My Films Collection


TitleIMDB link_Disk
007 - Diamonds Are Forever (Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD25
12 Angry Men (1957, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD115
13th Warrior (1999, Rus, Title, 2 X 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD123
2001-A Space Odyssey (0.7Gb)DVD64
2010 (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD22
21 Grams (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD16
28days (Rus, TitleS, 0.8Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD15
3:10 to Yuma (2007, TitleS, Rus, 2.2Gb) IMDBDVD156
50 First Dates (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD84
About a Boy (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD44
Addams Family (0.7Gb), TheDVD4
Addams Family Values (Rus, Title, 0.6Gb, 0.6Gb)DVD28
Aida (It, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD79
Alfie (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD47
Ali G Indahouse (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb)DVD26
Alice in Wonderland (2010, Rus, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD159
All About Eve (1950, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD153
All the Kings Men (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD105
Always (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD53
Amadeus (2 X 0.7Gb)DVD69
American Beauty (1999, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD115
American History X (Title, 0.7Gb) DVD27
Arch of Triumph (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD101
Around the World in 80 Days (1989, s1-6, BBC with Michael Palin, 6 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD132
Around the World in 80 Days (1989, s7, BBC with Michael Palin, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD133
Around the world in 80 days (Rus, Title, 1.4Gb)DVD1
Art of the Northern Renaissance (s.36, 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD141
Artificial Intelligence (Rus, TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD65
As Good As It Gets (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD85
Assassins (0.4Gb)DVD27
Astronaut's Wife (Rus, 1.4Gb), TheDVD98
Atonement (2007, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD115
Augustus (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD34
Austin Powers 1 (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD29
Austin Powers 2 (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD29
Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002, Rus, 1.5Gb) IMDBDVD103
Australia (2008, TitleS, 0.9Gb) IMDBDVD150
Avengers (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb), TheDVD32
Aviator (Rus, 2 X 0.7Gb), TheDVD3
BBC - Around the World in 80 Treasures (2005, s1-6, BBC, 6 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD140
BBC - Around the World in 80 Treasures (2005, s7-10, BBC, 4 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD142
BBC - Earth, The Power Of The Planet (2007, s1-5, 5 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD138
BBC - Galapagosy (2007, Rus, s1-3, BBC, 3 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD147
BBC - How Art Made the World (2005, s1-5, BBC, 5 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD148
BBC Learning - Look Ahead (p24-60, 2.5Gb) IMDBDVD144
BBC Russian Godfathers (4 X 0.35Gb)DVD88
Babel (2006, TitleS, 0.9Gb) IMDBDVD115
Babylon 5 101-112 (12 X 0.35Gb)DVD7
Babylon 5 113-122DVD8
Babylon 5 201-211 (Rus, TitleS)DVD9
Babylon 5 212-222 (Rus, TitleS)DVD10
Babylon 5 301-311 (Rus, TitleS, 11 X 0.4Gb)DVD56
Babylon 5 312-322 (Rus, TitleS, 11 X 0.4Gb)DVD57
Babylon 5 401-411 (Rus, TitleS, 11 X 0.4Gb)DVD60
Babylon 5 412-422 (Rus, TitleS, 11 X 0.4Gb)DVD61
Babylon 5 501-511 (Rus, TitleS, 11 X 0.4Gb)DVD62
Babylon 5 512-522 (Rus, TitleS, 11 X 0.4Gb)DVD63
Babylon 5 1 In The Beginning (Rus, 0.8Gb)DVD76
Babylon 5 2 The Gathering (Rus, 0.8Gb)DVD76
Babylon 5 3 Thirdspace (Rus, 0.8Gb)DVD75
Babylon 5 4 The River of Souls (Rus, TitleS, 0.8Gb)DVD84
Babylon 5 5 A Call To Arms (Rus, 0.8Gb)DVD76
Babylon 5 The Legend Of The Rangers (Rus, 0.8Gb)DVD76
Back to the Future p1 - p3 (Rus, TitleS, 6 X 0.7Gb)DVD35
Ballad of Jack and Rose (DVD, p1-4, Rus), TheDVD
Ballad of Jack and Rose (DVD, p5, Rus, 0.8Gb), TheDVD101
Bank Job (2008, Br, TitleS, Rus, 2.2Gb) , TheIMDBDVD156
Basic Instinct (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD38
Batman Begins (TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD88
Batman Forever (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD17
Be Cool (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD94
Beautiful Mind (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb), A DVD52
Beauty and the BeastDVD
Bedazzled (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD68
Ben Hur (Rus, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD71
Birth (Rus, Title, 0.8Gb)DVD17
Bitter Moon (1992, TitleS, 0.9Gb) IMDBDVD154
Blood Diamond (2006, Rus, 1.4Gb) , TheIMDBDVD104
Blue Lagoon (Rus, 1.1Gb)DVD18
Blue Planet (0.7Gb)DVD59
Blue Velvet (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD23
Blues Brothers (Title, 2 X 0.7Gb), TheDVD66
Blurred (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD21
Braveheart (TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD65
Brazil (1985, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD121
Breakfast at Tiffany's (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD30
Breaking The Waves (Rus, Title, 1Gb, 1Gb)DVD14
Brideshead Revisited (1981, Br, s1-10, 3.8Gb) IMDBDVD124
Brideshead Revisited (s11, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD125
Bridge on the River Kwai (Br, 2 X 0.7Gb), TheDVD4
Bridges Of Madison County (1995, TitleS, 1.0Gb) , TheIMDBDVD121
Bridget Jones - the Edge of Reason (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD36
Bridget Jones's Diary (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD36
Bright Young Things (Br, Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD17
Bring It On (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD27
Britain - Travel GuideDVD
Brokeback Mountain (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD96
Brothers Karamazov (1958, Rus, 1.6Gb) IMDBDVD149
Career Girls (Br, 0.7Gb)DVD14
Casablanca (Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD28
Cashback (2006, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD143
Casino (Rus, Title, 3 X 0.65Gb)DVD1
Cast Away (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD85
Catch Me If You Can (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD36
Charlie and Chocolate Factory (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD102
Chasing Ghosts (2005, Rus, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD105
Chicago (Rus, Title, 0.8Gb, 0.8Gb))DVD15
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968, Br, 1.5Gb) IMDBDVD139
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Title, 0.9Gb)DVD100
Choke (2008, Rus, 0.8Gb) IMDBDVD149
Chronicles of Riddick (Rus, 2 X 0.7Gb), TheDVD93
Cider House Rules (1999, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD143
City of Ghosts (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb)DVD48
Clockwork Orange (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb), A DVD96
Cocktail (TitleS, 0.8Gb)DVD102
Coffee and Cigarettes (Rus, TitleS, 0.8Gb)DVD16
Collateral (Rus, Title, 1.4Gb)DVD20
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD47
Conspiracy (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD68
Contact (1997, 0.8Gb) IMDBDVD137
Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover (0.7Gb, 0.7Gb), TheDVD23
Coupling (2000, s101-404, 24 X 0.2Gb) IMDBDVD122
Coupling (2000, s405-406, 2 X 0.2Gb) IMDBDVD124
Coupling (s.201,202,204, 3 X 0.2Gb)DVD28
Coupling Making Of (2000, 0.3Gb) IMDBDVD129
Cradle Of Fear (0.7Gb)DVD19
Crash (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD87
Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008, TitleS, 1.4Gb) , TheIMDBDVD142
Dangerous Liaisons (1988, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD154
Day The Earth Stood Still(1951, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD138
Dead Again (0.7Gb)DVD25
Dead Man (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD50
Dead Poets Society (1989, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD118
Death Becomes Her (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD85
Desperate Housewives (2004, S.1 1-12, 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD110
Desperate Housewives - 1x01 (2004, 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD107
Devil's Advocate (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD42
Diary of A Sex Addict (2008, Sp, TitleE, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD157
Dirty Dancing (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD38
Disclosure (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD38
Discovering EnglandDVD
Doctor Who (2005, Rus only, s.1 8-13, 0.6Gb) IMDBDVD114
Doctor Who (2005, S.1 1-7, 0.6Gb) IMDBDVD113
Doctor Zhivago (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD51
Dogma (0.7Gb)DVD69
Dogville (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD74
Don Juan DeMarco (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD68
Don't Say A Word (Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD19
Dr. Strangelove (Rus, Title, 1.4Gb)DVD6
Dreamers (Bertolucci, Rus, Title, 1.4Gb), TheDVD5
Duchness (2008, Rus, TitleS, 2.0Gb) , TheIMDBDVD147
Dummy (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD55
Easy Virtue (2008, Br, Rus, 1.5Gb) IMDBDVD158
Elegant Universe (TitleS, 3 X 0.7Gb)DVD81
Emanuelle Queen of Sados (1979, 0.5Gb) IMDBDVD117
England - A country for all time (0.7Gb)DVD42
English Patient (TitleS, 3 X 0.6Gb)DVD53
Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain (1995, TitleS, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD146
Entrapment (0.7Gb)DVD70
Eraserhead (TitleS, 0.6Gb)DVD74
Et Dieu crea la femme (Fr, TitlesEngl, 0.7Gb)DVD67
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb)DVD48
Eureka (2006, S.1 12, 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD112
Eureka (2006, S.1 1-11, 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD111
Evita (2 X 0.7Gb)DVD69
Excalibur (1981, TitleS, 1.0Gb) IMDBDVD121
Eye Of The Beholder (TitleS, 0.6Gb)DVD44
Eyes Wide Shut (TitleS, 2 X 0.5Gb)DVD70
Family Man (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD39
Far from the Madding Crowd (1998, 1.2Gb) IMDBDVD160
Farenheit 9-11 (Rus, Title, 2 X 0.8Gb)DVD74
Fargo (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD68
Farscape (1 season, 1-13, 13 X 0.3Gb)DVD80
Farscape (Title, season 1, 14-22, season 2, 1-4, 13 X 0.3Gb)DVD82
Farscape (Title, season 2, 5-17, 13 X 0.3Gb)DVD83
Farscape (season 2, 18-22, season 3, 1-9, 14 X 0.3Gb)DVD95
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD87
Fifth Element (0.7Gb), TheDVD43
Fight Club (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD64
Final Analysis (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD32
Final Fantasy (0.7Gb)DVD26
Finding Neverland (Rus, TitleS, 0.9Gb)DVD12
Firefly (s. 1 - 14, 14 X 0.2Gb)DVD75
Fish Tank (2009, Rus, 2.2Gb) IMDBDVD159
Fistful Of Dollars (Rus, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD24
Fly (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD29
Fly II (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD29
Forgotten (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb), TheDVD48
Forrest Gump (Rus, TitleS, 3 X 0.7Gb)DVD93
Four Weddings and a funeralDVD
Four rooms (Title, 0.6Gb , 0.4Gb)DVD2
Frailty (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD2
Freaky Friday (0.7Gb)DVD25
French Kiss (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD40
French Lieutenant's Woman (1981, Fr, It, TitleS, 1.4Gb) , TheIMDBDVD120
Frenzy (1972, Hitchcock, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD143
Frequency (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD45
Frida (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD42
Friends (1 season,2 season)DVD11
From Hell (2001, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD150
Full Circle (1997, s1-3, BBC with Michael Palin, 3 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD134
Full Circle (1997, s10, BBC with Michael Palin, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD137
Full Circle (1997, s4-9, BBC with Michael Palin, 6 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD135
Future animals p.1,2,3 (Rus, Br, Animation / Documentary, 3 * 0.7Gb)DVD22
Gangs Of New York (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD46
Garden State (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD86
Garden State (2004, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD153
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Rus, Title, 1.4Gb)DVD15
Georgia Rule (2007, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD120
Ghost (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD69
Ghost World (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD27
Ghosts of Abyss (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD16
Giant PandaDVD
Gimme Some Truth (0.7Gb)DVD64
Godfather (Title, 2 X 0.7Gb), TheDVD85
Gone with the wind (TitleS, 3 X 0.7Gb)DVD39
Good Will Hunting (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD87
Gossip (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD35
Gothika (Rus, Title, 1.2Gb)DVD1
Great Railway Journeys (1994, BBC with Michael Palin, 2 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD131
Groundhog Day (1993, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD115
Gulliver's Travels (1996, Title, 2 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD119
Guns of Navarone (1961, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD150
Hackers (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD41
Hair (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD53
Hamlet (0.9Gb) IMDBDVD120
Happy End (Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD17
Hard Candy (2005, Rus, 1.1Gb) IMDBDVD149
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD22
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002, TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD106
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Rus, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD76
Head in the clouds (Rus, Title, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD6
Headrush (Br, Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD17
Hearts in Atlantis (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD52
Heavenly Creatures (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD44
Hemingway Adventure (1999, s1-4, BBC with Michael Palin, 4 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD139
Henry and June (1990, Rus, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD162
Himalaya (2004, BBC with Michael Palin, 6 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD130
History Of Britain 1-6 (BBC, 6 X 0.7Gb), A DVD37
History Of Britain 10-15 (6 X 0.7Gb), A DVD54
History Of Britain 7-9 (3 X 0.7Gb), A DVD38
Hitler The Rise of Evil (Title, 3 X 0.7Gb)DVD88
Hole (2001, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD153
Hollywood Homicide (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD81
Home (2009/I, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD150
Hours (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb), TheDVD64
How to Make an American Quilt (1995, Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD118
Howls Moving Castle (2004, TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD116
Hudson Hawk (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD40
Human Stain (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb), TheDVD98
I Capture The Castle (Br, 0.7Gb)DVD19
I Robot (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD58
I'll stay (Fr, Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD21
IT Crowd (2006, Br, TitleS, 5 X 0.2Gb) , TheIMDBDVD105
IT Crowd (2006, p.6, Br, TitleS, 1 X 0.2Gb) , TheIMDBDVD106
IT Crowd (2006, s.2 Br, TitleS, 5 X 0.2Gb) , TheIMDBDVD114
If Tomorrow Comes (Rus, 4 X 0.7Gb)DVD99
Immortal Beloved (Title, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD5
Immortel - ad vitam (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD47
Importance of being Earnest (Br, Title, 0.2Gb, 0.1Gb), TheDVD6
Impressionists (s1-3, 3 x 0.8Gb) , TheIMDBDVD152
Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD117
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (0.7Gb, 0.7Gb) DVD45
Interpreter (2005, Rus, 2 X 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD106
Introducing Great Britain (0.2Gb, 0.2Gb, 0.3Gb, 0.5Gb)DVD87
Iris (2001/I, TitleS, 0.85Gb) IMDBDVD125
Irreversible (Fr, Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD67
It`s All About Love (Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD101
Jeeves and Wooster 1-2 (Rus, 1990, UK, 550 min, 11 X 0.4Gb)DVD72
Jeeves and Wooster 3-4 (Rus, 1990, UK, 600 min, 12 X 0.4Gb)DVD73
Jungle Book (1967, TitleS, 1.5Gb) , TheIMDBDVD141
K-Pax (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD28
Kaena (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD49
Kafka (Rus, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD103
King's Speech (2010, Rus, TitleS, 2.1Gb) , TheIMDBDVD161
L'Ami de mon amie (1987, Fr, Sp, TitleE, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD157
L.A. Confidential (TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD70
Labyrinth (DVD, p2, Rus, 1.9Gb) IMDBDVD144
Labyrinth (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD19
Labyrinth (p1, Rus)DVD
Langoliers (0.7Gb, 0.7Gb), TheDVD24
Lara Croft Tomb Raider (0.7Gb)DVD68
Last Tango In Paris (Fr, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD67
Lawn Dogs (1997, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD117
Laws of attraction (Rus, 1.2Gb)DVD25
Le Charme Discret De La Bourgeoisie (Fr, TitlesEngl, 0.7Gb)DVD67
Le Genou de Claire (1970, Fr, Rus, TitleE, 1.5Gb) IMDBDVD157
Le Rayon Vert (1986, Fr, TitleE, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD157
Legends of the Fall (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD42
Leon (Rus goblin, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD66
Les Liaisons Dangereuses (1959, Fr, TitleE, Roger Vadim, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD157
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (Fr, 0.7Gb)DVD67
Lexx - 2 (1-14, 14 X 0.3Gb)DVD90
Lexx - 2 (15-20, 6 X 0.3Gb)DVD91
Lexx - 3 (1-11, 11 X 0.3Gb)DVD91
Lexx - 3 (12-13, 2 X 0.3Gb)DVD92
Lexx - 4 (18-24, 6 X 0.36Gb)DVD100
Lexx - 4 (1-14, 14 X 0.3Gb)DVD92
Lexx - 4 (15-17) (Title, 3 X 0.3Gb)DVD94
Liar Liar (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD41
Libertine (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb), TheDVD98
Life Of Mammals (2002, s1-6, BBC, 6 x 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD145
Life Of Mammals (2002, s7-10, BBC, 4 x 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD146
Life is Beautiful (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD102
Life of David Gale (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD40
Life of the bugs p.1 (0.7Gb)DVD31
Life of the bugs p.2 (ct, 0.4Gb)DVD4
Life on Mars (2006, Br, s.1 1-3, 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD108
Life on Mars (2006, Br, s.1 4-8, 0.4Gb, s.2 1-3, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD109
Little Buddha (Rus, 4 X 0.4Gb)DVD49
Little Vampire (0.7Gb), TheDVD26
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD33
Lolita (1962, Title, 1.4Gb)DVD5
Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring (2 X 0.7Gb)DVD65
Lost Highway (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD50
Lost and Delirious (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD13
Love Song for Bobby Long, A DVD
Lover (1992, TitleS, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD116
Magus (1968, Br, 1.1Gb) , TheIMDBDVD141
Maltese Falcon (1941, 1.0Gb) , TheIMDBDVD149
Man Who Sued God (2001, TitleS, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD103
Man Who Wasnt There (2001, Rus, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD105
Man on Fire (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD50
Mary Poppins (1964, Title, 1.5Gb) IMDBDVD141
Mask (Title, 0.7Gb), TheDVD41
Meet the Parents (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD55
Memoirs of a Geisha (Rus, Title, 1.4Gb)DVD84
Merlin (1.1Gb)DVD100
Merlin (1998, TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD121
Mexicano (TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD66
Minority Report (Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD43
Miranda (Rus, 0.8Gb)DVD89
Miss Congeniality (0.7Gb)DVD68
Miss Congeniality (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD29
Mission to Mars (0.7Gb)DVD26
Moderns (1988, Rus, 1.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD162
Monster's Ball (TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD102
Monty Python - Holy Grail (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD33
Monty Python - Life of Brian (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD33
Monty Python - Meaning of Life (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD33
Monty Python Live at Aspen (Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD12
Mother (Br, TitleS, 0.7), TheDVD14
Mr.Death (0.7Gb)DVD2
Much Ado About Nothing (1993, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD120
MulHolland Drive (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD94
My Fair Lady (Br, Rus, Title, 1.4Gb)DVD3
Mysterious Island (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD101
NG-Asteroids Dead (Rus, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD112
Nine 0.5 Weeks (TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD86
No Country For Old Men (2007, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD116
No Such Thing (Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD13
North and South (2004, Br, s1-4, 4 x 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD152
North by Northwest (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD29
Notebook (2004, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD123
Notre Dame de Paris (Fr, 1.4Gb)DVD79
Notting Hill (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD36
Novocaine (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD59
O Brother, where art thou (0.6Gb)DVD45
Of Human Bondage (1964, Br, Rus, 1.0Gb) IMDBDVD158
Office Space (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD66
Omen (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD41
Once Upon A Time In America (1984, TitleS, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD154
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD42
Operation Takedown (0.7Gb)DVD64
Orlando (0.6Gb)DVD99
Oscar and Lucinda (1997, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD146
Others (Title, 0.7Gb), TheDVD43
Owning Mahoni (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD20
Paradise Road (1997, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD159
Patriot (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb), TheDVD33
Pearl Harbor (TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD59
Peeping Tom (1960, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD153
Peggy Sue Got Married (1986, Rus, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD161
Perfect World (1993, Rus, TitleS, 1.6Gb) , A IMDBDVD158
Phantom of the Opera(Rus, 1.4Gb), TheDVD79
Pink Floyd (The Wall) (0.7Gb)DVD64
Pirates (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD89
Pirates of the Carribean (Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD52
Pledge (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD34
Pole to Pole (1992, s1-5, BBC with Michael Palin, 5 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD133
Pole to Pole (1992, s6-8, BBC with Michael Palin, 3 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD134
Portrait of a Lady (1996, 1.3Gb) , TheIMDBDVD137
Possession (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD11
Postman Always Rings Twice (TitleS, 1.4Gb), TheDVD86
Prestige (2006, Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb) , TheIMDBDVD104
Pretty Baby (1978, TitleS, 1.0Gb) IMDBDVD118
Pride And Prejudice (2003, USA, 0.7Gb)DVD43
Pride and Pejudice (2005, UK & France, Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD97
Pride and Prejudice (Rus, 1995, UK, 300 min, 4 X 0.7Gb)DVD71
Princess Mononoke (ct, Rus)DVD2
Quick and the Dead (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD86
Quicksand (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD21
Quiet (2005, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD161
Quiet Days in Clichy (1970, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD117
Ragtime (1981, Rus, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD119
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Title, Rus, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD45
Rain Man (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD43
Razor's Edge (1946, 1.4Gb) , TheIMDBDVD125
Razor's Edge (1984, TitleS, 1.4Gb) , TheIMDBDVD125
Reader (2008, Title, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD148
Rear Window (0.7Gb)DVD13
Red violin (0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD44
Remains Of The Day (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD46
Revolution OS (Title, 0.6Gb)DVD16
Rick (Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD48
Ripper (Rus, 0.7Gb)DVD19
Rob Roy (Rus, 2 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD103
Robin of Sherwood (1984, Br, s.1 1-6, s.2 1-3, 0.5Gb) IMDBDVD107
Robin of Sherwood (1984, Br, s.2 4-7, s.3 1-2, 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD108
Rock (Rus, 1.4Gb), TheDVD24
Romeo and Juliet (1968, Franco Zeffirelli, TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD6
Rope (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD70
Rosemary`s Baby (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD13
Rushmore (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD44
Russia House (1990, 0.8Gb) , TheIMDBDVD155
Sahara (2002, BBC with Michael Palin, 4 X 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD131
Salton Sea (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD85
Schindler's List (Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD51
Scrooge (1951, Rus, 1.6Gb) IMDBDVD160
Second Coming (Rus, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD18
Seduction SchoolDVD
Sense and Sensibility (1995, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD154
Serendipity (Rus, 1.4Gb)DVD3
Seven Years In Tibet (1997, TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.4Gb) IMDBDVD116
Sex Lives of the Potato Men (Br, Rus, TitleS, 0.8Gb)DVD12
Shawshenk Redemption (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD31
Sherlock Holmes (2009, Rus, Title, 2.1Gb) IMDBDVD155
Shining (TitleS, 0.7Gb), TheDVD52
Short Films of David Lynch (0.7Gb), TheDVD23
Short History of England. London City GuideDVD
Shrek (2001, Rus, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD123
Shrek 2 (Rus, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD58
Silence Of The Lambs (1991, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD155
Simba (ct, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD2
Sin City (2005, TitleS, 0.5Gb, 0.6Gb) IMDBDVD104
Singing In The Rain (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD13
Sirens (1993, Title, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD143
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD46
Snow Falling On Cedars (1999, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD155
Some Like It Hot (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD53
Something's Gotta Give (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD96
Song For A Raggy Boy (Br, 0.7Gb)DVD14
Stage Beauty (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD12
Stand p.1 - p.4 (Rus, 4 X 0.7Gb), TheDVD31
Star Trek 1-3 (Rus, 3 X 1.4Gb)DVD77
Star Trek 4-6 (Rus, 3 X 1.4Gb)DVD78
Stardust (2007, Rus, 1.7Gb) IMDBDVD160
Stepmom (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD40
Straight Story (TitleS, 2 X 0.7Gb)DVD58
Stuck On You (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD55
Summer Lovers (1982, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD153
Sunset Blvd (1950, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD117
Suzie Gold (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb)DVD12
Sweet November (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD41
Swordfish (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD27
THX 1138 (1971, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD154
Talented Mr Ripley (1999, TitleS, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD118
Taxi Driver (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD51
Tears Of The Sun (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD40
Terminal (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD46
There Will Be Blood (2007, TitleS, 0.8Gb) IMDBDVD117
There's Something About Mary (Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD30
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD47
Thomas Crawn Affair (Rus, 2 X 0.6Gb)DVD81
Thorn Birds (1983, s1-6, 6 x 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD151
Thorn Birds (s7, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD152
Timeline (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb)DVD48
Titan A.E. (ct, 2000, TitleS)DVD26
Titanic (1997, Rus, Title, 3 X 0.7Gb)DVD4
To Kill A Mockingbird (1962, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD153
Tomb Rider 2 2CD (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD39
Tooth (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD84
Total recall (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD26
Trainspotting (TitleS, 0.7Gb) DVD27
Trick (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD93
True Romance (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD87
Twin Peaks (Season 1, s00-06, 4.1Gb) IMDBDVD126
Twin Peaks (Season 1, s07, Season 2, s01-08, 4.3Gb) IMDBDVD127
Twin Peaks (Season 2, s09-18, 4.3Gb) IMDBDVD128
Twin Peaks (Season 2, s19-22, 1.8Gb) IMDBDVD129
Twin Peaks (Special Features, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD143
Twin Peaks Special Features (2.4Gb) IMDBDVD129
U-429 (Rus, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD20
Unforgiven (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD30
Usual Suspects (0.3Gb), TheDVD27
V for VendettaDVD
VR.5 (1995, S.1 1-13, 0.3Gb) IMDBDVD112
Valmont (TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD32
Valmont (1989, Rus, 1.4Gb) IMDBDVD119
Vera Drake (Rus, Br, TitleS, 1.8Gb)DVD18
Vertigo (Title, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD55
Village (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb), TheDVD74
Virgin Suicides (Rus, TitleS, 0.8Gb), TheDVD97
Wag The Dog (Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD50
Waiting (Rus, Title, 1.0Gb)DVD99
War and Peace (1956, Rus, TitleS, 0.7Gb, 0.8Gb, 0.8Gb)DVD97
What Dreams May Come (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD87
What Women Want (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD59
When Harry Met Sally (1989, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD115
White Countess (2005, Rus, 1.4Gb) , TheIMDBDVD106
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD36
Wicker Park (Rus, Title, 0.7Gb)DVD48
Wild Australasia (Rus, 0.7Gb, 0.7Gb)DVD49
Wild South America (s1-6, BBC, 6 x 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD136
Wild Things (Title, 0.7Gb)DVD34
Wild Things (TitleS, 0.7Gb)DVD59
Wild at Heart (Rus, TitleS, 1.5Gb)DVD89
Wild things 2 (Rus, TitleS, 1.4Gb)DVD34
Wings of the Dove (1997, TitleS, 0.7Gb) , TheIMDBDVD120
Wolf (1994, TitleS, 0.8Gb) IMDBDVD102
Wuthering Heights (1939, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD137
Wuthering Heights (1992, 0.9Gb) IMDBDVD137
You've got Mail (1998, TitleS, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD123
Youth Without Youth (2007, 0.7Gb) IMDBDVD123
room with a view (1985, Rus, 1.3Gb) , A IMDBDVD162
Footnotes: Fr - French soundtrack, Rus - Russian soundtrack, Br - British English, TitleS -Syncro Subtitles in English
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