.8207:13:25CBR48DVD101
 Magician,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset252.1408:55:27ABR65DVD28
 Magnetic North,  The <- Readings, BBC63.6901:09:34CBR128DVD63
 Magnificent Andrea,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.6500:44:22CBR128DVD85
 Magus,  The <- Fowles, John1508.9427:28:07CBR128DVD54
 Magus,  The <- Fowles, John726.3726:26:37CBR64DVD105
 Making of a Nation,  The <- Radio Voice of America208.8410:08:10CBR48DVD11
 Maltese Falcon,  The <- Hammett, Dashiell197.8807:12:14CBR64DVD34
 Man And His Symbols <- Jung, Carl Gustav102.9213:50:57CBR17DVD105
 Man In A Wheelbarrow <- Drama, Bbc40.6700:44:22CBR128DVD86
 Man Upstairs,  The <- Wodehouse, P G143.0902:36:10CBR128DVD2
 Man Who Built Tunnels,  The <- Drama, BBC19.7100:43:04CBR63DVD22
 Man Who Was Thursday,  The <- Chesterton, G K111.5605:24:52CBR48DVD14
 Man in the Black Suit,  The <- King, Stephen100.5903:39:41CBR64DVD13
 Man in the Picture,  The <- Drama, BBC31.3101:08:24CBR63DVD22
 Man's Search for Meaning <- Frankl, Viktor E259.2804:43:01CBR128DVD109
 Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning <- Frankl, Viktor E247.4704:30:00CBR128DVD44
 Manderley Forever <- Rosnay, Tatiana de375.3413:39:51CBR64DVD91
 Mansfield Park <- Austen, Jane705.7217:04:02CBR96DVD118
 Marazan <- Shute, Nevil209.6607:36:41CBR64DVD123
 Marcel Pagnol <- Francaise234.2104:15:54CBR127DVD27
 Marguerite Yourcenar <- Francaise677.0209:50:59CBR160DVD27
 Marie Roget Mystery <- Poe, Edgar Allen51.7702:30:50CBR47DVD11
 Mark Gatiss <- Drama, BBC517.6809:25:24CBR128DVD121
 Market <- Drama, Bbc245.7904:28:13CBR128DVD85
 Markheim <- Stevenson, Robert Louis6.2200:54:19CBR16DVD22
 Marnie <- Drama, Bbc52.3800:57:10CBR128DVD86
 Marriage Plot <- Eugenides, Jeffrey2700.0015:32:03M4A64DVD94
 Martian Chronicles,  The <- Bradbury, Ray199.0507:14:43CBR64DVD9
 Martian,  The <- Weir, Andy149.6210:53:36CBR32DVD74
 Martin Eden <- London, Jack474.3814:38:41VBR75DVD73
 Marx's Das Kapital A Biography <- Wheen, Francis121.7203:16:10VBR86DVD78
 Mary Anne <- Maurier, Daphne Du168.2712:15:13CBR31DVD76
 Mary Poppins <- Travers, P L329.5403:59:42CBR192DVD56
 Mary Shelley <- Drama, BBC51.9301:25:00ABR85DVD25
 Masada <- Schiller, Jon67.5306:33:16CBR24DVD15
 Masquerader,  The <- Thurston, Cecil97.6602:22:13CBR96DVD64
 Master Harold And The Boys <- Drama, Bbc79.7001:27:01CBR128DVD86
 Master and Margarita,  The <- Bulgakov, Mikhail469.9617:06:34CBR64DVD29
 Master of Ballantrae,  The <- Stevenson, Robert Louis242.6208:50:01CBR63DVD118
 Masterworks of Early 20th Century Literature <- Lectures, TTC473.7611:29:49CBR96DVD38
 Matisse Stories,  The <- Byatt, A S109.6702:39:38CBR96DVD116
 McMafia <- Glenny, Misha867.2615:47:11CBR128DVD46
 Mclevy <- Drama, Bbc162.6102:57:26CBR128DVD85
 Me. Stories of My Life <- Hepburn, Katharine160.9402:55:48CBR127DVD60
 Meaning Of Love,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.5300:44:14CBR128DVD86
 Meaning of Everything The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary,  The <- Winchester, Simon198.0407:08:09CBR64DVD57
 Meet Mr Mulliner <- Wodehouse, P G150.5105:42:08ABR61DVD49
 Memoirs Of A Teenage Radical <- Drama, Bbc39.6700:43:18CBR128DVD85
 Memoirs of a Geisha <- Golden, Arthur92.8804:48:19CBR45DVD18
 Memoirs of the Second World War <- Churchill, Winston2492.7345:22:45CBR127DVD117
 Memories Dreams Reflections <- Jung, Carl15.7701:42:53CBR21DVD3
 Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus <- Gray, John84.9901:32:50CBR127DVD1
 Merry Go Round,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset692.0312:34:22CBR128DVD87
 Message to the Planet,  The <- Murdoch, Iris667.7724:16:21CBR64DVD77
 Messages to a Submariner <- Drama, BBC19.6000:42:50CBR63DVD23
 Metamorphoses <- Ovid240.8417:32:15CBR31DVD69
 Metroland <- Barnes, Julian240.0505:46:35CBR96DVD134
 Michel Drout <- Lectures1665.7140:23:21ABR96DVD57
 Microserfs abrd <- Coupland, Douglas78.3202:51:04CBR64DVD43
 MiddleSex <- Eugenides, Jeffrey1166.2721:11:36ABR128DVD62
 Middlemarch <- Eliot, George1176.2635:36:26VBR76DVD100
 Midnight <- Koontz, Dean855.3115:33:58CBR128DVD110
 Midsummer <- Drama, Bbc52.5200:57:19CBR128DVD86
 Midwich Cuckoos <- Drama, BBC24.1701:24:31CBR39DVD7
 Midwich Cuckoos,  The <- Wyndham, John458.4908:11:09M4B65DVD107
 Mightier than the Sword <- Programs, BBC6.6400:14:30ABR64DVD25
 Mikhail Bulgakov <- Drama, BBC204.3903:43:15CBR128DVD37
 Mill on the Floss,  The <- Eliot, George261.6619:02:58CBR32DVD38
 Million Pound Bank Note,  The <- Drama, BBC52.2800:57:03CBR128DVD65
 Mindhunter <- Douglas, John426.8515:31:55CBR64DVD77
 Mindswap <- Sheckley, Robert319.5104:40:04VBR159DVD73
 Miracle Worker <- Drama, Bbc41.2300:45:00CBR128DVD85
 Misery <- Drama, BBC40.6001:28:40CBR64DVD36
 Misery <- King, Stephen286.8811:56:12CBR56DVD4
 Miss Petigrew Lives for a Day <- Drama, BBC64.7001:10:41CBR127DVD11
 Missing Meerschaum,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.2800:43:58CBR128DVD86
 Mission Paris <- Lessons, French119.4202:10:22CBR128DVD23
 Mission to the Stars <- VanVogt, A E68.8805:00:57CBR31DVD18
 Mixed Courses <- Courses, English42.2803:16:31CBR30DVD16
 Mixture As Before,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset342.3708:18:37CBR96DVD127
 Moab is my Washpot <- Fry, Stephen319.7611:38:22CBR64DVD43
 Moby Dick <- Melville, Herman611.4611:07:47CBR128DVD22
 Moby Dick <- Melville, Herman96.0004:39:35CBR48DVD2
 Modern Scholar TMS,  The <- Lectures3531.2885:42:31CBR96DVD102
 Mole <- Drama, Bbc40.4300:44:07CBR128DVD85
 Mole Cooks His Goose <- Townsend, Sue3.3400:14:35CBR32DVD64
 Moll Flanders <- Defoe, Daniel161.9002:56:52CBR127DVD69
 Moll Flanders <- Defoe, Daniel376.2912:39:00CBR64DVD22
 Mommie Dearest <- Crawford, Christina129.9409:27:44CBR31DVD10
 Monday Starts on Saturday <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris248.1908:56:30CBR64DVD96
 Money, A Suicide Note <- Amis, Martin454.0916:31:55CBR64DVD131
 Monk,  The <- Lewis, Matthew423.3415:23:09CBR64DVD69
 Monkey,  The <- King, Stephen37.9102:45:38CBR31DVD4
 Monsieur Valdemar <- Poe, Edgar Allen9.8700:28:45CBR47DVD11
 Monty Python <- Drama, BBC111.7002:30:18CBR103DVD7
 Monty Python <- Drama, BBC15.2200:21:58CBR96DVD2
 Monty Python <- Drama, BBC76.7700:52:16CBR205DVD12
 Moon Tiger <- Lively, Penelope218.8507:51:40CBR64DVD90
 Moon and Sixpense,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset209.9607:37:22CBR64DVD18
 Moon is Down,  The <- Steinbeck, John118.6604:19:12CBR64DVD87
 Moon is a Harsh Mistress,  The <- Heinlein, Robert585.6414:12:13CBR96DVD40
 Moonstone abrd,  The <- Collins, Wilkie114.4605:33:25CBR47DVD17
 Moral Disorder <- Atwood, Margaret366.4106:39:41CBR128DVD71
 Mortal Immortal,  The <- Readings, BBC7.9800:27:53CBR40DVD83
 Moscow Club <- Finder, Joseph193.9914:07:35CBR31DVD12
 Most Secret <- Shute, Nevil350.4512:45:31CBR64DVD123
 Mostly Harmless <- Adams, Douglas145.7905:29:40CBR61DVD4
 Mote in God's Eye,  The <- Pournelle, Niven and576.9720:28:42CBR65DVD89
 Mother Goose English Nursery Rhymes <- Poems156.2501:08:12CBR320DVD62
 Mother Night <- Vonnegut, Kurt194.6911:35:43VBR39DVD32
 Mother Tongue,  The <- Bryson, Bill307.0411:10:31CBR64DVD9
 Mouse That Roared <- Drama, BBC65.6100:57:20CBR159DVD10
 Mowgli Stories <- Kipling, Rudyard56.8302:21:50CBR56DVD14
 Mr Jones Goes Driving <- Drama, Bbc40.2900:43:59CBR128DVD85
 Mr Know-All <- Maugham, W Somerset23.0700:16:45CBR192DVD32
 Mr Luby'S Fear Of Heaven <- Drama, Bbc40.5500:44:16CBR128DVD85
 Mr Luby's Fear of Heaven <- Drama, BBC39.8500:43:32CBR127DVD65
 Mr Maugham's Journey Home <- Drama, BBC32.1001:10:05CBR64DVD29
 Mrs Dalloway <- Woolf, Virginia379.7907:26:07VBR119DVD46
 Mrs Lirriper <- Drama, BBC78.6602:51:50CBR64DVD22
 Ms Murder etc <- Christie, Agatha50.7604:55:46CBR23DVD1
 Much Obliged, Jeeves <- Wodehouse, P G153.2304:36:32VBR77DVD40
 Murder in the Mews <- Christie, Agatha54.1601:58:18CBR64DVD2
 Murderbot Diaries <- Wells, Martha391.2014:14:11CBR64DVD90
 Muriel Spark <- Drama, BBC26.0401:53:48CBR31DVD3
 Murphy <- Beckett, Samuel189.2506:51:54CBR64DVD105
 Mutinty on the Bounty <- Drama157.5002:51:41CBR128DVD55
 Mutiny of the Elsinore <- London, Jack308.2411:12:33CBR64DVD124
 My Antonia <- Cather, Willa317.2208:38:37ABR85DVD41
 My Cousin Rachel <- Maurier, Daphne Du164.6811:57:46CBR32DVD76
 My Dear Children Of The Whole World <- Drama, Bbc53.2800:58:09CBR128DVD86
 My Haunted Expression <- Drama, Bbc40.4200:44:07CBR128DVD85
 My Life <- Clinton, Bill84.4506:08:58CBR31DVD8
 My Life Is A Series Of People Saying Goodbye <- Drama, Bbc40.3500:44:02CBR128DVD85
 My Name Is Iqbal Masih <- Drama, Bbc39.8800:43:31CBR128DVD85
 My Name Is Stephen Luckwell <- Drama, Bbc40.4900:44:12CBR128DVD86
 My Year Off <- Drama, Bbc40.4500:44:08CBR128DVD85
 Mysteries of Sleep <- Readings, BBC7.9400:27:46CBR39DVD83
 Mysterious Affair at Styles <- Christie, Agatha46.9104:33:21CBR23DVD1
 Mysterious Case of Maria,  The <- Drama, BBC40.4600:44:09VBR128DVD66
 Mysterious Mr Quin,  The <- Christie, Agatha43.8900:47:55CBR128DVD65
 Mysterious Stranger <- Twain, Mark98.9004:48:07CBR47DVD11
 Mystery Of The Spanish Chest <- Christie, Agatha19.0901:23:24CBR31DVD10
 Mystery of the Blue Jar,  The <- Christie, Agatha19.7100:42:59CBR64DVD10
 Mystery of the Blue Train,  The <- Christie, Agatha223.2608:07:42CBR64DVD10
 Myth of Sisyphus,  The <- Camus, Albert155.5306:28:15CBR56DVD103
 N Or M <- Christie, Agatha129.1906:16:16CBR48DVD10
 Name of the Rose,  The <- Eco, Umberto1161.1921:05:48CBR128DVD92
 Narrow Corner,  The <- Maugham, Somerset201.6007:20:25CBR63DVD56
 Nature <- Podcasts96.6404:41:30CBR47DVD22
 Nature of Space and Time,  The <- Hawking, Stephen19.3600:39:30VBR68DVD17
 Neanderthal Parallax 1 - Hominids,  The <- Sawyer, Robert J297.3511:26:18VBR60DVD97
 Neanderthal Parallax 2 - Humans,  The <- Sawyer, Robert J159.4407:44:14CBR48DVD97
 Neanderthal Parallax 3 - Hybrids,  The <- Sawyer, Robert J162.9007:54:10CBR48DVD97
 Need For Nonsense,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.4500:44:09CBR128DVD85
 Neil Gaiman <- Drama, BBC623.4010:54:00CBR64DVD93
 Neither here Nor there <- Bryson, Bill308.1605:36:26CBR128DVD42
 Nemean Lion,  The <- Christie, Agatha63.2002:18:05CBR63DVD10
 Net Force <- Clancy, Tom95.9003:29:30CBR64DVD5
 Neuromancer <- Gibson, William356.3308:38:55CBR96DVD11
 Never Let Me Go <- Ishiguro, Kazuo243.8409:40:55VBR58DVD111
 Neverwhere <- Gaiman, Neil686.6712:21:56ABR129DVD52
 Neverwhere abrd <- Gaiman, Neil167.4603:02:55CBR127DVD7
 Nevil Shute <- Drama, BBC52.0901:53:32CBR64DVD94
 New Europe <- Palin, Michael754.0206:51:39CBR256DVD103
 New Yorkers <- Henry, O17.6800:51:30CBR48DVD12
 Next 100 Years - A Forecast for the 21st Century,  The <- Friedman, George133.4809:43:12CBR31DVD60
 Nicci French <- Readings, BBC30.8501:07:24CBR64DVD23
 Night Flyer <- King, Stephen40.6701:28:52CBR63DVD1
 Night Manager,  The <- Carre, John Le784.3119:02:15CBR95DVD53
 Night Train to Lisbon <- Mercier, Pascal207.1608:37:12CBR56DVD73
 Night Watch,  The <- Waters, Sarah533.2119:21:51CBR64DVD119
 Night Without End <- MacLean, Alistair294.0910:41:58CBR64DVD62
 Nights at the Circus <- Carter, Angela268.9413:03:17CBR48DVD101
 Nine Princes In Amber <- Zelazny, Roger84.4703:04:31CBR64DVD3
 No Highway <- Shute, Nevil230.2211:53:24VBR45DVD123
 No Particular Place To Go <- Drama, Bbc40.7100:44:26CBR128DVD86
 No Way Home A Cuban Dancer's Story <- Readings, BBC31.2901:08:22CBR63DVD23
 Nobody <- Drama, BBC20.0000:43:42CBR63DVD23
 Noise A Flaw in Human Judgment <- Kahneman, Daniel821.9014:07:06M4B64DVD101
 Noise of Time,  The <- Barnes, Julian78.1305:41:22CBR32DVD134
 Non-Stop <- Aldiss, Brian370.7408:59:57CBR95DVD63
 Northanger Abbey <- Austen, Jane214.9907:40:15CBR65DVD118
 Norwegian Wood <- Murakami, Haruki368.5013:23:06CBR64DVD44
 Nostromo - A Tale of the Seaboard <- Conrad, Joseph327.4915:53:51CBR48DVD35
 Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less <- Archer, Jeffrey60.1902:55:18CBR48DVD11
 Not the End of the World <- Atkinson, Kate164.3905:59:06CBR64DVD72
 Notes To Self <- Drama, Bbc40.6900:44:24CBR128DVD85
 Notes from a Small Island <- Bryson, Bill662.9212:03:59CBR128DVD42
 Notes from the Underground <- Dostoevsky, Fyodor99.2204:48:59CBR48DVD12
 Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible The Surreal Heart of the New Russia <- Pomerantsev, Peter233.4808:28:05CBR64DVD133
 Novacene The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence <- Lovelock, James184.2503:20:39CBR128DVD119
 Nutshell <- McEwan, Ian148.0005:26:00M4B64DVD81
 Ob'Owa <- Drama, Bbc52.3700:57:10CBR128DVD86
 Occupation <- Drama, Bbc39.8500:43:30CBR128DVD86
 Ocean At The End Of The Lane,  The <- Gaiman, Neil144.1605:50:07VBR57DVD74
 Of Human Bondage <- Maugham, W Somerset695.4221:55:30ABR73DVD25
 Of Mice And Men <- Steinbeck, John42.0203:03:34CBR32DVD7
 Offshore <- Fitzgerald, Penelope138.0005:01:25CBR64DVD132
 Old Devils,  The <- Amis, Kingsley232.2911:16:31CBR48DVD115
 Old Man and the Sea,  The <- Hemingway, Ernest56.8502:22:20CBR55DVD5
 Old Spies,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.5000:44:12CBR128DVD85
 Old Time Radio <- Drama, BBC1898.5382:29:17CBR53DVD16
 Old Time Radio <- Drama1317.5823:59:09CBR128DVD96
 Oliver Twist <- Dickens, Charles400.0416:19:24VBR57DVD11
 On Chesil Beach <- McEwan, Ian247.4404:29:55CBR128DVD32
 On The Beach <- Shute, Nevil254.3909:15:39CBR64DVD94
 On a Chinese Screen <- Maugham, W Somerset138.2804:55:31CBR65DVD127
 On a Pale Horse <- Anthony, Piers312.3412:55:25CBR56DVD8
 One Chord Wonders <- Drama, Bbc261.0204:44:54CBR128DVD88
 One Day <- Nicholls, David859.1516:29:33VBR121DVD111
 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest <- Kesey, Ken138.0510:03:12CBR31DVD11
 One For The Road <- King, Stephen9.2700:40:30CBR32DVD13
 One Hundred Years of Solitude <- Marquez, Gabriel Garcia689.5716:43:56ABR96DVD47
 Ones to Watch Volume 2 <- Readings, BBC30.9601:07:39CBR63DVD23
 Op center balance Of Power <- Clancy, Tom110.4804:01:19CBR64DVD5
 Open Door Policy <- Teall, Eric25.7500:28:06CBR128DVD17
 Oprah Winfrey-Real Story <- Mair, George29.4302:51:25CBR24DVD17
 Ordeal <- Shute, Nevil91.9706:40:53CBR32DVD123
 Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold,  The <- Waugh, Evelyn136.7504:58:29CBR64DVD112
 Orlando <- Woolf, Virginia118.9108:39:27CBR32DVD14
 Orson Scott Card <- Drama, BBC256.6107:24:13CBR69DVD109
 Orwell Collection Animal Farm 1984 <- Orwell, George444.1916:10:04CBR64DVD93
 Oryx and Crake <- Atwood, Margaret599.7610:55:02CBR128DVD54
 Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC104.1801:53:47CBR128DVD4
 Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC44.8701:38:01ABR64DVD59
 Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC569.7009:07:25ABR145DVD41
 Oscar Wilde <- Drama, BBC57.5801:40:39CBR79DVD11
 Oscar Wilde <- Drama104.7101:54:22ABR128DVD55
 Oscar Wilde <- Librivox248.5608:58:22CBR64DVD20
 Oscar Wilde <- Readings, BBC6.4500:14:05CBR64DVD23
 Other Man,  The <- Drama, BBC60.6017:39:03CBR7DVD87
 Our Game <- Carre, John Le477.6511:35:30CBR96DVD52
 Our Kind of Traitor <- Carre, John le320.0111:38:31CBR64DVD78
 Our Mathematical Universe <- Tegmark, Max211.3115:23:06CBR32DVD78
 Out of the Silent Planet <- Programs, BBC50.7703:38:04CBR32DVD7
 Outlander Series 1 Outlander <- Gabaldon, Diana898.5132:43:00CBR63DVD58
 Outlander Series 2 Dragonfly in Amber <- Gabaldon, Diana1072.5639:03:15CBR63DVD58
 Outlander Series 3 Voyager <- Gabaldon, Diana1191.8943:23:51CBR63DVD58
 Outlander Series 4 Drums of Autumn <- Gabaldon, Diana1233.7644:55:17CBR63DVD58
 Outside Dog,  The <- Bennett, Alan12.4700:27:14CBR63DVD66
 Oval Portrait <- Poe, Edgar Allen3.3500:09:46CBR47DVD11
 Over the River and Through the Woods <- Simak, Clifford205.2407:28:07CBR64DVD61
 Oxford Book of SF Stories,  The <- Shippey, Tom465.8927:00:26CBR40DVD77
 P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC166.5802:01:18CBR191DVD1
 P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC185.4113:12:28CBR32DVD3
 P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC25.1701:50:00CBR31DVD8
 P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC328.4812:27:23ABR61DVD60
 P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC416.4708:54:29ABR108DVD49
 P G Wodehouse <- Drama, BBC87.5803:38:33ABR56DVD28
 P G Wodehouse <- Librivox163.2605:56:40CBR63DVD20
 Painted Veil,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset213.1407:45:33CBR64DVD28
 Pale Blue Dot <- Sagan, Carl96.1003:49:40CBR58DVD3
 Pale Fire <- Nabokov, Vladimir256.3909:20:05CBR64DVD75
 Panopticon,  The <- Fagan, Jenni211.0609:25:39VBR52DVD120
 Papillon <- Cherrier, Henri250.7018:15:16CBR32DVD126
 Paradise Lost <- Milton, John559.9410:11:38CBR127DVD33
 Parasite,  The <- Readings, BBC12.7600:27:53CBR64DVD23
 Paris Stories <- Gallant, Mavis462.3816:48:26CBR64DVD75
 Park Life <- Drama, Bbc40.5800:44:17CBR128DVD85
 Passion Play <- Drama, BBC39.5801:26:28CBR64DVD24
 Passion of New Eve,  The <- Carter, Angela240.8308:45:58CBR64DVD117
 Pastoral <- Shute, Nevil228.8408:19:52CBR64DVD95
 Pastures Of Heaven,  The <- Steinbeck, John198.8007:13:55CBR64DVD105
 Patchwork Girl Of Oz,  The <- Baum, L Frank77.5705:38:49CBR32DVD15
 Path Of Daggers <- Jordan, Robert118.5011:30:12CBR24DVD17
 Path to Tranquility <- Lama, Dalai100.5503:04:01CBR76DVD3
 Patriot Games,  The <- Clancy, Tom225.9802:46:20VBR189DVD68
 Payback <- Drama, Bbc52.7200:57:33CBR128DVD86
 Paying Guests,  The <- Waters, Sarah533.9821:30:32VBR57DVD119
 Pearl,  The <- Steinbeck, John88.1202:46:23VBR74DVD74
 Penelopiad The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus,  The <- Atwood, Margaret91.3503:19:33CBR64DVD87
 Penguin Ghost Stories <- Stories, Ghost79.5702:53:49CBR63DVD7
 Penny Dreadfuls Present Revolution,  The <- Drama, Bbc52.3200:57:07CBR128DVD86
 Penwyth Curse,  The <- Coulter, Catherine303.8611:04:39CBR63DVD11
 People Next Door,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.5600:44:16CBR128DVD86
 People in America <- Radio Voice of America193.5609:23:40CBR48DVD11
 Percival Keene <- Marryat, Frederick396.5214:26:08CBR64DVD133
 Perfume <- Suskind, Patrick174.0008:26:39CBR48DVD18
 Persuasion <- Austen, Jane360.6208:45:12CBR95DVD118
 Persuasion <- Austen, Jane531.7309:40:36CBR128DVD38
 Peter Pan <- Barrie, JM122.0601:46:40CBR159DVD9
 Peter Saccio <- Lectures492.7817:56:26CBR64DVD9
 Phantom of the Opera <- Leroux, Gaston34.9710:11:16CBR7DVD16
 Phantom of the Opera,  The <- Leroux, Gaston156.5805:41:41CBR64DVD76
 Phantoms <- Koontz, Dean299.6914:32:52CBR48DVD62
 Phantoms in the Brain <- Ramachandran, V S296.6010:47:53CBR64DVD77
 Philip Jose Farmer <- Librivox167.8006:06:33CBR64DVD21
 Philip Marlowe 01 - The Big Sleep <- Chandler, Raymond169.8506:11:00CBR64DVD34
 Philip Marlowe 02 - Farewell, My Lovely <- Chandler, Raymond195.2507:06:29CBR64DVD34
 Philip Marlowe 03 - The High Window <- Chandler, Raymond10.1701:28:52CBR16DVD34
 Philip Marlowe 04 - The Lady in the Lake <- Chandler, Raymond14.4201:23:58CBR24DVD34
 Philip Marlowe 05 - The Little Sister <- Chandler, Raymond9.6101:23:59CBR16DVD34
 Philip Marlowe 07 - The Long Goodbye <- Chandler, Raymond50.1202:25:58CBR48DVD34
 Philip Marlowe 08 - Playback <- Chandler, Raymond132.2004:48:45CBR64DVD34
 Philip Marlowe 09 - Poodle Springs with Robert B Parker <- Chandler, Raymond74.5902:42:57CBR63DVD34
 Philosopher's Pupil <- Murdoch, Iris618.6523:09:27VBR62DVD84
 Phumzile <- Drama, Bbc40.6800:44:24CBR128DVD85
 Physics of the Future by the Year 2100 <- Kaku, Michio430.0417:53:33CBR56DVD115
 Physics of the Impossible <- Kaku, Michio647.5011:45:54CBR128DVD44
 Pianist,  The <- Drama, BBC25.9500:56:42CBR63DVD22
 Piccadilly Jim <- Wodehouse, P G449.2708:09:28CBR128DVD49
 Picture Of Dorian Gray <- Wilde, Oscar30.5208:53:39CBR7DVD8
 Picture of Dorian Gray,  The <- Wilde, Oscar239.0405:47:44CBR96DVD26
 Pied Piper <- Shute, Nevil240.4708:44:30CBR64DVD94
 Pierre Choderlos deLaclos <- Drama, BBC105.5801:55:24CBR127DVD129
 Pierre Choderlos deLaclos <- LibriVox398.9514:31:23ABR64DVD24
 Piers Anthony <- Readings, BBC27.7101:00:33CBR63DVD23
 Pilgrim's Progress,  The <- Bunyan, John257.9109:22:27CBR64DVD76
 Piligrimage to Earth <- Sheckley, Robert80.4300:58:26ABR192DVD42
 Pillars of the Earth <- Follett, Ken39.3205:43:37CBR15DVD10
 Pink Boy Blue Girl <- Drama, Bbc40.5900:44:17CBR128DVD86
 Pinocchio <- Collodi, Carlo39.6905:46:50CBR15DVD9
 Piranesi <- Clarke, Susanna383.8106:58:47CBR128DVD133
 Pirates A New History from Vikings to Somali Raiders <- Lehr, Peter412.9115:01:56CBR64DVD134
 Pit and Pendulum <- Poe, Edgar Allen14.7600:42:59CBR47DVD11
 Places Where They Sing <- Drama, Bbc40.3100:44:00CBR128DVD86
 Plague,  The <- Camus, Albert347.0808:25:23CBR96DVD46
 Plain Tales from the Hills <- Kipling, Rudyard194.0207:03:37CBR64DVD44
 Planet B <- Drama, BBC264.3404:48:41CBR128DVD37
 Planet Of The Apes <- Boulle, Pierre62.0201:07:42CBR128DVD39
 Planets,  The <- Cohen, Andrew212.6007:43:13CBR64DVD115
 Player Piano <- Vonnegut, Kurt270.5511:15:17CBR56DVD32
 Playing For His Life <- Drama, Bbc40.5900:44:18CBR128DVD86
 Playing With Fire <- Drama, Bbc79.7801:27:07CBR128DVD86
 Pnin <- Nabokov, Vladimir136.9405:41:44CBR56DVD84
 Poison Belt <- Doyle, Arthur Conan41.3203:00:33CBR31DVD15
 Pole to Pole <- Palin, Michael116.4605:39:13CBR47DVD2
 Police <- Programs, BBC2.8800:06:18CBR63DVD22
 Porno <- Welsh, Irvine167.8806:06:44CBR64DVD30
 Portnoy's Complaint <- Roth, Philip138.8908:27:30VBR38DVD132
 Portrait Of Winston <- Drama, Bbc41.1500:44:55CBR128DVD88
 Portrait of a Lady,  The <- James, Henry733.0326:41:09CBR64DVD105
 Positive <- Drama, Bbc40.2000:43:53CBR128DVD86
 Positronic Man,  The <- Asimov, Isaac203.9308:29:00CBR56DVD36
 Possession <- Byatt, A S602.0221:52:54CBR64DVD101
 Possession <- Drama, BBC184.1203:21:06CBR128DVD64
 Postal <- Lowe, Jonathan78.0207:34:27CBR24DVD12
 Poul Anderson Selected Sci-Fi Stories <- Anderson, Poul364.9513:15:52CBR64DVD112
 Pouring Poison <- Drama, Bbc40.6300:44:20CBR128DVD85
 Power and the Glory,  The <- Greene, Graham243.9108:52:51CBR63DVD62
 PreIntermediate <- Courses, English229.9104:11:08CBR127DVD9
 Premature Burials <- Poe, Edgar Allen15.1900:44:16CBR47DVD11
 Prenup <- Drama, Bbc40.4800:44:10CBR128DVD85
 Present Laughter <- Drama, LAT38.2801:23:32CBR64DVD78
 Present at the Creation <- Aczel, Amir345.6008:23:19CBR96DVD121
 Prestige,  The <- Priest, Christopher350.0012:15:58M4B56DVD95
 Pride and Prejudice <- Austen, Jane372.6611:36:14VBR74DVD118
 Prime of Miss Jean Brodie <- Spark, Muriel109.9103:59:47CBR64DVD76
 Prince and the Pauper,  The <- Twain, Mark287.7306:59:01CBR96DVD16
 Princess of Mars <- Burroughs, Edgar Rice27.7602:41:44CBR24DVD17
 Problems of Philosophy,  The <- Russell, Bertrand84.0906:07:24CBR32DVD121
 Project Hail Mary <- Weir, Andy890.7816:10:56CBR128DVD122
 Promos <- Shakir, Jamel72.8401:19:27CBR128DVD15
 Protector <- Niven, Larry203.0507:23:31CBR64DVD65
 Providence and the Butler <- Wodehouse, P G12.7700:13:55CBR128DVD65
 Puppet On A Chain <- MacLean, Alistair111.4608:06:56CBR32DVD53
 Purge <- Oksanen, Sofi231.9010:01:31VBR53DVD134
 Purloined Letter <- Poe, Edgar Allen18.9500:55:11CBR48DVD11
 Purple Land,  The <- Drama, Bbc82.4601:30:00CBR128DVD86
 Put Out More Flags <- Waugh, Evelyn82.3105:58:49CBR32DVD112
 Putin's People How the KGB Took Back Russia and Then Took On the West <- Belton, Catherine499.8818:11:50CBR64DVD93
 Quartet <- Drama, Bbc40.9500:44:41CBR128DVD85
 Queen's Gambit,  The <- Tevis, Walter338.0011:58:00M4B64DVD95
 Quiet American,  The <- Greene, Graham372.6906:46:45CBR128DVD25
 R L Stevenson <- Drama, BBC104.9801:54:39ABR128DVD28
 R L Stevenson <- Drama, BBC60.6701:28:21CBR96DVD3
 R L Stevenson <- Librivox86.2703:08:27CBR64DVD20
 Race To Dover,  The <- Programs, BBC25.4400:27:47CBR128DVD39
 Radio Free Albemuth <- Dick, Philip K364.8107:46:17CBR109DVD66
 Ragnarok, The End of the Gods <- Byatt, A S102.3103:43:28CBR64DVD116
 Rain and Other Stories <- Maugham, W Somerset215.1007:49:49CBR64DVD127
 Rainbow Six <- Clancy, Tom117.0406:05:21VBR44DVD66
 Rainbow and the Rose,  The <- Shute, Nevil214.0607:46:59CBR64DVD94
 Rainbow,  The <- Lawrence, D H464.2418:22:54VBR58DVD84
 Ralph <- Drama, BBC12.1900:05:19CBR320DVD25
 Random Jottings of Hinge and Bracket,  The <- Drama, BBC357.1223:24:26CBR35DVD80
 Rationality From AI to Zombies <- Yudkowsky, Eliezer1340.0049:37:00M4B64DVD135
 Raven Black <- Drama, Bbc52.6900:57:31CBR128DVD86
 Raven,  The <- Poe, Edgar Allan7.7900:08:30CBR128DVD17
 Ray Bradbury 5 Stories <- Bradbury, Ray221.4202:40:47CBR192DVD46
 Ray Bradbury <- Drama, BBC13.4900:46:03CBR40DVD1
 Ray Bradbury <- Drama, BBC132.9601:56:09ABR160DVD59
 Ray Bradbury <- Stories, Short1.7200:10:02CBR24DVD1
 Raymond Chandler <- Drama, Bbc292.8805:19:45CBR128DVD88
 Raymond Chandler A BBC Radio Collection <- Drama, BBC509.3009:15:52CBR128DVD107
 Razor's Edge,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset280.1210:11:55CBR64DVD18
 Reading Like A Writer <- Prose, Francine124.0209:01:58CBR31DVD72
 Real Life of Sebastian Knight,  The <- Nabokov, Vladimir334.3706:04:58CBR128DVD75
 Real Thing <- Drama, LAT48.0801:44:56CBR64DVD78
 Rebecca <- Maurier, Daphne Du409.8214:49:49CBR64DVD76
 Recursion <- Crouch, Blake278.3410:47:39VBR60DVD84
 Red Alert <- MacLean, Alistair317.0511:31:18CBR64DVD14
 Red Death <- Poe, Edgar Allen5.7900:16:53CBR47DVD11
 Red Enters The Eye <- Drama, Bbc40.8200:44:33CBR128DVD85
 Red Moon Rising <- Drama, BBC31.3901:08:34CBR64DVD22
 Red Mountain Yellow River <- Readings, BBC31.6301:09:07CBR63DVD23
 Red Signal,  The <- Christie, Agatha22.1200:48:15CBR64DVD10
 Red Skeleton <- Drama5.0800:29:36CBR24DVD17
 Red To Black <- Dryden, Alex360.7612:54:50CBR65DVD50
 Referee <- Drama, Bbc40.4400:44:09CBR128DVD85
 Reith Lectures 2003 <- Lectures227.5410:28:44CBR50DVD14
 Relativity <- Einstein, Albert30.5302:13:20CBR32DVD123
 Remains of the Day,  The <- Ishiguro, Kazuo194.7607:05:05CBR64DVD111
 Remembrance of Things Past <- Proust, Marcel1208.6150:17:07CBR56DVD45
 Rendezvous and Other Stories,  The <- Maurier, Daphne Du248.5109:01:19CBR64DVD92
 Rendezvous with Rama <- Clarke, Arthur434.3907:54:28CBR128DVD55
 Republicans <- MCDonough, John19.8101:55:22CBR24DVD15
 Rescue Party <- Clarke, Arthur C32.8601:11:50VBR63DVD79
 Rescuing the Spectacled Bear <- Fry, Stephen128.2703:06:49CBR95DVD61
 Restaurant At The End Of The Universe <- Adams, Douglas111.2505:24:02CBR48DVD4
 Return of Tarzan <- Burroughs, Edgar Rice31.4803:03:21CBR24DVD17
 Return of the King,  The <- Tolkien, JRR503.0718:19:00CBR63DVD90
 Return of the Native <- Hardy, Thomas838.2415:13:14CBR128DVD40
 Revolt of the Elites,  The <- Lasch, Christopher208.0507:32:21CBR64DVD135
 Rich Man Poor Man <- Shaw, Irwin777.8928:19:20CBR63DVD67
 Richard Wolfson <- Lectures169.8212:22:00CBR31DVD12
 Richmal Crompton <- Readings, BBC28.5001:07:24CBR59DVD33
 Rightfully Mine <- Drama, Bbc40.6700:44:24CBR128DVD86
 Ringworld <- Niven, Larry319.0011:16:00M4B0DVD89
 Rip Boy <- Drama, Bbc52.7700:57:37CBR128DVD86
 Rip Van Winkle <- Irving, Washington29.8100:49:44VBR83DVD41
 Rites of Passage <- Golding, William210.2108:44:51CBR55DVD129
 River of Gods <- McDonald, Ian294.3721:26:07CBR32DVD91
 Riverside Villas Murder,  The <- Amis, Kingsley125.9306:06:47CBR48DVD115
 Riverworld Saga 1 To Your Scattered Bodies Go <- Farmer, Philip Jose216.0007:42:00M4B64DVD16
 Road To Durham <- Drama, Bbc52.3100:57:06CBR128DVD86
 Road Trip USA <- Higgins, Ronan89.8801:38:10CBR128DVD17
 Roadside Picnic 1 <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris405.0307:17:26CBR129DVD96
 Roadside Picnic 2 <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris224.6408:05:20CBR64DVD96
 Roadside Picnic Tale of the Troika <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris268.0409:40:06CBR64DVD96
 Robber Bride,  The <- Atwood, Margaret557.3220:12:44CBR64DVD87
 Robert Frost <- Poems34.9500:41:16ABR118DVD62
 Robert Louis Stevenson <- Drama, BBC244.3204:26:27CBR128DVD65
 Robert Louis Stevenson <- Readings, BBC31.0601:07:52CBR63DVD23
 Robert Sheckley <- Librivox81.5800:35:38CBR320DVD20
 Robert Sheckley et al <- SF, American194.9102:22:00CBR191DVD35
 Robinson Crusoe <- Defoe, Daniel383.9613:58:44CBR64DVD9
 Robinson Crusoe and His Farther Adventures <- Drama, BBC156.1901:53:43CBR192DVD42
 Rock Of Eye <- Drama, Bbc40.4100:44:06CBR128DVD86
 Rocky Jordan <- Drama, BBC12.2300:53:25CBR32DVD4
 Romola <- Eliot, George616.2621:53:26CBR64DVD100
 Room in the Tower and Other Ghost Stories,  The <- Rudyard Kipling and Others46.6900:50:51CBR128DVD44
 Rose Madder <- King, Stephen465.3517:05:14ABR63DVD13
 Rosewater <- Thompson, Tade282.2313:37:32CBR48DVD90
 Round The Bend <- Shute, Nevil357.8712:03:21VBR69DVD123
 Roxana <- Defoe, Daniel418.7915:14:50CBR64DVD105
 Ruby In The Smoke <- Pullman, Philip24.0701:45:10CBR31DVD12
 Rudolf Nureyev The Life <- Drama, BBC37.7801:08:39CBR76DVD22
 Rudyard Kipling <- Drama, BBC160.2002:19:57ABR160DVD64
 Rue Morgue Murders <- Poe, Edgar Allan35.5301:43:27CBR48DVD15
 Ruined City <- Shute, Nevil226.2506:35:08CBR80DVD39
 Rules of Atraction,  The <- Ellis, Bret Easton395.3809:34:53CBR96DVD47
 Rumpole Antisocial <- Drama, Bbc81.2201:28:37CBR128DVD85
 Runaway <- Graham, Heather33.4603:14:50CBR24DVD12
 Runaway <- Munro, Alice302.9511:01:17CBR64DVD88
 Russia House,  The <- Carre, John Le763.7613:54:08CBR128DVD52
 Russian Hide and Seek <- Amis, Kingsley246.9208:59:21CBR64DVD115
 Ruth Rendell BBC Radio Drama Collection,  The <- Drama, BBC189.3306:52:54CBR64DVD111
 S.O.S <- Christie, Agatha18.0900:39:26CBR64DVD10
 SH Without A Clue <- Doyle, Arthur Conan54.4502:38:36CBR47DVD7
 SOS <- Drama, BBC25.9600:56:43CBR63DVD22
 Sahara <- Palin, Michael271.3809:52:45CBR64DVD113
 Salmon of Doubt <- Adams, Douglas161.1107:49:15CBR48DVD3
 Salome <- Wilde, Oscar251.8003:03:08ABR192DVD28
 Samuel Beckett <- Drama, BBC101.5501:50:55ABR128DVD31
 Samuel Beckett <- Drama, BBC365.1005:52:52CBR144DVD37
 Sandcastle,  The <- Murdoch, Iris759.1913:17:00M4B159DVD113
 Saturday <- McEwan, Ian600.0910:54:12CBR128DVD30
 Sblt <- Drama, Bbc41.1400:44:54CBR128DVD85
 Scapegoat,  The <- Maurier, Daphne Du270.8013:07:21CBR48DVD76
 Scaramouche <- Sabatini, Rafael497.7812:04:58CBR95DVD61
 Scarlet Pimpernel,  The <- Orczy, Baroness Emma179.0408:19:56VBR50DVD123
 Scarlet Plague,  The <- London, Jack53.7801:57:14CBR64DVD124
 Scars of Evolution <- Programs, BBC50.6700:55:19CBR128DVD45
 Scenes of Clerical Life <- Eliot, George397.0514:05:36CBR65DVD100
 Sci-Phi - Science Fiction as Philosophy <- Lectures449.5413:05:39CBR79DVD98
 Science <- Radio Voice of America229.2211:07:30CBR48DVD14
 Science and discovery <- Lectures67.6102:38:15CBR59DVD2
 Science of Good and Evil,  The <- Shermer, Michael32.4102:21:33CBR32DVD102
 Scoop <- Waugh, Evelyn212.4707:44:08CBR64DVD7
 Screwtape Letters,  The <- Lewis, C S108.3803:56:42CBR64DVD4
 Sea Hunters,  The <- Cussler, Clive8.2100:47:50CBR24DVD3
 Sea Wolf <- London, Jack46.5004:30:55CBR23DVD2
 Sea the Sea,  The <- Murdoch, Iris577.5321:00:13CBR64DVD99
 Search for Intelligent Life in Space,  The <- Lectures82.1705:58:57CBR32DVD8
 Searoad <- LeGuin, Ursula K199.3507:15:26CBR64DVD39
 Sebastian Faulks <- Drama, BBC156.5902:51:02CBR128DVD80
 Secret Adversary,  The <- Christie, Agatha55.2908:03:00CBR16DVD10
 Secret Agent <- Conrad, Joseph225.3110:56:01CBR48DVD47
 Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13,  The <- Townsend, Sue85.6303:07:03CBR64DVD18
 Secret Garden <- Burnett, France Hodgson31.8803:05:41CBR24DVD17
 Secret History,  The <- Tartt, Donna824.8325:59:45CBR73DVD71
 Secret Pilgrim,  The <- Carre, John Le567.0113:45:49CBR95DVD53
 Secret Place,  The <- French, Tana478.6920:35:32VBR54DVD69
 Secret Sharar <- Conrad, Joseph16.1001:33:47CBR23DVD12
 Seduction by Design <- Brown, Sandra148.9305:25:21CBR63DVD1
 Seeing in the Dark <- Drama, BBC26.3000:57:28CBR63DVD23
 Selected Stories By Alice Munro <- Munro, Alice1048.1925:25:37CBR96DVD88
 Selective Memory <- Readings, BBC31.7201:09:18CBR64DVD23
 Sensation Perception and the Aging Process <- Lectures, TTC167.9412:13:36CBR32DVD31
 Sense and Sensibility <- Austen, Jane103.4003:45:52CBR64DVD11
 Sense and Sensibility <- Austen, Jane316.6111:25:26CBR64DVD118
 Sense of an Ending,  The <- Barnes, Julian79.5404:38:01CBR39DVD120
 Sensitive-A Casualty Of War,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.5700:44:17CBR128DVD85
 September In The Rain <- Drama, Bbc52.4300:57:13CBR128DVD86
 Serendipity of Science,  The <- Programs, BBC19.0501:23:14CBR32DVD5
 Sermon on the Mount <- LibriVox5.8000:12:39CBR64DVD24
 Seven Classic Plays <- Drama, Bbc321.0911:40:08CBR64DVD88
 Seven Steps to treason <- Hartland, Michael94.3709:09:33CBR24DVD19
 Seven Years In Tibet <- Harrer, Heinrich500.3810:17:44VBR113DVD43
 Sex and the City <- Bushnell, Candace355.8906:26:49CBR128DVD56
 Shades of Grey <- Fforde, Jasper326.2813:34:35CBR56DVD57
 Shadow Dance <- Carter, Angela181.0306:34:31CBR64DVD117
 Shadow Parable <- Poe, Edgar Allen3.3300:09:43CBR47DVD11
 Shadow Rising <- Jordan, Robert33.4803:15:03CBR23DVD17
 Shadow of the Torturer,  The <- Wolfe, Gene66.3909:16:22CBR16DVD89
 Shakespeare by another name <- Anderson, Mark37.6602:41:48VBR32DVD16
 Shakespeare's Tragedies <- Lectures, TTC494.4911:59:57CBR96DVD31
 Shall I Say A Kiss <- Drama, Bbc40.4400:44:08CBR128DVD86
 Shantaram <- Roberts, Gregory David1783.9743:11:50CBR96DVD77
 Shawshank Redemption <- King, Stephen51.1703:43:36CBR31DVD2
 Shawshank Redemption,  The <- King, Stephen81.0903:56:09CBR48DVD13
 She <- Haggard, H Rider245.6811:55:37CBR47DVD3
 Shell Seekers,  The <- Pilcher, Rosamunde535.0919:26:51CBR64DVD112
 Sherlock Returns <- Doyle, Arthur Conan108.1510:30:04CBR23DVD9
 Shining Guest,  The <- Drama, Bbc81.8401:29:19CBR128DVD88
 Shock Rock <- authors, Several33.7403:16:30CBR24DVD17
 Shopping Seduction and Mr Selfridge <- Readings, BBC31.6901:09:14CBR63DVD23
 Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,  The <- Hemingway, Ernest138.4101:40:48CBR191DVD22
 Short Poetry <- Librivox36.4901:19:43CBR63DVD20
 Short Stories <- LibriVox748.6427:14:58ABR64DVD24
 Short Stories <- Librivox1603.5958:23:10CBR63DVD20
 Short Stories <- Librivox210.8207:40:33CBR64DVD21
 Short Stories <- Librivox404.6714:44:02CBR63DVD23
 Short Stories <- Sheckley, Robert59.2501:26:46CBR95DVD73
 Short Stories EH,  The <- Hemingway, Ernest696.8914:28:34VBR112DVD32
 Short Stories V23 V25 <- Librivox190.7406:56:29CBR64DVD36
 Short Stories by Saki <- Saki104.9805:05:36ABR48DVD47
 Short Story Collection <- Clarke, Arthur C130.0512:37:32CBR24DVD5
 Short stories <- Doyle, Arthur Conan27.7104:02:13CBR15DVD9
 Shutter Island <- Lehane, Dennis527.2309:35:53CBR127DVD62
 Shy Baby <- Drama, Bbc40.3600:44:03CBR128DVD85
 Sidoni Segal <- Francaise5.7900:25:20CBR31DVD7
 Silas Marner <- Eliot, George238.0108:38:00CBR64DVD100
 Silence Fable <- Poe, Edgar Allen4.7800:13:55CBR47DVD11
 Silver Pigs,  The <- Drama, BBC50.9701:51:19CBR64DVD24
 Sins <- Gould, Judith32.5503:09:36CBR24DVD12
 Sirens of Titan,  The <- Vonnegut, Kurt218.1409:04:29CBR56DVD32
 Skipping Christmas <- Grisham, John21.9203:11:35CBR15DVD2
 Slam <- Hornby, Nick198.9607:13:58CBR64DVD38
 Slan <- VanVogt, A E192.7507:01:04CBR64DVD97
 Slan Hunter <- VanVogt, A E255.1709:16:22CBR64DVD31
 Slaughterhouse 5 <- Drama, BBC86.2701:29:04VBR135DVD41
 Slaughterhouse Five <- Vonnegut, Kurt333.9706:02:59WMA128DVD73
 Slaughterhouse Five <- Vonnegut, Kurt82.2205:20:06CBR35DVD14
 Sleepwalkers, How Europe Went to War in 1914,  The <- Clark, Christopher688.3624:54:47CBR64DVD136
 Slide Rule Autobiography of an Engineer <- Shute, Nevil238.2208:40:30CBR63DVD123
 Slipback <- Drama, BBC56.5601:01:45CBR128DVD7
 Small Acts Of Kindness <- Drama, Bbc41.1000:44:52CBR128DVD85
 Small Bachelor,  The <- Wodehouse, P G149.1007:14:13CBR48DVD49
 Smoke And Daggers <- Drama, Bbc40.4600:44:09CBR128DVD86
 Smoke Bellew <- London, Jack112.0812:18:37CBR21DVD22
 Smoke and Mirrors <- Drama, BBC59.9200:43:37CBR192DVD36
 Snail on the Slope,  The <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris266.1409:35:42CBR64DVD96
 Snow Country <- Kawabata, Yasunari108.4303:56:16CBR64DVD90
 Snow Crash <- Stephenson, Neal486.1817:23:12CBR65DVD89
 Snow Falling on Cedars <- Guterson, David594.3815:45:13VBR87DVD41
 Snowflake <- Drama, BBC124.2402:15:43CBR127DVD98
 Snows of Kilimanjaro,  The <- Hemingway, Ernest108.6501:19:08CBR191DVD22
 So Long And Thanks For All The Fish <- Adams, Douglas115.8304:13:00CBR64DVD4
 Sociology of Sexuality <- Lectures, TTC291.4107:04:18CBR96DVD31
 Sofa of Time,  The <- Drama, BBC48.6101:24:53CBR80DVD1
 Solar <- McEwan, Ian341.5912:09:55CBR65DVD76
 Solaris <- Drama, BBC52.1701:53:59CBR63DVD22
 Solaris <- Lem, Stanislaw111.0607:45:19CBR33DVD89
 Sole Survivor <- Koontz, Dean85.5912:27:46CBR16DVD2
 Somerset Maugham <- Stories, Short90.5101:38:53CBR127DVD35
 Somerset Maugham, A Life <- Meyers, Jeffrey430.1615:39:42CBR63DVD127
 Something Fresh <- Wodehouse, P G376.5807:29:57VBR117DVD49
 Something Wicked This Way Comes & A Sound of Thunder <- Bradbury, Ray511.2009:18:09CBR128DVD60
 Song Of Hiawatha,  The <- Drama, BBC52.2200:57:02CBR128DVD49
 Sonnets <- Shakespeare, William18.9200:33:22CBR79DVD12
 Sonnets <- Shakespeare, William26.0300:50:44ABR71DVD15
 Sons and Lovers <- Lawrence, D H452.3416:28:20CBR63DVD33
 Sophie's Choice <- Styron, William1624.8129:34:44CBR127DVD91
 Sorry Right Number <- King, Stephen8.6600:25:13CBR48DVD13
 Sound and The Fury,  The <- Faulkner, William135.9208:54:15ABR35DVD45
 South Sea Tales <- London, Jack200.9605:47:10CBR80DVD124
 South Sea Tales <- Stevenson, Robert Louis280.8110:05:28CBR64DVD118
 Souvenirs <- Drama, Bbc40.5000:44:13CBR128DVD86
 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan,  The <- Lectures, TTC13.9900:30:32CBR64DVD49
 Space Opera Renaissance 2006,  The <- Hartwell, David G1913.7169:35:49CBR64DVD108
 Speak, Memory - An Autobiography Revisited <- Nabokov, Vladimir549.6109:55:06CBR129DVD75
 Special Topics in Calamity Physics <- Pressl, Marisha1200.4021:45:22CBR128DVD109
 Speed of Dark,  The <- Moon, Elizabeth350.3112:45:18CBR63DVD14
 Spellbound Horses,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.1300:43:47CBR128DVD85
 Sphere <- Crichton, Michael90.0302:56:05VBR71DVD3
 Sphinx <- Poe, Edgar Allen4.4900:13:05CBR47DVD11
 Spies 'r Us <- A History of the CIA9.5901:23:47CBR15DVD8
 Spin Dictators <- Guriev, Sergei259.1209:23:57CBR64DVD126
 Spoken Word British Writers,  The <- Programs, BBC286.6303:25:34VBR194DVD115
 Spy Catcher <- Drama, BBC154.4510:49:05CBR33DVD66
 Spy Who Came in From the Cold,  The <- Carre, John Le257.7106:15:19CBR95DVD53
 Squaw,  The <- Stoker, Bram11.7200:34:09CBR47DVD11
 Stamboul Train <- Greene, Grahame202.3707:21:23CBR64DVD67
 Stand,  The <- King, Stephen562.7632:47:09ABR39DVD13
 Star Diaries,  The <- Lem, Stanislaw288.1911:50:21VBR56DVD67
 Star Flight <- Norton, Andre342.4812:24:51CBR64DVD107
 Stardust <- Gaiman, Neil131.2906:22:21CBR48DVD25
 Stardust A Love Story <- Drama, BBC19.9700:43:37CBR64DVD23
 Starlight Detectives How Astronomers, Inventors, and Eccentrics Discovered the Modern Universe <- Hirshfeld, Alan359.6914:57:15CBR56DVD111
 Stars My Destination,  The <- Bester, Alfred111.4708:00:40CBR32DVD89
 Stars' Tennis Balls,  The <- Fry, Stephen275.1410:01:02CBR64DVD12
 Starship Titanic <- Adams, Douglas68.6604:59:57CBR32DVD1
 Startide Rising <- Brin, David478.1017:24:25CBR64DVD89
 State Of The Art,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.5100:44:12CBR128DVD85
 State of Fear <- Crichton, Michael235.3917:08:00CBR32DVD60
 Status Civilization,  The <- Sheckley, Robert146.4605:19:54CBR64DVD83
 Stendhal <- Francaise351.6006:23:46CBR128DVD35
 Stephen Fry - In The Beginning Was The Nerd <- Programs, BBC51.3100:56:02CBR128DVD61
 Stephen Fry Presents a Selection of Oscar Wilde's Short Stories <- Wilde, Oscar185.1802:14:45CBR192DVD43
 Stephen King <- Drama, BBC23.4403:24:48CBR15DVD2
 Stephen King <- Drama, BBC78.2502:50:57CBR63DVD5
 Stephen King <- Drama98.7801:11:55ABR192DVD15
 Stephen King <- Stories, Short14.1600:30:55CBR64DVD1
 Stephen Morris and Pilotage <- Shute, Nevil264.9909:38:52CBR64DVD94
 Stock Market Crash of 1929 <- Abrams, Aron10.5801:01:40CBR23DVD20
 Stories <- Drama, BBC37.5201:21:58CBR63DVD22
 Stories of Vladimir Nabokov,  The <- Nabokov, Vladimir872.9831:36:05CBR64DVD75
 Stories of Your Life and Others <- Chiang, Ted217.4010:23:27CBR48DVD128
 Story of Civilization,  The <- Durant, Will1184.1957:28:49CBR48DVD7
 Story of Civilization,  The <- Durant, Will3267.98158:37:51CBR48DVD27
 Story of Civilization,  The <- Durant, Will4424.17213:47:05CBR48DVD6
 Story of English in 100 Words,  The <- Crystal, David218.6007:57:29CBR64DVD80
 Story of Human Language,  The <- Lectures, TTC250.8318:15:42CBR32DVD48
 Story of the Stone,  The <- Drama, BBC25.7300:56:12CBR63DVD22
 Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,  The <- Stevenson, Robert Louis92.1903:21:24CBR63DVD87
 Strange Highways <- Koontz, Dean56.6405:29:58CBR23DVD110
 Strange Meetings <- Drama, BBC109.7903:24:54CBR74DVD3
 Strange Weather Days <- Programs, BBC25.5400:55:49CBR63DVD23
 Stranger in a Strange Land <- Heinlein, Robert447.9616:18:34CBR64DVD2
 Stranger v1,  The <- Camus, Albert95.0603:57:18CBR56DVD103
 Stranger,  The <- Camus, Albert233.1904:14:34CBR128DVD103
 Strangers <- Koontz, Dean807.0329:22:14CBR64DVD110
 Strawberry Window and Other Stories,  The <- Bradbury, Ray323.9903:55:14ABR192DVD43
 Stream River Sea <- Drama, Bbc40.1900:43:53CBR128DVD86
 Streets of Pompeii,  The <- Drama, BBC88.9301:37:08CBR128DVD41
 Stuck in the Middle <- Programs, BBC25.2301:03:24ABR55DVD24
 Stuff of Thought,  The <- Pinker, Steven269.8509:36:52M4B63DVD119
 Stupid White Men <- Moore, Michael313.4448:33:53ABR15DVD15
 Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck,  The <- Manson, Mark225.1105:27:27CBR96DVD115
 Success Story <- Drama, Bbc40.3100:43:59CBR128DVD85
 Sue Townsend <- Readings, BBC26.6200:58:10CBR63DVD23
 Suicide Club,  The <- Stevenson, Robert Louis208.4403:47:41CBR127DVD65
 Summer Moonshine <- Wodehouse, P G213.2707:45:51CBR64DVD49
 Summer of the Aliens <- Drama, BBC77.6201:24:47CBR127DVD65
 Summertime on Icarus <- Readings, BBC8.8400:30:55CBR39DVD83
 Summing Up,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset244.7508:48:07ABR64DVD28
 Sun Dog,  The <- King, Stephen127.1506:10:15CBR48DVD13
 Sun also Rises,  The <- Hemingway, Ernest357.4206:30:24CBR127DVD37
 Sunk <- Drama, Bbc52.7300:57:34CBR128DVD88
 Superstions <- Drama, BBC54.4203:57:38CBR32DVD7
 Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman <- Feynman, Richard272.2311:46:53CBR53DVD14
 Survivor <- Palahniuk, Chuck138.3807:55:51VBR40DVD36
 Swann's Way <- Proust, Marcel1453.7821:33:58VBR157DVD74
 Sweet Tooth <- McEwan, Ian328.0012:04:00M4B64DVD81
 Swimming Home <- Levy, Deborah109.0004:04:00M4B65DVD120
 Sword of Honour <- Waugh, Evelyn527.2225:33:13CBR48DVD69
 T S Eliot <- Drama, BBC40.4400:44:09ABR128DVD64
 TMS - Astronomy Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe <- Lectures107.5407:49:44CBR32DVD32
 TMS - From Here to Infinity An Exploration of Science Fiction Literature <- Lectures439.0907:58:30CBR128DVD45
 TMS - History of the English Language <- Lectures154.2816:21:07VBR21DVD40
 TMS - Waking Dragon <- Lectures306.5207:26:22CBR96DVD64
 TTC Greatest Solo Works Piano <- Lectures2674.4519:28:30CBR319DVD98
 TTC - Building a Better Vocabulary <- Lectures514.4318:43:47CBR64DVD128
 TTC - Espionage and Covert Operations <- Lectures253.9312:19:35CBR48DVD65
 TTC - From Monet to Van Gogh - A History of Impressionism <- Lectures416.8712:08:29CBR80DVD136
 TTC - Language A to Z <- Lectures231.1706:12:54VBR86DVD128
 TTC - London - A Short History of the Greatest City in the Western World <- Lectures507.4612:19:00CBR96DVD63
 TTC - The Joy of Thinking <- Lectures56.1804:05:29CBR31DVD5
 TTC - The Science of Information <- Lectures426.0212:24:32CBR79DVD99
 TTC - Understanding Modern Electronics <- Lectures888.0714:40:56CBR140DVD136
 TTC - Understanding the Fundamentals of Music <- Lectures669.3512:11:07CBR127DVD98
 TTC <- Lectures1251.7930:22:19ABR96DVD67
 Tailor of Panama <- Carre, John Le370.8613:30:05CBR64DVD52
 Take A Girl Like You <- Amis, Kingsley398.8914:31:24CBR63DVD115
 Tale of Two Cities <- Dickens, Charles32.0603:06:46CBR24DVD3
 Talented Mr Ripley,  The <- Highsmith, Patricia484.9708:49:44CBR127DVD66
 Tales <- Stories, Short8.0200:37:35CBR29DVD1
 Tales <- Tales16.3101:08:47CBR33DVD16
 Tales From the Crypt <- Drama, BBC108.3205:14:16CBR48DVD8
 Tales Of Suspense <- Hitchcock, Alfred41.6801:44:03CBR56DVD2
 Tales from Ten Worlds <- Clarke, Arthur C204.6307:27:00CBR64DVD79
 Tales from the White Hart <- Clarke, Arthur152.7505:41:20ABR62DVD59
 Tales of the Fish Patrol <- London, Jack104.0303:01:15CBR80DVD124
 Talisman,  The <- King, Stephen574.9127:54:25CBR48DVD13
 Talking It Over <- Barnes, Julian301.6914:38:38CBR48DVD132
 Tarzan of The Apes <- Burroughs, Edgar Rice32.3303:08:16CBR24DVD17
 Taxi Queue,  The <- Readings, BBC62.6102:16:47CBR63DVD23
 Technofeudalism What Killed Capitalism <- Varoufakis, Yanis438.0007:39:00M4B64DVD136
 Telling the World <- Readings, BBC30.7301:07:08CBR63DVD23
 Ten Best Stories <- Henry, O562.7006:48:53ABR192DVD15
 Ten Indians <- Hemingway, Ernest20.5100:14:56CBR192DVD22
 Ten Lessons In Love <- Drama, Bbc40.9800:44:44CBR128DVD85
 Ten O'Clock People,  The <- King, Stephen36.3601:45:54CBR47DVD63
 Ten by Maugham <- Maugham, W Somerset264.2609:37:09CBR64DVD42
 Tender Is The Night <- Fitzgerald, F Scott181.2313:07:33CBR32DVD37
 Tennessee Williams <- Drama, BBC108.7001:58:44CBR127DVD37
 Tess of the D'Urbervilles <- Hardy, Thomas817.3614:20:38M4B32DVD105
 Thank You Jeeves <- Wodehouse, P G62.5902:36:15CBR56DVD3
 That's Not English <- Moore, Erin160.6105:50:36CBR64DVD78
 Thats Mine This Is Yours <- Drama, Bbc40.6200:44:20CBR128DVD85
 Theatre <- Maugham, W Somerset469.0008:07:00CBR128DVD25
 Theresa Breslin <- Readings, BBC30.8900:54:15ABR79DVD43
 They Came to Baghdad <- Christie, Agatha213.0907:44:45CBR64DVD63
 Things Fall Apart <- Achebe, Chinua489.8606:32:32VBR174DVD90
 Things they Carried <- O'Brien, Tim169.9607:04:16CBR56DVD90
 Things,  The <- Watts, Peter73.8500:53:46CBR192DVD67
 Thinking, Fast and Slow <- Kahneman, Daniel580.2020:02:06M4B64DVD101
 Thinner <- King, Stephen223.2710:20:37ABR50DVD15
 Thirteenth Tale,  The <- Setterfield, Diane429.9715:39:17CBR63DVD112
 This Is A True Story <- Drama, Bbc52.7000:57:32CBR128DVD86
 This Sceptred Isle <- Lee, Christopher2706.7676:58:14CBR81DVD97
 This Sceptred Isle <- Programs, BBC1292.3140:45:04ABR73DVD36
 This Side of Paradise <- Fitzgerald, F Scott245.6308:56:36CBR63DVD21
 This is America <- Radio Voice of America229.2211:07:30CBR48DVD14
 This is not Propaganda <- Pomerantsev, Peter206.0007:29:57CBR64DVD133
 Thomas Babington Macaulay <- LibriVox848.1930:52:18ABR64DVD24
 Thomas Babington Macaulay <- Librivox808.2323:43:32CBR79DVD21
 Thomas Hardy <- Drama, BBC144.7305:16:08ABR64DVD25
 Thomas Hardy <- Drama, BBC277.7913:09:37ABR49DVD54
 Thomas Hardy <- Drama, BBC75.1502:44:08ABR64DVD26
 Thorn Birds abrd,  The <- McCullough, Colleen345.5606:17:24CBR128DVD42
 Thorndyke - Forensic Investigator <- Freeman, R Austin76.4401:23:12CBR128DVD67
 Thousand Cranes <- Kawabata, Yasunari83.0203:00:16CBR64DVD90
 Three Early Novels <- Maugham, W Somerset653.2623:22:50CBR65DVD127
 Three Fat Women of Antibes,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset15.4000:33:38CBR64DVD28
 Three Japanese Gothic Tales <- Drama, BBC83.2101:30:53CBR128DVD66
 Three Men in a Boat <- Jerome, Jerome K42.6705:14:12CBR18DVD9
 Three Men on the Bummel <- Jerome, Jerome K50.1104:51:56CBR23DVD9
 Three-Body Problem,  The <- Cixin, Liu377.5613:26:13CBR65DVD112
 Through The Looking Glass <- Carroll, Lewis27.8802:42:25CBR23DVD9
 Thus Spoke Zarathustra <- Nietzsche, Friedrich126.5312:16:48CBR24DVD19
 Thuvia Maid of Mars <- Burroughs, Edgar Rice35.8903:29:05CBR23DVD17
 Ties That Bind,  The <- Drama, Bbc52.5500:57:22CBR128DVD86
 Till We Have Faces <- Lewis, CS223.0008:06:15CBR64DVD81
 Tim <- McCullough, Colleen219.4107:59:09CBR64DVD46
 Timandra Harkness and Linda Cotterill <- Drama, BBC40.6300:44:23CBR127DVD12
 Time Is the Simplest Thing <- Simak, Clifford236.3108:33:24CBR64DVD131
 Time Machine,  The <- Wells, H.G.43.7503:11:10CBR31DVD3
 Time Traveler's Almanac,  The <- Stories, SF1532.8859:51:40CBR59DVD107
 Time Traveler's Wife,  The <- Niffenegger, Audrey253.0517:54:35CBR32DVD66
 Time Wanderers,  The <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris169.4006:01:54CBR65DVD96
 Timeline <- Crichton, Michael41.9406:06:26CBR16DVD2
 Timequake <- Vonnegut, Kurt77.9405:40:31CBR31DVD10
 Tin Drum,  The <- Grass, Gunter699.7625:28:42CBR63DVD84
 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy <- Carre, John Le1068.9012:58:21CBR192DVD53
 Tipping the Velvet <- Waters, Sarah541.9719:09:57CBR65DVD119
 Titanium <- Drama, Bbc40.2100:43:53CBR128DVD85
 To Build A Fire <- London, Jack6.7600:39:24CBR24DVD12
 To Catch A Thief <- Drama, Bbc52.4600:57:16CBR128DVD86
 To Have or to Be <- Fromm, Erich174.0006:28:46M4B65DVD120
 To Kill A Mockingbird <- Lee, Harper286.2310:25:19CBR63DVD2
 To Kill A Mockingbird <- Lee, Harper695.2212:37:20CBR128DVD26
 To Sleep in a Sea of Stars <- Paolini, Christopher906.7032:30:00ABR0DVD92
 To The Lighthouse <- Woolf, Virginia101.4607:23:20CBR31DVD18
 To the Lighthouse <- Woolf, Virginia517.0009:03:09M4B64DVD124
 Tombs of Atuan <- LeGuin, Ursula K149.0805:25:41CBR63DVD8
 Too Much Happiness <- Munro, Alice320.8511:40:51CBR64DVD88
 Topping From Below <- Reese, Laura23.9902:19:47CBR23DVD10
 Torch No 1 <- Drama, BBC59.6900:43:27CBR192DVD36
 Torchwood <- Drama, BBC473.7503:26:17ABR321DVD41
 Torchwood <- Readings, BBC1842.0055:00:09M4B64DVD128
 Torchwood The Lost Files <- Drama, Bbc161.2102:55:57CBR128DVD86
 Toynbee Convector,  The <- Bradbury, Ray214.2108:54:48CBR55DVD37
 Travels With Charlie <- Steinbeck, John56.4608:13:15CBR16DVD9
 Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes <- Stevenson, Robert Louis156.8402:51:19CBR127DVD118
 Treasure Island <- Stevenson, R L363.5406:37:00CBR128DVD51
 Treasure Island <- Stevenson, Robert Louis76.6406:37:45CBR26DVD5
 Trembling of a Leaf,  The <- Maugham, W Somerset345.1708:22:41CBR96DVD68
 Trespasser,  The <- French, Tana551.9620:05:47CBR63DVD87
 Trillion Year Spree,  The <- Aldiss, Brian1124.0527:15:42CBR96DVD122
 Tropic of Cancer <- Miller, Henry393.7511:27:35CBR80DVD43
 Tropic of Capricorn <- Miller, Henry341.3812:25:43CBR64DVD43
 Trouble with Lichen <- Wyndham, John398.4907:06:09M4B65DVD107
 Trustee from the Toolroom <- Shute, Nevil323.2608:32:56VBR88DVD95
 Try This At Home <- Programs, BBC25.4200:55:31CBR64DVD10
 Trying to Save Piggy Sneed <- Irving, John228.1507:59:33CBR66DVD114
 Tulip Fever <- Readings, BBC134.6202:27:03CBR127DVD63
 Tunnel in the Sky <- Heinlein, Robert406.8607:24:25CBR127DVD126
 Turn of the Screw,  The <- James, Henry131.0104:45:47CBR64DVD72
 Turner Diaries,  The <- Pierce, William L551.9010:03:58VBR127DVD57
 Twentieth Century American Fiction <- Lectures, TTC391.5816:17:26CBR56DVD48
 Twilight Saga <- Meyer, Stephenie2247.7164:38:58ABR81DVD50
 Twisted Lip <- Doyle, Arthur Conan6.1400:53:39CBR15DVD9
 Two Pipe Problems <- Drama, Bbc81.1701:28:35CBR128DVD85
 Two Towers,  The <- Tolkien, JRR224.4916:20:45CBR32DVD1
 Typee <- Melville, Herman408.7705:56:28CBR160DVD20
 ULG 01 - The Dispossessed <- LeGuin, Ursula K19.9602:54:14CBR16DVD61
 ULG 02 - The Word For The World Is Forest <- LeGuin, Ursula K62.1303:05:44VBR46DVD61
 ULG 03 - Rocannon's World <- LeGuin, Ursula K71.5205:11:42CBR32DVD61
 ULG 04 - Planet Of Exile <- LeGuin, Ursula K69.9505:05:00CBR32DVD61
 ULG 05 - City of Illusions <- LeGuin, Ursula K101.2607:22:23CBR32DVD61
 ULG 06 - The Left Hand of Darkness <- LeGuin, Ursula K204.7509:56:22CBR48DVD61
 ULG 07 - Four Ways to Forgiveness <- LeGuin, Ursula K151.8911:02:16CBR32DVD61
 Ugly Little Boy,  The <- Asimov, Isaac323.0411:45:40CBR64DVD37
 Ulysses <- Joyce, James825.4430:00:30CBR64DVD99
 Ulysses-Abridged <- Joyce, James81.1204:43:34CBR39DVD3
 Unbearable Lightness of Being,  The <- Kundera, Milan113.5708:16:00CBR32DVD18
 Uncle Dynamite <- Wodehouse, P G279.5008:13:40VBR79DVD49
 Unconsoled,  The <- Ishiguro, Kazuo545.9519:52:36CBR64DVD120
 Under the Net <- Murdoch, Iris248.4509:00:42CBR64DVD84
 Under the Volcano <- Lowry, Malcolm429.6514:53:35CBR67DVD83
 Understand <- Readings, BBC99.2601:48:24CBR128DVD37
 Understanding Linguistics - The Science of Language <- Lectures994.6018:06:24CBR127DVD128
 Understanding Literature and Life- Drama Poetry and Narrative <- Lectures, TTC1351.9632:48:33CBR96DVD48
 Unfinished Business <- Drama, Bbc41.2000:44:58CBR128DVD85
 Universe Within From Quantum to Cosmos,  The <- Lectures389.9606:14:52VBR145DVD78
 Universe in a Nutshell <- Hawking, Stephen49.0500:42:51CBR160DVD19
 Universe,  The <- Cohen, Andrew237.5808:39:00CBR64DVD115
 Unstrung Heroes <- Lidz, Franz28.6502:46:52CBR24DVD17
 Untouched By Human Hands <- Sheckley, Robert159.2105:44:02CBR64DVD73
 Upgrade <- Crouch, Blake539.0909:47:57CBR128DVD113
 Uplift <- Brin, David1650.48120:09:10CBR32DVD91
 Uranium Wars <- Aczel, Amir108.6807:54:47CBR32DVD122
 Ursula And Boy <- Drama, Bbc40.2500:43:56CBR128DVD85
 Ursula le Guin <- Drama, BBC107.1201:56:17CBR128DVD1
 V <- Pynchon, Thomas456.0020:05:09M4B64DVD126
 V for Vendetta <- Moore, Steve257.4708:59:29ABR66DVD30
 VCPR <- Drama, BBC39.5501:26:24CBR64DVD66
 Vagina Monologues,  The <- Ensler, Eve168.1301:43:58CBR226DVD2
 Valley Of The Dolls <- Susann, Jacqueline166.9416:12:21CBR24DVD12
 Valley of Fear,  The <- Doyle, Arthur Conan54.1105:15:04CBR24DVD3
 Vanity Fair <- Thackeray, William Makepeace855.0031:01:00CBR64DVD21
 Vanununu - A Time To Be Heard <- Drama, Bbc52.4600:57:16CBR128DVD88
 Velveteen Rabbit,  The <- Williams, Margery89.8601:05:26CBR192DVD63
 Vertigo Trust,  The <- Drama, Bbc40.6000:44:19CBR128DVD85
 Very Bloody History of Britain,  The <- Farman, John42.1603:04:12CBR31DVD12
 Very Good, Jeeves <- Wodehouse, P G218.8906:48:39VBR74DVD49
 Victim p1 The 10th Victim <- Sheckley, Robert110.9904:02:26CBR64DVD73
 Victim p2 Victim Prime <- Sheckley, Robert175.1006:22:29CBR64DVD73
 Victim p3 Hunter-Victim <- Sheckley, Robert178.3006:29:27CBR64DVD73
 Victorian London The Life of a City, 1840-1870 <- Picard, Liza460.4806:39:56CBR160DVD92
 Vile Bodies <- Waugh, Evelyn323.5205:53:12CBR128DVD69
 Villette <- Bronte, Charlotte1084.3119:44:15CBR128DVD38
 Violets of March,  The <- Jio, Sarah256.2809:19:45CBR64DVD92
 Virgin Suicides,  The <- Eugenides, Jeffrey470.2608:33:34CBR128DVD40
 Virgin and the Gipsy,  The <- Lawrence, D H200.2603:38:45CBR127DVD71
 Virginia Woolf <- Drama, BBC103.7701:53:20ABR128DVD25
 Virginia Woolf <- Drama, BBC84.4201:13:37ABR160DVD50
 Virginia Woolf <- Librivox436.5115:53:38CBR63DVD20
 Virginia Woolf BBC Radio Drama Collection Seven Full-Cast Dramatisations,  The <- Drama, BBC374.1613:33:37CBR64DVD104
 Visitors,  The <- Strugatsky, Arkady Boris14.0700:30:34CBR64DVD96
 Vladimir Nabokov <- Drama, BBC96.0601:44:55ABR128DVD34
 Vocabulary Booster <- Courses, English132.7002:24:55CBR128DVD29
 Voice of God,  The <- Drama, BBC63.1401:55:53ABR76DVD30
 Voltaire <- Librivox109.3403:58:54CBR63DVD22
 Voltaire and the Triumph of the Enlightenment <- Kors, Alan Charles112.8204:06:26CBR64DVD14
 Voyage Out,  The <- Woolf, Virginia453.0015:51:00M4B64DVD124
 Voyage of the Space Beagle <- VanVogt, A E79.6805:48:02CBR32DVD18
 W C Morrow <- Readings, BBC12.3600:27:00ABR64DVD25
 W H Auden Six Unexpected Days <- Poems40.2400:43:57CBR128DVD62
 W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC107.7003:50:38CBR65DVD113
 W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC503.1912:22:28CBR94DVD127
 W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC78.9101:26:12CBR127DVD66
 W Somerset Maugham <- Drama, BBC83.8902:41:01ABR72DVD40
 W Somerset Maugham <- Readings, BBC28.8701:03:03ABR64DVD24
 W Somerset Maugham <- Readings, BBC62.1302:15:45CBR63DVD23
 WWII-A Military and Social History <- Lectures151.3814:41:30CBR24DVD4
 Wally'S Son <- Drama, Bbc40.5000:44:12CBR128DVD85
 War of the Worlds,  The <- Wells, H G81.9605:58:00CBR32DVD15
 Warlord of Mars <- Burroughs, Edgar Rice33.5503:15:26CBR24DVD17
 Warm <- Sheckley, Robert15.3400:22:20CBR96DVD42
 Washington 9-11 <- Drama, Bbc54.4500:59:26CBR128DVD86
 Wasp Factory,  The <- Banks, Iain348.4106:14:00VBR130DVD61
 Watchers <- Koontz, Dean852.3815:30:53CBR128DVD110
 Watching the English <- Fox, Kate903.1921:13:10M4B159DVD113
 Waves,  The <- Drama, BBC26.0800:56:58CBR64DVD22
 Way Station <- Simak, Clifford168.8207:01:20CBR56DVD29
 Way of All Flesh,  The <- Butler, Samuel846.4515:24:00CBR128DVD83
 Wayward Pines <- Crouch, Blake331.4718:24:11CBR41DVD81
 Weapon Shops Of Isher,  The <- VanVogt, A E158.7605:46:49CBR64DVD98
 Web <- Wyndham, John262.0004:48:46M4B125DVD120
 Welcome To The Wasteland <- Drama, Bbc40.9900:44:44CBR128DVD86
 Welcome to the Monkey House <- Vonnegut, Kurt85.1903:06:04CBR64DVD22
 Western Literary Canon in Context <- Lectures, TTC783.0819:00:11CBR96DVD31
 Western Stars <- Drama, Bbc40.1900:43:52CBR128DVD85
 What Do You Care What Other People Think <- Feynman, Richard493.5107:11:11CBR160DVD34
 What Remains To Be Discovered <- Programs, BBC88.8301:50:50CBR112DVD40
 When The Bough Breaks <- Drama, Bbc52.5300:57:21CBR128DVD86
 When the Sleeper Wakes <- Wells, H.G.169.9308:15:00CBR47DVD3
 Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think Of You <- Drama, Bbc40.5700:44:17CBR128DVD86
 Whispers <- Koontz, Dean525.7619:08:12CBR64DVD110
 White Company <- Doyle, Arthur Conan360.2817:29:24CBR47DVD12
 White Fang <- London, Jack182.2907:49:52VBR54DVD124
 White Nights <- Drama, Bbc52.3800:57:11CBR128DVD86
 White Teeth <- Smith, Zadie922.1923:13:46CBR92DVD111
 Whiteout <- Follett, Ken173.3512:37:24CBR31DVD8
 Who Owns Russia <- Dawisha, Karen398.1314:28:49CBR64DVD80
 Why People Believe Weird Things - Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time <- Shermer, Michael82.9203:27:01CBR56DVD102
 Widow For One Year <- Irving, John879.3824:05:03VBR85DVD41
 Wikipedia Story,  The <- Programs, BBC25.5100:27:52CBR127DVD28
 Wild Ass'S Skin Reloaded,  The <- Drama, Bbc53.1900:58:02CBR128DVD86
 Wildlife <- Wood, Fiona162.9805:56:00CBR64DVD76
 Wilkie Collins <- Drama, BBC294.5005:21:42ABR127DVD60
 William Makepeace Thackeray <- Drama, BBC250.3704:33:25ABR128DVD34
 William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC131.4805:10:28CBR59DVD2
 William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC155.0402:49:18CBR128DVD5
 William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC156.5602:50:50CBR128DVD8
 William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC165.3108:01:31CBR47DVD14
 William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC211.6703:51:12CBR127DVD1
 William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC49.1202:23:09CBR47DVD3
 William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC57.7802:06:14CBR63DVD12
 William Shakespeare <- Drama, BBC59.5904:20:12CBR32DVD9
 Wind Pinball <- Murakami, Haruki214.7007:48:47CBR64DVD76
 Wind's Twelve Quarters,  The <- LeGuin, Ursula K145.1110:33:17CBR32DVD61
 Winds of Change,  The <- Asimov, Isaac242.1810:04:37CBR56DVD37
 Windscale <- Drama, BBC38.9801:25:09CBR63DVD22
 Windsor Jewels,  The <- Drama, BBC77.9400:56:45CBR192DVD39
 Wings of the Dove,  The <- James, Henry403.6703:49:25CBR246DVD66
 Winnie-The-Pooh <- Milne, A A132.0402:44:50CBR111DVD12
 Winter Tales <- Gibbons, Stella161.3502:20:39CBR160DVD66
 Winter of Our Discontent,  The <- Steinbeck, John427.6710:22:50CBR96DVD102
 Wisdom of the Ages <- Dyer, Wayne22.3300:55:46CBR55DVD4
 Wise Children <- Carter, Angela142.2910:19:09CBR32DVD117
 Wise Children-Abridged <- Carter, Angela144.7105:15:49CBR64DVD117
 Witch Elm,  The <- French, Tana607.9022:07:58CBR64DVD87
 WitchDocta's <- Shakir, Jamel36.3300:39:34CBR128DVD15
 Witches of Eastwick,  The <- Updike, John469.6412:04:18VBR90DVD63
 Witches,  The <- Drama, BBC51.4201:52:19CBR64DVD23
 Witness for the Prosecution,  The <- Christie, Agatha23.6400:51:32CBR64DVD10
 Wizard And Glass <- King, Stephen278.5727:02:47CBR23DVD17
 Wolf Hall <- Mantel, Hilary399.9207:14:52CBR128DVD111
 Woman In The Room,  The <- King, Stephen16.8800:36:52CBR64DVD13
 Woman In White,  The <- Collins, Wilkie326.7323:47:18CBR32DVD41
 Women <- Bukowski, Charles358.5010:26:29CBR80DVD112
 Women in Love <- Lawrence, D H517.9421:32:58CBR56DVD95
 Word for World is Forest <- LeGuin, Ursula K31.8801:32:51CBR48DVD7
 Wordcatcher <- Cousineau, Phil208.2107:13:52VBR67DVD78
 Words For You The Next Chapter <- Poems120.9300:52:48CBR320DVD62
 Words Smart Genius Edition Vocabulary Builder <- Courses, English6.1300:26:47CBR32DVD1
 Words and Rules The Ingredients of Language <- Pinker, Steven384.6413:59:41CBR64DVD119
 Working <- Drama, LAT45.2501:38:43CBR64DVD78
 World According to Garp,  The <- Irving, John560.1520:23:33CBR64DVD114
 World as Stage,  The <- Bryson, Bill301.4605:29:15CBR128DVD62
 World is Flat,  The <- Friedman, Thomas280.0019:34:00CBR32DVD44
 World of Null-A,  The <- VanVogt, A E91.3106:38:51CBR32DVD18
 Worst Journey In The World,  The <- Drama, BBC78.4201:54:13CBR95DVD65
 Wrong Box,  The <- Stevenson, Robert Louis165.5106:00:43CBR64DVD118
 Wuthering Heights <- Bronte, Emily443.0411:13:00VBR92DVD26
 Wuthering Heights <- Bronte, Emily97.5505:40:58CBR39DVD2
 Yankee In King Arthur's Court <- Twain, Mark298.1414:28:29CBR47DVD11
 Year of the Flood,  The <- Atwood, Margaret580.1014:04:52CBR95DVD71
 Year of the Tiger <- Higgins, Jack152.4305:32:59CBR64DVD10
 Yellow God <- Haggard, H Rider258.8112:33:52CBR47DVD51
 Yes to Life <- Frankl, Viktor E84.6803:04:58CBR64DVD109
 Yevgeny Zamyatin <- Drama, BBC104.9901:54:41ABR127DVD59
 You Are Not A Gadget <- Lanier, Jaron229.3607:35:43VBR70DVD65
 You Are Not So Smart <- McRaney, David462.2208:24:48CBR128DVD68
 You Touched Me <- Lawrence, D H68.0000:49:32CBR191DVD37
 Young Men in Spats <- Wodehouse, P G374.5406:48:30CBR128DVD49
 Zahir,  The <- Coelho, Paulo404.8305:14:37VBR179DVD62
 Zero Hour <- Drama61.6204:29:11CBR32DVD18
 Zeus <- Fenster, Julie27.4002:39:35CBR24DVD12

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